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Beefeater Bugg vs Weber Q

Beefeater Bugg vs Weber Q

If you're looking for a gas BBQ, you will likely stumble upon some recognized brands like Weber and Beefeater.

Beefeater stands as a fantastic option for your grilling needs. Beefeater provides exceptional quality with unique features and capabilities, similar to Weber BBQ.

This review will highlight the features of the two brands so that you are armed with the necessary information to make a well-informed decision. Let us delve into a comprehensive comparison of the Weber Q and Beefeater's Bugg. 

Beefeater History and Overview

Beefeater Barbecues commenced trading in 1985 and swiftly established itself as a renowned Australian brand. It became renowned for its exceptional products.

beefeater logo

The initial range of Beefeater Barbecues in Australia consisted of the Deluxe Series, which featured three, four, and five-burner flat-top built barbecues with a black body adorned with orange speckles. This entry marked the arrival of Beefeater Barbecues in the market. Remarkably, even after two decades, delighted Beefeater customers still request spare parts, a testament to the product's durability. By laying a firm foundation for its reputation, the brand has become synonymous with excellence, serving as the cornerstone of the company's triumph.

Weber Q History and Overview

The Weber Q range of barbecues is known for its innovation and adaptability. Initially introduced in Australia and later in New Zealand, it created a legacy with a lasting impact on outdoor cooking.


weber logo

The story of the Weber Q began in the early 2000s when Weber recognized the changing trends in outdoor cooking. Consumers wanted smaller barbecues that fit into limited outdoor spaces and would be convenient and portable for picnics, camping, and road trips. In response, the Weber R and D team set out to create a compact gas BBQ that maintained high cooking quality. 

Launched in 2003, the first Weber Q model landed after two years of dedicated work and quickly gained popularity. In 2004, the Baby Q joined the Q line, offering a more compact and lightweight option. The Family Q followed in 2006, catering to larger households and those who enjoyed entertaining. 

In 2023, Weber Q unveiled the latest evolution in this range, marking 20 years since the original model was released. As the legacy of the Weber Q continues to evolve, it remains a symbol of innovation and quality in the world of barbecues. 


Beefeater Bugg

beefeater bugg bbq
bugg price check

If you're planning camping trips with your loved ones or simply looking to enhance your outdoor grilling experience on your patio, consider the Beefeater Bugg Portable BBQ. This versatile and convenient BBQ allows you to create delicious dishes wherever you go. Whether you want to host a backyard BBQ, enjoy a picnic at the park, or have a beach bash, the Beefeater Bugg can be your go-to grilling companion.

Equipped with a cast-iron plate grill, this portable BBQ offers versatility in cooking. You can use the flat hotplate for sizzling bacon and eggs or the grill plate for perfectly seared steaks. With the Beefeater Bugg, you can cook your meals how you like them.

Main Features

Ultra reliable Quartz ignition start: These portable BBQs feature Beefeater's innovative "Reliable Quartz Ignition Start" technology, ensuring that the BBQ will fire up effortlessly the first time.

Robust performance: With two powerful stainless steel burners you can control independently, these BBQs deliver exceptional performance. Additionally, the Buggs' high-performance Quartz Start Ignition guarantees a quick and reliable ignition every single time.

Storage racks and easy mobility: The Bugg BBQs have removable shelves, and for added convenience, you can purchase a trolley that provides extra mobility and spacious storage racks. Beefeater also offers a range of optional accessories to enhance your BBQ experience.


bugg bbq shelf


Sturdy and portable: The Bugg portable BBQ is built to be sturdy and durable while still maintaining a compact size for easy storage and portability. The Bugg and the Bigg Bugg BBQs come designed in similar materials, the only difference being their size. If you require a larger cooking surface, the Bigg Bugg is the ideal choice. The cast aluminum frame roasting hood can effortlessly open and close, striking a perfect balance between ease of use and weight.

Grills: The grill plates are rust and scratch-resistant, ensuring worry-free grilling. The cooking surface is divided into a grated grill and a char grill, allowing for versatile cooking options. It is a split grill and a flat griddle hot plate. They are each made of porcelain enamel-coated cast iron.

Bugg trolley stand: Unless you prefer to manually carry the weight of the Bugg, which can range from 20 to 40kg, we suggest you opt for the optional trolley stand. This trolley stand comes with durable wheels, making it effortless to move the Bugg to any desired location. 

LPG Regulator: Located at the back of the unit, the LPG regulator is conveniently positioned behind the BBQ stand cover, allowing for easy access and discreet placement of the LPG.

