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Beefeater Clubmate 4 burner BBQ & trolley, black painted - BD16740


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Clubmate 4 burner BBQ & trolley, black painted - BD16740 By Beefeater

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Product Overview

Your Fun BBQ Friend:

The Beefeater Clubmate 4 Burner BBQ & Trolley is now available! It's your new cooking outdoors partner. This BBQ includes more more just a grill—it's a buddy for delicious meals and a ton of fun. Durable and Easy to Move The Clubmate was very powerful and simple to use. It can be taken on any BBQ expedition because it folds up and has wheels. You can cook an abundance of food in it, so you're continually ready for celebrations or dinners with the family.

Cook Everywhere You Go:

Cooking outside is not enough. You may barbecue anywhere you choose in the park, on the beach, or anywhere else! with the Clubmate! It is easy to clean and includes a unique cap to protect it from water. With this grill, you can Anywhere you want, you can cook anything you want.

Nice for Everyone: 

Equipped with an exclusive starter that makes it simple to turn on every time, the Clubmate is great for families, schools, and sports teams. Its robust design allows it to accommodate all of your parties and events and its stylish black conclude renders it look great wherever you use it. The cooktop is permanent and doesn't rust, ensuring that your food cooks to perfection.

Get Barbecuing Swiftly:

This BBQ always burns simply and rapidly thanks to a specific starter. Your food will cook perfectly and taste fantastic because the surface of the stove is long-lasting and does not corrode.

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Quick to Use and Elegant: 

This barbecue is designed to be both simple to use and stylish. The cover protects the safety of your food, while a cup collects grease for effortless cleanup. Moreover, its wheels lock, guaranteeing that it stays in its designated spot.

No Worries: 

This BBQ was created to be safe and simple to operate, so you can barbecue without fear. Furthermore, switching the gas type is a straightforward process if you ever need to.

Kudos to grilling

You could have delightful grilling sessions with the Clubmate. It is guaranteed to function perfectly for a full year. Thus, expect to be the greatest griller for all of your outdoor activities!

Happy Grilling:

 With a Clubmate, you're ensured a terrific season of grilling experiences. So, get ready to be the best BBQ cook at all your outdoor events!

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Product Features

  • Quartz Start Ignition built in for quick and reliable starts.
  • Rust-resistant cast iron cooktops are strong and last a long time.
  • The Free Standing Design gives you options for where to put it.
  • Powder-coated black finish that looks great.
  • Front-Mounted Rotary Knob Controls make it easy to use.
  • The slimline lid that can be removed makes things even easier.
  • The weatherproof lid makes it last longer when used outside.
  • The oil collection cup makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Four cast iron burners spread the heat evenly.
  • Piezo Ignition for easily lighting up your space.
  • 18 MJ/hr per burner of high burner power for quick cooking.
  • With lockable castor wheels, you can move around easily and safely.
  • The open trolley design comes with a shelf for extra storage.
  • For peace of mind, there is a limited 12-month warranty.
  • You can get an NG conversion kit from Spare Parts to use different types of fuel.

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  • Type of Fuel: Gas
  • NG Conversion Kit Available: Yes, through spare parts.
  • BBQ Finish on the frame: mild steel
  • Domestic Warranty: Limited Warranty for 12 Months
  • Controls for the BBQ: Rotary Knob on the Front
  • Hotplates: 1, made of Cast Iron
  • Slimline Lid: Yes, with detachable function.
  • Firebox Material: Cast Iron
  • Ignition Type: Piezo
  • Burner Power (MJ/hr): 18 per burner
  • Total Burner Power (BTU): 68242
  • Total Burner Power (MJ/hr): 72
  • Flame Failure: No
  • Side Burner: No 
  • Trolley Construction: Black, Powder-Coated Steel

Product User Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the User Manual

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Product Fact Sheet

If you need more information on the specifications, etc -- Please check out the Fact Sheet

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Product Warranty Manual

If you need more information on the, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Warranty Manual

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Clubman Natural gas Conversion Instructions

If you need more information on the Clubman Natural gas Conversion Instructions

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