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Top 5 Best 3 Burner bbq Australia

Top 5 Best 3 Burner bbq Australia

BBQs in Australia are available in different sizes and different burner configurations. But from a burner point of view, the 3-burner BBQ Australia is popular and pretty much the good sweet spot. Anything bigger, you burn a lot of propane, while the smaller burner configurations limit what you can grill.

The real estate on a three-burner BBQ looks nice, and unless you're cooking for a true army, you'll never feel out of space.

I personally have a three burner plus sear station burner BBQ and find it plenty big. It's big enough for my immediate family and an excellent option if you like entertaining some guests.

In this comprehensive guide, we shall look at some of the best 3-burner BBQ options in Australia. Our selection consists of some reputable brands such as Weber and Napoleon. In addition, I’ve also added a comprehensive buying guide to help with the selection.


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Top 5 3-Burners BBQ Australia

1)  Napoleon Freestyle 365 gas Grill - F365DPGT- Best Overall 3-Burner BBQ


3 burner bbq


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Napoleon Freestyle 365 tops our list of the best 3-burner BBQs Australia. It’s considered an entry-level model, but it has all the bells and whistles for the ultimate grilling experience. Everything about the Napoleon 365 is built with perfection in mind, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular with many BBQ enthusiasts.

Main Features                                 


You can tell Napoleon Freestyle 365 is built to last out of the box. Unlike the cheapos that tend to break after short use, the Napoleon 365 is of excellent quality and a sturdy piece that should last a while with proper care.

The grill is solid as a rock and will survive the abuses that come with grilling and constant exposure to inclement weather.


Napoleon 365 has an ingenious enclosed cart design for safe mobility, storage, and positioning. It's the perfect grill design if you're looking for a model that doesn't take up too much space and will fit into smaller patio spaces.

In addition, the model has folding side shelves, which can be tucked out of the way for easier storage in smaller spaces.

Cooking Space

The Napoleon Freestyle 365 doesn't skimp on the cooking space despite the compact design. It has a lot of cooking space, totaling 365 in² of total grilling area.

Napoleon 365 can prepare up to 22 burgers at once to give you a practical visualization of the grilling space. It's also large enough to accommodate meals of up to four family members and another four friends in your backyard. In short, there's plenty of room for your needs.


Napoleon freestyle bbq open


Grilling Capabilities

A selling point, and probably the main attraction of the Napoleon 365, is the grilling capability.

The model relies on Jet Fire ignition, so it fires up effortlessly and instantly. Secondly, it produces 33,000 BTU total on the three burners, thus giving you versatility on what you can prepare on the grill. You actually won’t believe how quickly the burner heats up.

But the best part of the grilling setup is the actual grates. They're available in a wavy design, a nice signature Napoleon touch. The grates provide a responsive temperature control, which makes a huge difference in the output.

It's easier to attain restaurant-quality food and prepare meals cooked to absolute perfection with these burner grates.

On top of that, the grates are porcelainized cast iron, so they can resist rust, are easy to clean, and eliminate food sticking issues.


3 burner bbq in use


Napoleon 365 looks daunting when you take everything out of the package, but it's easy to assemble. It comes packaged well, and team assembly isn't required.


Despite the entry-level tag, the Napoleon 365 comes with an array of extras for convenience, such as a bottle opener, grease tray slide, ACCUPROBE temperature gauge, and a place to hang your tools.


365sq. inch grilling surface: The vast cooking space provides enough room to prepare meals for your family and friends.

Steel Construction: A durable steel construction guarantees the sturdiness and longevity of the grill. Napoleon 365 feels sturdy and doesn't wobble.

3 Burners (33,000 BTU total): The grill has a massive power output and responsive temperature control for a versatile cooking setup.

2)  Everdure By Heston Blumenthal FURNACE 3 Burner BBQ- Value Purchase

furnace 3 burner bbq front view


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Second on our list of the best 3-burner BBQs is an offering by Everdure. It's an excellent 3-burner gas grill with great looks. It's designed to conquer any grilling challenge and is the perfect option for the home cook or professional chef.


Main Features


The first impression of Everdure 3-burner BBQ is that it's a hefty, high-quality option. The die-cast aluminum body construction is as solid as a tank and feels robust.

Other distinct features of the Everdure design include long legs that keep it far from the ground, thus eliminating the need for a heatproof surface underneath. It also has integrated BBQ flame tamers to prevent flare-ups.


Despite the robust construction, Everdure still retains a lightweight design. In fact, according to the manufacturer, this model was designed as a backyard BBQ, hence the presence of detachable stands and lockable castor wheels. It's also the perfect option for tailgating or camping.

women cooking with bbq

Rapid Ignition

Everdure doesn't disappoint in the functionality department either. A rapid ignition system ensures the three burners can attain scorching temperatures 200ºC in under 5 minutes. The grill primes the burners in under no time, and you can confidently say goodbye to waiting for the grill to heat up.

