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Kegerator KegMaster XL

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Kegerator KegMaster XL

Introducing the Kegmaster™ XL Keg Beer Keg Fridge, the ultimate solution for enjoying draft beer in the comfort of your home, café, bar, or man cave. With the capacity to accommodate up to four 19-liter (5-gallon) ball lock kegs, this powerful and efficient refrigeration unit is designed to deliver a top-notch beer drinking experience.

Since its initial release in 2009, Keg King has continuously improved the performance and volume of our kegerator range. The all-new KegMaster™ XL, launched in May 2022, offers a larger internal volume of 160 liters while maintaining a compact design, allowing you to place it conveniently in any space. Whether it's beer, cider, wine, premixed drinks, soda water, kombucha, or espresso martinis, the KegMaster™ XL Keg Fridge gives you the freedom to choose what's on tap.

With built-in low-profile rollers, moving the KegMaster™ XL into position is a breeze, ensuring a seamless setup for you to start enjoying your favorite beverages. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select the number of taps you need. Our KegMaster™ XL models come in single, double, triple, and quadruple beer tap tower arrays, featuring the exceptional UltraTap stainless steel beer taps known for their superior laminar flow.

To complete the package, our Fridge Pack includes the newly improved MKX Regulators, guaranteeing precise and reliable CO2 dispensing for your draft system. Experience the convenience and joy of having your own draft beer setup with the Kegmaster™ XL Keg Beer Keg Fridge.

 If keg Couplers are needed they can be found below

Type A coupler

Type D coupler

*Please note our Series XL Prestige already comes with a stainless steel top.


When you get a KegMaster™ XL you get more than just a higher capacity kegerator, including:

  • Built in rollers for easy moving – removeable and upgradeable to castors
  • Reversible Door – orient to open how you like
  • Font Fan with speed control – keeps your font cold and runs more quietly
  • Internal light – handy for inspecting keg connections
  • Fits standard fonts – choose how many taps you require
  • Suitable for free standing installations – can also be installed under counters
  • R600a Refrigerant – environmentally friendly



  • Height:  850 mm with rollers 830 mm without rollers 890 mm with castors
  • Width:   600 mm
  • Depth:   640 mm
  • Internal Height:   724.9 mm
  • Internal Width:   511.9 mm
  • Internal Depth:   405.1 mm
  • Volume:   160 L
  • Weight:   43 Kg
  • Power:   220-240V 50Hz
  • Climate Class:   T
  • Refrigerant:   R600a (40g)
  • Insulation:   Cyclopentane
  • Packaged dimensions: H 88cm W 66cm D 69cm


Recommended Setback:

Our KegMaster Series XL needs good airflow to help it achieve optimum cooling power. The ideal setback, or spacing, is as per below (when facing the fridge):

  • 10cm on each side
  • 5-10cm at the back
  • No setback required on the top, can be installed flush to a counter top
  • No setback required underneath*
  • No setback at the front
  • Can not be enclosed into a cabinet, it must have vents

*It is recommended to have your Series XL KegMaster elevated from the floor, in case any moisture settles under it, the spacing will help dissipate it.



Swap it out for a stainless steel bench top for kegmaster XL.

Simple to replace and enjoy, Our KegMaster™ XL benchtops are available in 304 Stainless Steel for a clean, professional look that will last a lifetime.

*KegMaster XL Kegerators come with plugs for the holes on the benchtop, however Benchtop Guard Rails are an optional extra and can be purchased separately.


Setting the Calibration Factor on the Keg Master Series XL Kegerator:

If your kegerator is freezing the chill plate on the inside with a thick layer or ice, it is recommended to set the calibration at -3 and see if the situation improves.

If the KegMaster™ is not cold enough, it is recommended to set it to +2 and see it the situation improves.


  1. Press and hold both the “Cooler” and “Warmer” buttons for 5 seconds until the temperature display flashes SC.
  2. Release those buttons and press the “°F/°C” button.
  3. The display now shows the calibration factor, and you can change it with the “Cooler” and “Warmer” buttons.
  4. Once it is at the desired value press the “°F/°C” button again to save it. 


WARNING! These fridges are not designed to be installed outdoors and will not withstand more than 25c of ambient temperature. Class T means that those fridges have been tested under class T category, it does not mean they are suitable for long term under tropical weather.
Download manual  

For more info on the Keg couplers check them out below 

Keg coupler type A

Keg King coupler type D

Keg coupler type S


Check out the KegMaster XL below   🔽

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