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Beefeater Proline BBQ Review: Unmatched Performance and Style

Beefeater Proline BBQ Review: Unmatched Performance and Style

Beefeater ProLine BBQ Review

Are you planning to upgrade your grilling experience? If so, Beefeater Signature ProLine's range of grills may be the perfect brand for you.

This grill series enables you to cook delectable recipes to impress your family and friends. Even better, the Signature ProLine has the best design with features and functionality that can make grilling simple and enjoyable.

Are you feeling intrigued yet? Let's dive right into the three products featured in the Beefeater ProLine series: Beefeater ProLine BSW318SA Side Burner, Beefeater ProLine 6 BSL158SA, and Beefeater BSH158SA ProLine 6. Explore the features, functionalities, and differences to help you find the perfect grill for your backyard barbecues.

Beefeater History

Aussie grilling legend Beefeater has been around for the last four decades. Famed for their exceptional quality, Beefeater Barbecues exploded onto the Australian scene in 1985 and soon became a household name.

Their debut product, the Deluxe Series, had an elegant black body with orange accents and was available with three, four, and five burners. Several decades later, Beefeater customers continue to request spare parts, proving the enduring durability of the product. Beefeater's success is thanks to its early emphasis on quality, which helped the brand establish a stellar reputation.

Beefeater Signature ProLine BSW318SA: Stainless Steel Side Burner With Lid



Crafted with elegance and resilience as its core principles, the Beefeater Signature ProLine BSW318SA side burner BBQ is ideal for your family, offering exceptional control and safety elements. 

Main Features

Exceptional grilling experience: Beefeater ProLine provides an array of optional features, such as open grills or reliable hotplates. The brand offers cast-iron accessories for different cooking designs to meet your requirements.

Ergonomic QuadBurner: The QuadBurner by Beefeater ProLine is a high-performance cooking accessory that adds extra heat to your integrated barbecue. Featuring a robust cast trivet and a powerful triple-ring 23-MJ burner, it offers versatile four-way cooking capabilities.

Ignition flame thrower: The QuadBurner ignition flame thrower offers four-way cooking using cast iron furnishings to ensure uniform cooking results.

User-friendly controls: The controls are designed for aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly blending with any suitable countertop or workspace. Each control includes power level indicators to remove any guesswork and ensure consistent, perfect results every time.

Robust construction: Developed to endure the extreme Aussie climate, all stainless-steel parts are of commercial quality. The design ensures a modern appearance and exceptional performance that will last a long time.

Flame failure safety: For added protection, the BBQ includes a flame failure safety device that automatically stops the gas flow if the flame goes out.

Innovative design: This Beefeater ProLine model stands out with its modern linear design, which makes it the ideal addition to your outdoor entertainment area.


Cooking area: The Beefeater ProLine BSW318SA provides an ideal option for those looking to cook for a larger gathering, thanks to its ample space. The cooking area boasts 350 width, 540 depth, and 42 height with the lid closed (mm).

Fuel type: The BBQ has an LPG gas conversion kit for extra convenience.

Type of BBQ: The Beefeater ProLine is a built-in BBQ featuring a sleek stainless-steel finish for convenience and a seamless presentation.

Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 Burner BSL158SA: Built-In BBQ With Lid and Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 BSH158SA: Built-in BBQ With Hood 


The Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 Burner BBQ BSL158SA built-in BBQ with lid and Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 Burner Built-in BBQ BSH158SA with hood are well-designed for style and longevity. They allow you to entertain and host backyard BBQs without a hitch. With six powerful burners and fantastic features, these models can easily cater to your family and friends.

In fact, the Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 Burner BSL158SA and the Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 BSH158SA, with their outstanding features, have only one difference - one has a lid, and the other uses a hood. At the same time, their functionality and features are the same.


Main Features

Five-star BBQ experience: Enjoy a top-notch barbecue experience with Beefeater's wide range of add-ons that offer various cooking options to suit your needs.

QuadBurner: The optional QuadBurner is a powerful addition to your integrated barbecue, allowing you to cater to big groups with style.