Detachable side trays: The Bugg portable BBQ has removable side tables, offering a convenient space for placing plates and seasonings while grilling meat. When you want to store the BBQ unit, you can easily detach the side shelves to achieve a more compact storage solution.

Effortless cleaning: One of the notable advantages of the Bugg BBQ is its easy cleaning process. The outer surface coating of the roasting hood is in a material that allows for effortless cleaning with just a quick wipe.

Removable drip pan underneath: Both models of the Bugg BBQ feature a removable oil drip tray, although they have different designs. The standard Bugg has slightly more challenging access to the oil drip tray, as it requires removing the handle from behind, which locks the tray and BBQ in place.

Conveniently placed knobs: Unlike the original Beefeater Bugg, where the knobs are at the back, the knobs of the Bigg Bugg are located relatively to the side for convenient use.

Precise heat control without flare-ups: The dual temperature control system ensures even heat distribution without any flare-ups, while the integrated thermometer guarantees perfect cooking results. The spring-assist hood smoothly lowers for seamless operation.


bugg bbq on beach


Cooking area: The Beefeater Bugg series offers a range of sizes depending on your needs. Despite its compact size, the Bugg portable BBQ provides ample cooking area for a small family of four. However, if you need to cater to a larger group of friends, the Bigg Bugg is the perfect choice with its extra-large cooking surface.

Hood up or down: Experience the freedom to grill your food just how you like it, whether with the hood up or down. This unique feature sets the Bugg apart from other portable grills.

Temperature: Regarding temperature control, the Bugg excels in grilling and searing steaks. With 20MJs of heat or 33MJs for the Bigg Bugg, you can achieve perfect grill marks on your meat using the grill or indulge in teppanyaki-style cooking on the hot plate.

Domestic Warranty: Rest assured with the Beefeater's warranty. You’ll receive a 2-year warranty, with an additional 3-year warranty for aluminum castings.

Weber Q

weber q bbq

If you are looking for a versatile outdoor cooking solution that is also user-friendly and low-maintenance, then the Weber Q range of barbeques is a good choice. With many sizes available, the Weber Q range can effortlessly cater to large meals and small appetizers. These barbeques boast high-performance features that ensure cooking is a breeze, quick, and enjoyable, making them the perfect fit for your backyard barbeque needs. Whether it's the Weber Baby Q series, Weber Q series, or Weber Family Q series, the Q gas BBQ is the ultimate choice for any occasion due to its versatility and top-notch performance.

Main Features

High dome lid design for increased capacity: The initial feature that will catch your attention is the spacious lid design. This feature allows you to fit more of your favorite meals while ensuring excellent heat circulation for optimal cooking with the lid down.

Enhanced temperature control with the + burner: With the all-new + burner, you can raise the temperature range with a simple twist. This feature is available on selected models and opens up a world of possibilities for outdoor cooking. You have several options, whether you prefer low and slow cooking or high-temperature searing.

Portability: Most Weber Q models are easily portable and offer effortless transportation to your preferred camping or picnic spots. 

Robust: With its divided porcelain enameled cast iron grills and a tall domed lid, you can cook your meals just the way you prefer, wherever you desire.

Efficient and consistent heat distribution: This high-efficiency burner design ensures even and consistent heat across the entire cooking surface. Not only does this result in excellent cooking outcomes, but it also maximizes gas usage efficiency.

Convenient front-facing control and access: Everything you need to control your next cooking session is in front of you. The control dials, push-button ignition, and grease tray are all easily accessible, providing you with simple and hassle-free control over your Weber Q.

Seamless integration with Weber Connect: Stay connected and receive cooking notifications, alerts, and countdowns to perfectly cooked meals with the Weber Connect Smart Hub. With its purpose-built ports and housing areas, you can easily integrate the Weber Connect Smart Barbecue Hub into the new Weber Q range. 

Convenient thermometer for precise temperature monitoring: For added peace of mind during low and slow cooking, roasting, and baking, the new updated Weber Q features a thermometer located front and center in the lid. This feature allows for easy temperature monitoring. If you desire even closer monitoring, the new Weber Q range is fully compatible with the Weber Connect Smart Barbecuing Hub.


weber q bbq open



Ample Cooking Area While Maintaining Portability: Within the Weber Q entire range of models, there are three fundamental sizes, each ideal for various purposes and requirements, whether for a small family looking for a backyard barbecue or a grand outdoor kitchen to entertain guests. 

