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Napoleon Professional charcoal BBQ Grill PRO605CSS

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The Professional Charcoal BBQ Grill By Napoleon PRO605CSS

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Product Overview

 Designed to win the hearts of charcoal lovers.

You’re a traditionalist. If charcoal grilling is the best way to grill, then the PRO605CSS Professional Charcoal Grill is the perfect grill for you. Napoleon’s Professional Charcoal Grill combines the reliability of a cart model with the timeless charm of charcoal grilling, producing great results every time. Getting the best of both worlds is an understatement with this all-stainless grill. The charcoal-powered rotisserie burner is undoubtedly the most distinguishing feature of this professional grill packed with slide-out ash and a drip pan that simplifies cleanup. Experience the highest standard of professional charcoal cooking with the Napoleon stainless steel Charcoal Professional Grill.

Non-stop grilling with the front loading charcoal door:

Imagine running out of charcoal midway through your perfectly planned barbecue. The PRO605CSS solves this problem with its unique Front Loading Charcoal Door. This innovative design allows you to easily add more charcoal or smoking wood without ever opening the cover. 

Different heights for different styles:

This multifunctional grill is not a one-trick pony. The Adjustable Charcoal Bed lets you raise and lower the coals to achieve perfect temperature control. Looking to sear delicious steaks with a restaurant-quality crust? Keep the coals near. Thinking about slow-roasted, fall-off-the-bone ribs? Lower the coals for a low and slow smoke. The PRO605CSS provides you with the ability to create whatever grilling style you choose.

Fine-tune your cooking with sliding air vents:

The PRO605CSS features sliding air vents for grilling professionals. This feature allows you to carefully control airflow, which directly affects the heat intensity and burn rate of your charcoal. Want to increase the heat for a fast sear? Open the vents wide. Looking for a lenient smoke for low-and-slow cooking? Partially close the vents. With the PRO605CSS, you can compose your grilling symphony.

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Rotisserie burners with charcoal:

PRO605CSS has a Charcoal-Powered Rotisserie Burner this exclusive feature allows you to slow-roast a delicious chicken or a crisp pork shoulder, all while infusing them with the deep, smoky flavour of charcoal and wood chips. Think about how impressed your guests will be when you serve them with a perfectly cooked rotisserie using a charcoal burner.

Keeping your PRO605CSS spotless: 

Nobody enjoys cleaning after a fun cookout. The PRO605CSS simplifies this task with its Slide-Out Ash and Drip Pan. Simply pull the pan out, remove the ashes and drippings, and your grill is clean and ready for the next adventure. It promises to allow you to spend more time grilling rather than cleaning.

Effortless lid lifting with LIFT EASE™ technology

It is no longer necessary to struggle with a heavy grill lid. The PRO605CSS includes the LIFT EASE™ Center-Gravity Roll Top Lid. This clever design employs counterbalance technology, allowing you to effortlessly raise the lid without breaking a sweat. Open and close your grill with ease, no matter how strong you are.

 ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature gauge:

This function allows you to securely and quickly monitor the inside temperature of your grill without opening the cover. No more peeking and interrupting the cooking process! The broad temperature measurement range, 0° to 370°C (0° to 700°F), accommodates everything from delicate smoking to high-heat searing. The ACCU-PROBE™ identifies optimal smoking and searing temperatures, ensuring consistently cooked food.

People won’t believe you when you tell them what you cooked on the Charcoal Professional. Enjoy the taste of basic charcoal grilling with the original infrared technology.

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Product Features

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction: Built to last and look great in any outdoor setting.
  • Front Loading Charcoal Door (cm): Easily add charcoal without interrupting cooking.
  • Adjustable Charcoal Bed (cm): Control temperature for various grilling needs.
  • Sliding Air Vents (cm): Precisely manage airflow and temperature.
  • WAVE™ Cooking Grids: Achieve those signature Napoleon sear marks.
  • Charcoal-Powered Rotisserie Burner: Versatile rotisserie cooking options.
  • Slide-Out Ash and Drip Pan (cm): Makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Two Charcoal Dividers (cm): Enables both direct and indirect cooking.
  • LIFT EASE™ Centre-Gravity Roll Top Lid (cm): Effortless lid opening and closing.
  • ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge: Monitors cooking temperature accurately.
  • Rear Charcoal Rotisserie Burner (cm): Expands your cooking options.
  • 850 in² (5,440 cm²) Total Cooking Area: Ample space for large gatherings.
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty: Long-term peace of mind and grill reliability.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ensures comfort and ease while grilling.
  • Integrated Storage Solutions: Convenient tool hooks keep everything within reach.
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  • Fuel Type: Charcoal, for that authentic grilling flavor.
  • Main Cooking Area (cm): 46 x 85 cm (850,440 cm²).
  • Total BTUs: Features a unique rear charcoal rotisserie burner (BTU not specified).
  • Material: High-quality stainless steel for durability.
  • Ignition System: Reliable system for the rotisserie burner.
  • Temperature Gauge: ACCU-PROBE™ for precise temperature monitoring.
  • Lid Design: LIFT EASE™ for balanced lifting.
  • Air Flow Control: Adjustable vents for temperature management.
  • Charcoal Access: Front-loading door for convenience.
  • Cleaning System: Slide-out ash and drip pan for easy cleaning.
  • Cooking Grids: Stainless steel WAVE™ for even heat distribution.
  • Rotisserie Capability: Rear charcoal burner for versatile cooking options.
  • Dimensions (cm): H 121 cm (151 cm with the lid open) x W 171 cm x D 63 cm.
  • Packaging Dimensions (cm): H 68.58 cm x W 104.78 cm x D 79.38 cm.
  • Weight (kg): 240.90 kg (109.25 lb), reflecting the grill's solid construction.

Napoleon Professional charcoal BBQ User manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

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Napoleon Professional charcoal BBQ Brochure

If you need more information on the Napoleon Professional charcoal range -- Please check out the brochure

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