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Argie Grillz Parrilla Argentine BBQ Gaucho series (classic model)


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The Parrilla Argentine BBQ Gaucho Series By Argie Grillz - Classic Model

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Product Overview

Using the Argie Grillz Parrilla Argentine BBQ Gaucho Series - Classic Model, savour a taste of Argentina. A must-have for those who value the craft of cooking over charcoal, this magnificent grill captures the spirit of traditional Argentine grilling. 

This BBQ grill brings the flavour of authentic South American food straight to your garden with its elegant design and robust functionality.

Take a Culinary Adventure: 

 Argentina with the Argie Grillz Parrilla Argentine BBQGaucho Series - Classic Model and Experience Real Argentine Grilling. For those who value the craft of charcoal cooking, this magnificent grill is a must-have since it perfectly captures the spirit of traditional Argentine grilling.

Quick Drip Collection: 

The 2mm detachable drip tray further enhances convenience by making it simple to collect meat drippings, which are ideal for making gravies or basting sauces that enhance the flavour of your food.

Designed to Last: 

This grill is made completely of 304-grade stainless steel, which not only exhibits remarkable endurance but also resists rust and corrosion over time. Whether you're going for a leisurely roast or a blazing hot grill, the movable grill technique is a game-changer since it lets you precisely manage the heat.

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Removable legs:

We can remove the cart/legs making it perfect to sit on a bench or be part of your outdoor kitchen.

Improved Grilling Experience: 

One of the main factors in improving your grilling experience is the detachable design of the 2mm V Groove Grill. It's cleverly designed to catch the juices and oil drips, reducing the likelihood of flare-ups and keeping the meat from burning on the surface while still being raw inside.

Mobility and Stability:

 This grill's design prioritizes both mobility and stability. Its robust caster lock wheels make moving the grill around easy while guaranteeing that it stays in place while cooking. The 400mm spherical handle wheel facilitates handling by adding a smooth and hassle-free adjustment factor.

Easy Maintenance: 

The grill's low-maintenance design makes cleaning and maintenance easier giving you more time to taste the delights of outdoor cooking.

The Ultimate Grilling Experience:

 This barbecue can handle any type of food, including butterflied suckling pig, luscious lamb, and tender beef, guaranteeing a true Argentine BBQ experience.

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Product Features

  • High Durability: This item's exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion is a result of its superior 304-grade stainless steel construction.
  • Precise Heat Control: A movable grill mechanism offers precise temperature control for various cooking needs.
  • Decreased Spikes: 2 mm V The design of the Groove Grill directs oil and fluids away, minimizing flare-ups and guaranteeing uniform grilling.
  • Easy Drip Collection: Perfect for preparing sauces or gravies, this detachable 2 mm drip tray gathers meat drippings.
  • simple Mobility: Secure placement and simple mobility are offered by heavy-duty caster lock wheels.
  • Easy and Smooth Adjustment: The grill height may be easily and smoothly adjusted using the 400 mm round handle wheel.
  • Minimal Repair: User convenience is increased with an easy-to-clean and low-maintenance design.
  • Huge Cooking Area: A sizable cooking area may hold several dishes at once.
  • Genuine Churrasco-Style Grill Marks: The classic Argentine V-grate grilling surface produces genuine grill marks.
  • Ideal Heat Retention: Refractory bricks installed in the firebox provide the best possible heat dispersion and retention.
  • Combination of Tradition and Modernity: The Classic model combines modern functionality with classic Argentine BBQ design.
  • Hooks and storage: for grilling accessories and tools are integrated.
  • Robust Construction: Longevity and resistance to inclement weather are ensured by robust construction.
  • Sleek and elegant design: enhances any patio or outdoor kitchen environment.
  • Flexible Outdoor Cooking: Perfect for a variety of outdoor cooking
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  •   Material: 304-grade stainless steel
  •      Grill Type: V Groove Grill, 2 mm thickness, detachable
  •      Drip Tray: 2 mm thickness, detachable
  •      Mobility: Equipped with heavy-duty caster lock wheels
  •      Grill Height Adjustment: 400 mm round handle wheel
  •      Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean
  •      Cooking Area Dimensions: 110 cm (W) x 53 cm (D)
  •      Total Cooking Area: 5830 cm²
  •       Height (From Ground to Base Cooking Level): 77 cm
  •      Total Height (Including Wheel): 164 cm
  •       Length: 127 cm
  •       Depth: 64 cm
  •       Grill Height Adjustment Range: Up to 60 cm

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