Grilling Capabilities

Everdure takes grilling to new heights with a high hood design. The hood, which fits like a glove, opens up a world of cooking possibilities and allows you to cook with the hood up or down for enhanced versatility.

For example, the hood design enables different cooking methods, such as indirect, direct, or convection cooking. And from user experience, the ability to regulate temperature delivers savory flavors, and better consistency.

Grilling Space

Space-wise, Everdure offers real estate for grilling. The 3-burner grills with 466 Square Inches of Grilling Surface, can prepare up to 28 small burgers or three roast chicken simultaneously. Ideally, it's the perfect size for a family and a small gathering.


Fast cooking: The rapid burner ignition ensures your grill is ready to cook meals in under 5 minutes. In addition, a large hood enhances the overall temperature control.

Portable: An ultra-lightweight design promotes overall portability and ease of use. This BBQ is built with backyard uses in mind, but it can also double as a camping or tailgating grill.

3)  Napoleon Rogue 3 Burner- Budget model


Napoleon 3 burner bbq front view


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Napoleon Rogue 3 Burner is a well-built gas grill and has everything you need, plus much more. The quality of this model is also top-notch, yet it doesn't break the bank.

Main Features


Napoleon Rogue 3 Burner has an eye-appealing black exterior. Styles aside, this grill is built like a tank; everything, from the firebox to the wheels, is sturdy and can take a beating. The best part is that the brand is confident with its construction and stands by its 15-year warranty.


The grill size is nice, just what you need for a manageable design. I love the lightweight design and the space-saving side shelves, which make the unit more compact for storage.

Grilling Capabilities

Grilling with the Napoleon Rogue 3 Burner feels like a dream. First, the grill has a jet fire ignition, which keeps the burners running without the need for an igniter.

But the best part of Rogues grilling abilities is the precise temperature control. It’s easier to dial in the temperature for easier meal preparation. On top of that, the cast iron grill makes it easier to achieve high-heat searing and get hot quickly to give beautiful char marks.


rogue bbq open

Grilling Space

Napoleon Rogue 3 Burner has a total cooking area of 3193.54cm2, perfect for a medium-sized family and a few guests.

The grill also has a decent output of 42,000 BTUs, a nice rating for those needing more heat for cooking.


Jet Fire Ignition System: The fire system on Napoleon Rogue guarantees a near-instantaneous fire start-up. It makes meal preparation quick and easy.

Stainless Steel Sear Plates: The grilling plates on Rogue have fantastic heat retention and are handy for controlling flare-ups.

4)  Broil King, Baron 320 Pro- Functional Model

broil king bbq open

Broil King Baron ticks most boxes for the best 3-burner BBQ Australia. It's beautifully engineered for the ultimate performance and is priced nicely.

Main Features


The first impressions of this grill scream quality. The stainless steel construction is everything you would need for a heavy-duty BBQ. Even with regular use, the Broil King remains new. The stainless steel construction is also sturdy, and it doesn't feel wobbly when in use.


Many BBQs generally choose this BBQ partly based on the size. If your patio or backyard space is narrow, Broil King will fit. It has a compact design, and the side shelves fold down when not in use for convenient storage.

Grilling Capabilities

The grilling capabilities of the Broil King BBQ are anything but fantastic. For example, the grilling grates with a Flav-R-Wave design heats up evenly, eliminating the hot and cooler spots that come with the traditional grates.

The ignitors work perfectly, too, and won't require more than a single strike. Instead, you must light one burner with an ignitor, and the others will light themselves.

Broil King Baron triple burners provide a 32,000 BTU output, more than you'll need for regular household meals. On top of that, the BBQ has a huge grilling space of 450, including the steel warming rack.


Broil King Baron comes with pictorial instructions and is easy to assemble. No team assembly is required, and you can set this bad boy in less than 20 minutes.


Extras: The Baron 320 is more than your run-out-of-the-mill BBQ. In addition to the basic functionality, the grill has some extra, including a 10ft natural gas hose, illuminated control panel lights, and an 8 mm rod grid.

Versatility:  In addition to the 3 burner configuration, the Broil King Baron series also has other different burner configurations, such as the 5 burner model. The different configurations help to enhance the overall brand versatility and performance.

5)  Weber Genesis E-325s BBQ Grill- Easy-to-Use BBQ


weber 3 burner bbq

Our final pick is an offering from Weber. Weber is an established brand in the cookout space, and the Genesis doesn't disappoint. It works exactly as you would expect, looks great, and is easy to assemble.


Weber Genesis is built like a tank and has an awesome quality. The build of this model is solid and can take all the harsh beatings of regular grilling and inclement weather.


The dimensions of Genesis Weber are also nice, especially for users with small backyard spaces or patios. It’s not hefty either, and I love the addition of caster wheels which enhances the overall grill’s portability.

Grilling Capabilities

Weber Genesis really shines in the grilling department, and there are several reasons for this. The first one is that it has triple burners, which deliver a massive output of 39,000 BTU, which opens up your world of cooking possibilities.

