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Crossray Electric BBQ Review

Crossray Electric BBQ Review

When it comes to electric barbeque grills in Australia, there are a few popular options that you might want to consider. One brand that has retained a solid reputation over the years for its BBQ dependability and ease of use is Crossray.

Crossray has a gamut of BBQs to fit the needs of every cookout enthusiast, and in today's review, we shall look at Crossray's range of electric grills that are suitable for different grilling needs.


crossray bbq with trolley

Crossray Electric BBQ with Trolley TCE15TR

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Crossray electric BBQs aren’t run of the mill options, but instead, are high-quality options with the bells and whistles for unmatched performance.

But is the Crossray electric BBQ right for you? We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Crossray Electric grills below.

Crossray Electric BBQ Overview

Crossray electric range of BBQs is one of the newest offerings and an upgrade to the original and bulkier Crossray bbqs.

The Crossray electric BBQ version is generally more convenient and easier to use. In particular, this model will appeal most to cookout enthusiasts who complain about the extra time and fuss around lighting traditional solid-fuel BBQs.

In addition, the Crossray electric BBQs have a quick ignition system, saving time and ensuring a convenient grilling experience.

Personally, however, what sold me on this electric BBQ is the infrared element technology. You see, the biggest pet peeve with many electric grills is their slow heat-up and poor heating in general. Most electric grills seem to have very uneven heating across the grill, but the Crossray electric BBQ is different.

The unique technology integrated into this new model makes the grill among the most powerful BBQ options in the market currently. It's a plug-and-play option that gives you a cooking experience similar to the traditional coal BBQ with the added convenience of electric power.

crossray bbq on deck

Grill Features and Benefits


Out of the box, you can tell Crossray Electric BBQ is built with durability in mind. The electric grill is well-constructed and sports a stainless steel construction.

The grill appears durable and has a sleek and modern look. When you use the grill, it doesn't wobble and generally feels robust. Plus, the steel construction isn't affected by inclement weather either.

In short, with proper care, the Crossray electric BBQ will serve you for quite a long time. It's sturdy and can withstand regular use and grilling abuses.


The dimensions of the Crossray electric grill are generally nice, especially for those looking for a portable grill.

It's available in a nice and compact size, making it an ideal option for use in townhouses or apartment blocks that don't allow gas or coal use.

The Crossray mini outdoor kitchen style takes portability to new heights with an even more subcompact design, perfect for outdoor use. Meanwhile, the larger Crossray electric BBQ with trolley and side foldable shelves enhances mobility with the solid castor wheels. It also provides a high-end presentation and class to your cooking area.

To sum up, the Crossray electric grills are the perfect pick for users concerned about the available cooking space or worried about the portability of their grills.


crossray mini kitchen

Crossray Mini Outdoor Kitchen with Electric BBQ with fridge - TCE15F-MK1

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Grilling Versatility (Hood/Lid)

Another standout feature of the Crossray electric grill design is the hood. It has a stainless steel double-skin hood, which lets you cook with the lid up or down.

The hood is more than an aesthetic feature; it actually improves your grilling performance in different ways.

For example, closing the hood enhances your indirect cooking performance. It traps the heat, creating a convection effect, which cooks your food evenly and quickly from all slides. The slow-cooking method is ideal for cooking larger cuts of meats such as roasts, pork shoulders, and whole chickens.

Closing the hood also helps to maintain steady and consistent internal temperatures, creating a stable cooking environment. It's especially beneficial for longer cooking sessions as it minimizes temperature fluctuations and prevents flare-ups.

I also love cooking with the hood closed when I need to infuse my food with a smoky flavor.

On the other hand, grilling with the hood open comes in handy when preparing quick-cooking items such as kebabs, steaks, and burgers. Direct heating allows high-temperature cooking and quick searing. It also stops your food from becoming overly smoky or developing a bitter taste from excess exposure to smoke.

It’s not to mention an open hood design allows for better monitoring and control over the cooking process.

Overall, the Crossray Electric grill, with its hood design opens up endless possibilities of what you can prepare. It enhances your grilling versatility, allowing you to cook different foods with different heat requirements.


crossray bbq on deck

Patented Infra-Red Cooking Technology

The patented infrared cooking technology is a signature feature, and probably the most outstanding feature of the Crossray electric BBQ.