Temperature Control with an Infinite Control Burner: Weber Q has an infinite control burner valve that allows you to precisely adjust the temperature to perfection, whether you cook burgers or slow-roast chicken.

Domestic Warranty: You get a warranty of 5 years for the cookbox, lid assembly, stainless steel burner tubes, Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grills, and Plastic components. All other parts have a 2-year warranty. Please note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and is subject to additional terms and conditions outlined in the warranty agreement.

Head-to-Head Comparison: Beefeater Bugg Vs. Weber Q

Beefeater Bugg and Weber Q models have a lot in common. They are all designed for portability. Also, they all feature enamel-coated cast iron grills, which makes cleaning a breeze and ensures even heat distribution.

beefeater bugg in use

Based on this, there are some key features that you should take into consideration.

Versatility: The Bugg offers the option to use it with either the hood up or down. Its lid has a spring assist mechanism, ensuring a smooth opening and closing experience. Pertaining to this, the hood features an integrated temperature gauge, allowing you to monitor the temperature. On the other hand, the Weber is for cooking with the hood down and not with the hood up. 

Burners: The Beefeater Bugg features two side-by-side burners, whereas the Weber BBQs have a single burner. Moreover, the Weber Q2800N+ offers a two-burner option with an additional burner for more range in cooking temperatures.

Cooking power: The Bugg provides 20 MJs of heat, which increases to 33 MJs for the Bigg Bugg. On the other hand, the Weber Q series offers a range of 12.7 up to 23.2 MJ, as the lid-down cooking method requires less power and gas.

Control knob location: The controls on the Beefeater BBQ are located at the back, while the Weber BBQ has them at the front of the grill.

Ignition: The ignition system of the Weber grill employs a robust spark push button igniter, ensuring swift and efficient lighting of the gas. With this reliable igniter, you can commence cooking in a matter of moments. After approximately 10 minutes of preheating, you can achieve a perfect sear on your meat.

On the other hand, the Bugg grill utilizes a Quartz start igniter that effortlessly ignites the LPG as soon as you turn the gas control knob. This well-designed system consistently functions without requiring the additional step of pushing a separate ignition button.

Thermometer: The new updated Weber Q, Weber Q Premium, and Weber Q Family have a thermometer, while all Beefeater Bugg models have built-in lid-integrated thermometers.

Warranty: Weber offers a 5-year warranty on the cook box, lid, grills, and plastic components, while Beefeater's warranty is for 2-years.

Enameled cast iron grills: Both the Weber Q and Beefeater Bugg come with enamel-coated cast iron grills, which aid in heat distribution and easy cleaning. The Bugg has a vitreous enamel cast iron cooking grill, while the Weber Q has a porcelain enameled grill.

Removable Catch Pan: The Beefeater Bugg and Weber Q models have a removable catch tray that collects grease during cooking, allowing easy cleanup.

Price: The price range for both brands is quite similar, falling between $500 and $999.00, making them suitable options for those who are conscious of their budget.

Summing Up: Great Value From The Best!

The Weber Q and Beefeater Bugg BBQs are both exceptional portable options that provide convenience for cooking at home or in outdoor settings. Taking this into account, several notable differences may impact your decision when you purchase. In general, both the Weber Q and Beefeater Bugg are different in their cooking method, burner power, control knob location, thermometer, and warranty.

A significant difference is that the Weber Q works with lid-down indirect cooking, whereas the Beefeater Bugg allows for usage with the lid either up or down. In other words, the Weber Q may require less gas to cook your food, but it also means that you won't have the same capability to sear or grill food directly with the hood up as you would with the more powerful Beefeater Bugg.

The Beefeater Bugg series is an excellent BBQ option for camping trips or outdoor patios. It offers a competitive price point and boasts numerous unique features. Depending on your needs and circumstances, you can press the button for the regular-sized Bugg if you're socializing with a small group of friends or the Bigg Bugg if you need to cater to a large family.

This BBQ is incredibly user-friendly, offers a favorable size-to-price ratio, features reliable stainless-steel burners, a cast iron grill plate and a griddle that are resistant to rust and scratches, the option to switch to natural gas, and an exceptional cooking experience.

With the ability to cook with the lid up or down, the Beefeater Bugg provides an easy and relaxed camping BBQ experience. Whether you prefer to sear or roast, the choice is yours!

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Gordon THOMAS - March 5, 2024

I have had a Webber family q for the last 6 years and I wouldn’t change I would like to change to an updated model when I can afford it

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