Intensive Cleaning Cycle: Keep your cast iron hotplate and grills looking great. Simplify maintenance with the deep clean feature, making BBQ cleaning a breeze. When your cooking residue turns ash, you can easily wipe it clean in minutes.

Superior oil management system: The superior oil management system ensures healthier cooking and easy cleaning. Oil and waste are collected in removable containers at the front, while the unique design drains oil away from food.

Reliable cast: Enjoy fast heat-up, superior heat retention, and consistent cooking results with the cast grill and hotplate. Easy to clean, they will keep your BBQ looking golden for years.

Intuitive controls: The intuitive controls offer style and function, with power level indicators for perfect results.

Cast Hotplate: The cast iron hotplate fits over the four center burners, allowing for even grilling, searing, or roasting. Cook any dish effortlessly on the hot plate machine.

Consistent heat distribution: The advanced cooking surface has six powerful burners for even heat distribution and immaculate results every time.

Built to last: Made to withstand the harsh Australian climate, all stainless-steel parts are commercial grade built for long-term durability.

Modern design: This Beefeater range stands out with its sleek linear design, innovative features, and sleek lines.

Safety: Have peace of mind with the safety device that automatically shuts off the gas if the flame goes out.

Difference due to hood/lid feature: The Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 Burner BSL158SA with Lid and the Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 BSH158SA with Hood are identical barbecues. The grills are alike except one has a slim lid, and the other uses a roasting hood. 


Cooking space: If you plan to cook for a big group, the Beefeater ProLine BSL158SA furnishes an ample cooking area. It comes in dimensions of 1053 mm in width, 540mm in depth, and 42 mm in height with the lid closed. Similarly, the Beefeater ProLine BSH158SA measures 1053 mm wide, 540 mm deep, and 212 mm high. The height difference is because the BSL158SA has a lid while the BSH158SA has a hood.

Fuel option: This BBQ comes with an LPG gas conversion kit, making it even more convenient.

BBQ type: The Beefeater ProLine is a built-in BBQ that adds a touch of elegance with its sleek stainless-steel finish.

Range Comparison: The Pros and Cons of Beefeater ProLine Series: BSW318SA, BSL158SA, and BSH158SA

Now that we are familiar with the features and specifications of the Beefeater ProLine range - let's look at the pros and cons of the lineup.


Burners: The Beefeater ProLine BSL158SA and BSH158SA models have six powerful stainless-steel burners for evenly distributed heat. The Beefeater ProLine BSW318SA model, however, features a single brass burner.

Cast furnishings: The Beefeater ProLine BSL158SA and BSH158SA models feature Cast furnishings to ensure uniform cooking. Meanwhile, the BSW318SA model offers a powerful triple-ring 23Mj burner with a sturdy cast trivet and a versatile QuadBurner for four-way cooking when you need to increase the heat. The Beefeater ProLine BSL158SA and BSH158SA models offer a cast hotplate and cast grill for advanced barbecuing. The cast iron hotplate fits over four center burners, allowing for professional cooking. The BSW318SA model provides various optional extras for a customized barbecue experience, including open grills and solid hotplates. Beefeater ProLine ensures different cooking configurations to meet your needs.

Safety feature: The Beefeater ProLine series of BSL158SA, BSH158SA, and BSW318SA have a Flame Failure safety feature that can automatically shut off the gas supply in case of flame failure.

Temperature Gauge: The Beefeater ProLine series models provide precise temperature monitoring for controlling heat with a built-in temperature gauge. It is always better to use a reliable thermometer to ensure your grilling is delectable perfection.

Burner Power: The Beefeater Signature ProLine series model BSH158SA and BSL158SA have burner power of 71 MJ/hr. On the other hand, the Beefeater ProLine BSW318SA features a side burner power of 23 MJ/hr, along with a piezo ignition and flame thrower for the side burner.

Intuitive controls: The Beefeater ProLine BSH158SA model boasts a straightforward control system, promoting effortless navigation. It has conveniently side-mounted controls. Moreover, it is user-friendly, allowing users to adjust temperatures according to their preferences, thus ensuring consistent and mouthwatering grilling recipes. On the other hand, the Beefeater ProLine BSL158SA and BSW318SA models have specifically crafted designs that combine style and functionality. The ergonomic controls seamlessly blend with any suitable bench or workspace. Additionally, each control provides power level indicators. So, there is no more need for guesswork when you can get assured scrumptious BBQ.