When describing infra-red grills versus conventional BBQs, traditional grills generate more diffuse heat, sort of a flashlight. On the other hand, the infra-red grills deliver a more direct and concentrated heat, more like a laser beam.

Now, there are several benefits of owning a grill integrated with infrared cooking technology.

Crossray Electric grills, with a whooping 1500W capacity, are quick to heat and can generally get hot. Their extreme temperatures make the Crossray electric grills perfect for the intense sear and crust. It’s also particularly useful when grilling meats because it helps to sear the outside, while retaining a juicy and tender interior.

Another practical benefit of the infra-red technology is the quick pre-heat time. With a Crossray electric BBQ, you're ready to cook in less than 4 minutes, making the grill ideal for a busy schedule.

You'll also benefit from even heat distribution across the cooking surface with the Crossray Electric BBQ. This eliminates the hotspots on your meat and ensures that your food cooks uniformly.

It's not to mention that this cooking technology is more energy efficient compared to traditional electric grills. It requires less electric energy to reach and maintain high temperatures.

Overall, the cooking results of using Crossray infra-red technology are sensational. Quick to heat, intense high temperature if required, faster cooking times, heat distribution and juicier food overall. In fact, the cooking performance of the Crossray electric grills is in many ways comparable to cooking over red hot coals.

crossray electric bbq

Crossray Portable Electric BBQ high lid

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Dual Cooking Zones

Another unbeatable benefit of the Crossray electric grills is the dual cooking zone. The dual cooking zone is exactly what it sounds like dividing your grilling surface into two distinct temperature zones.

When cooking different foods with different heat requirements, having multiple cooking zones is important; the Crossray electric grill provides just that.

You have a half grill and a hotplate as standard on this electric grill. The cooking shelf makes the perfect location for preparing slower cooking items such as sausages, while the half grill is ideal for cooking heat-demanding meals such as steaks.

On top of that, the available cooking space is ample, allowing you to prepare multiple items simultaneously. It's spacious enough to prepare a cookout for a family of five and a few friends.


Using and operating the Crossray electric BBQ feels like a dream. The controls are super easy and efficient to use.

The electric startup knob is quite easy to operate, and it ignites the grill in an instant. In addition, it heats up and maintains the grill in less than 3 minutes, which cuts down the food preparation times.

I also love that the heat control function is fine-tuned for easier heat control. You see, the biggest drawback with most electric grills is excessive heat generation. The Crossray electric grill doesn't burn hotter than expected, and the control makes it easier to dial your temperature.

Instead, the grill delivers a nice and quick heat, perfect for cooking restaurant-quality steak, chops, and sausages. Foods like lamb, steak, and salmon will also retain juiciness and moisture content. You can even do Pizza on this grill. I've also experimented with the rotisserie, which gives some delicious results.

Crossray electric grills generally have reduced flare-ups caused by dripping fats and juices. Fat fires lead to uneven cooking and burnt foods and pose a safety fire hazard. The Crossray electric grills, with their infrared technology, minimize the flare-up since the direct heat source is located below the cooking surfaces, thus reducing the chances of drippings reaching the flames.

Finally, as with most infra-red grills, Crossray BBQs provide adjustable heat settings, which makes it easier to control the heat intensity. It provides the much-needed versatility to sear, grill, or even roast.

Easy to Clean

Every cookout enthusiast wants an easy-to-clean BBQ grill, and the Crossray electric grill doesn't disappoint.

Most users find this BBQ easy to clean with a wire brush. And if you can’t clean everything, have it on high for a couple of minutes with the hood down, and the cleanup process will be much easier.


Assembling the Crossray electric grill is easy and doesn't require team assembly. The grill comes 90% assembled; you simply need to insert the plate and reflector panels.

Other extras that the Crossray electric grill include LED indicators with a timer and a temperature safety cut-off.


It's a wrap and everything you need to know about the Crossray electric BBQ. In many ways, this electric grill is the epitome of modern grills and leads the way with its high-quality construction, fantastic and easy-to-use features, and amazing performance.

The infra-red technology, in particular, is a great addition, which enhances the electric grill's overall grilling performance and functionality. For more reviews check out our other blogs 


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