Steady heating with hood/Lid: The Beefeater ProLine BSH158SA model features a stainless steel hood that improves your cooking process. On the other hand, the Beefeater ProLine BSL158SA and BSW318SA models come equipped with lids. The lid/hood helps in keeping a steady temperature inside the BBQ. When the heat rises from the bottom to the top, the lid/hood reflects it back. With that said, it creates a heat circulation around the food, resulting in perfect cooking, prolonged moisture retention, and flavor preservation. This feature enhances the efficiency of cooking. Taking this into account, it ensures that food is 100% evenly cooked regardless of the settings.

Long-lasting durability: The three Beefeater ProLine Models deliver reliable longevity. The design can withstand the challenging Australian climate as all stainless steel components are commercial-grade premium 304-grade steel. Rest assured of aesthetics and superior performance for years to come.

Dimensions: For the discerning shopper, the Beefeater ProLine BSW318SA is an excellent choice for cooking for a large group because it has plenty of space. The cooking area is 350mm wide, 540mm deep, and 42mm high with the lid closed. The Beefeater ProLine BSL158SA also provides a generous cooking area, measuring 1053 mm wide, 540 mm deep, and 42mm high with the lid closed. Meanwhile, the Beefeater ProLine BSH158SA provides ample cooking area measuring 1053 mm wide, 540 mm deep, and 212mm high with the lid closed. The difference in height between BSL158SA and BSH158SA is due to the lid and hood respectively.

Warranty: The best part is the Beefeater Signature ProLine series models BSH158SA, BSL158SA, and BSW318SA cover a warranty subject to terms and conditions. In Australia, the warranty period lasts 24 months from the original purchase date of the appliance. Additionally, specific components like the Stainless steel box, plates, and grills (excluding burners, gas valves, and ignitions) have an additional 8-years of warranty against manufacturing defects in Australia.

Effortless cleaning cycle: The Beefeater ProLine BSH158SA and BSL158SA models have a deep clean feature that makes maintenance easier. This feature helps remove dirt from the surface, saving you time cleaning the BBQ. Use the quick cleaning feature to keep your cast iron hotplate and grills looking amazing. All you need to do is open the BBQ hood, remove stainless steel attachments, and turn on all burners to boost. In 30 minutes, cooking residue will turn to ash, making it easy to wipe clean.

Healthy cooking: The Beefeater ProLine BSH158SA and BSL158SA models have an excellent oil management system that promotes healthier cooking and makes cleaning the BBQ a breeze. The oil and waste go into removable containers at the front of the barbecue, and the specially designed angled surface ensures that oil gets drained away from the food.


Price range: The only con for the Beefeater Signature Proline series is the high price point, which some consumers may find expensive – certainly during times of high inflation and a weak economy. The Beefeater ProLine 6 BSL158SA and Beefeater BSH158SA ProLine 6 range between $3,199 and $3,499. Meanwhile, the Beefeater ProLine BSW318SA is available at an attractive price of $849.

Beefeater Signature ProLine Series: Take Outdoor Entertaining to Gourmet Heights

Elevate your outdoor entertaining experience with the Beefeater Signature ProLine Series. The Beefeater ProLine Series offers convenient built-in barbecuing options for outdoor cooking. With that said, their unique configurations and features may influence your purchasing decision. Ultimately, these grills provide a similar cooking experience in cooking methods, burner power, innovative controls, durability, and warranty. Impress your guests with sleek design and innovative features. With the flame failure safety feature, you can cook safely since the gas will automatically shut off if the flame goes out.

This barbecue is built to withstand the Australian climate because of its commercial-grade stainless steel construction. And with a wide range of optional extras, you can customize your grilling experience to your liking. Choose from the Beefeater Signature ProLine cast furnishings to create the perfect cooking setup to meet your needs. Transform your everyday grilling into a gourmet experience with the Beefeater Signature ProLine.



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