Secondly, the porcelain enameled grates deliver a fast and even cooking experience.


The push-and-start electric ignition is a joy to use. It makes for a dependable start every time and shortens the cook wait times.


Weber grill has some exciting add-ons for the ultimate grilling experience. For example, the extra-large prep & serve table allows for a seamless transfer of food from the grill to the serving table. Meanwhile, a new and improved pull-out grease tray eliminates flare-ups and makes cleaning a breeze.


Fantastic Performance:  Weber Genesis has what it takes for an amazing grilling performance. The BBQ is performance-oriented in many ways and will definitely make your grilling more exciting.

Extras: Unlike the traditional basic grills, Weber Genesis has the bells and whistles for an improved grilling experience.

Best 3-Burner BBQ Australia Buying Guide: What to Consider when Selecting the Right BBQ

If you're still unsure which 3-burner BBQ to pick, we'll help you narrow your search with our buying guide. In this section, we shall highlight the main elements to consider when selecting the right 3-burner BBQ in Australia for your grilling needs.


You must consider the overall dimension of your BBQ, especially regarding your cooking area/size of the patio.

From experience, the ideal 3-burner BBQ space should be enough to fit in your patio space and leave room for extras. It should also be light and portable enough to move it from one location to the next effortlessly or even stow it away when not in use.


The construction of the 3-burner grill matters a lot. Ideally, you want something sturdy that won't wobble during use and will stand the test of time.

You must also consider the grate's construction. Stainless steel grates are ideal because of their affordability and ease of cleaning. Enameled iron and cast iron are durable and usually provide great sear.


3 burner bbq outside

Heat Output (BTU)

The BTU of a BBQ refers to the amount of heat output a grill generates. A BBQ with a higher BTU rating generally generates more heat output but uses up more fuel.

When selecting a BBQ, don't focus solely on the BTU; consider other factors, such as heat retention and temperature range.

Fuel Type

3-burner BBQs are available in different forms and can be categorized based on fuel type. The main fuel categorizations are electric, gas, and charcoal.

Electric 3-burner BBQs are popular for convenience, while gas and charcoal BBQs provide a more traditional and authentic grilling experience.


In addition to the grilling feature, many BBQs usually come with extra features, mainly for convenience.

Even then, you must only buy what you know you'll use, not what looks cool. After all, BBQ will come with all manner of things that appeal to the "someday I might need this" part of the brain. Don't fall for it. Instead, only pick extras that are practical for your grilling needs.

Some extras that most households might find purposeful include side burners, wheels, prep area or side tables, and Rotisserie accessories.


Finally, I can't overemphasize the need to consider the price. You see, 3-burner BBQs can cost as little as $100 and go up to the thousands.

Therefore, what matters most is the cost you're willing to spend or your budget. Never look at a grill's price and think it must be quality because it costs this much. Other "cheaper" alternatives might provide similar or even better value at a fraction of the price.

3 Burner VS. 4 Burner BBQS

The 3 and 4 BBQs are the most popular burner configurations for most families in Australia. But often, many people struggle with how many burners to get and how to choose between the 3 and 4 burners.

In this section, compare these two configurations and make your selection easier.

Grilling Space

A 4-burner BBQ has a larger grilling space than a 3-burner BBQ. But big isn't always better; you must consider your cooking capacity needs.

For example, the 4-burner BBQ is a great option if you frequently host large parties or need to prepare a large volume of food, which is a rarity for most Australian households. On the other hand, the 3-burner BBQ is perfect for fairly frequent grilling for family or when you've another family over for dinner.

Therefore, regarding the grilling capacity, the 4-burner BBQ seems not worth it, especially if you don’t need the big size today.


bbq being used with chopping board

Grilling Versatility

While the 3-burner and 4-burner BBQs allow temperature control, the 4-burner BBQs have the upper hand. The simple reason is that 4-burner BBQs have four temperature zones instead of the three on the 3-burner BBQs.

More temperature control options on the 4-burner BBQ provide more room for temperature control and greater freedom for barbequing different foods.

On top of that, the extra heating capacity allows you to create better indirect and direct heating zones as a setup that allows you to execute different grilling techniques.

Propane Use

A bigger BBQ has more fuel demands than the smaller options; therefore, a 4-burner BBQ will consume more than a 3-burner BBQ.

For example, if you're doing propane, you could argue about swapping the propane canisters more often on a 4-burner than a 3-burner because you're heating a larger space.


The 4-burner BBQs are generally much bigger and bulkier than the 3-burner BBQs. Therefore, if space is a major concern, you should consider the 3-burner BBQs.

On top of that, size also limits portability, and if you need a portable option, consider the 3-burner BBQ.


As expected, the 4-burner BBQs are generally much more expensive than the 3-burner BBQs of a similar model/design.

The extra money spent on the 4-burner BBQ could be used on other barbequing extras such as a sear station, smoke box, rotisserie, temp probes, or different grates.

Who’s the 3-Burner BBQ Ideal For?

The 3-burner BBQ has its fair share of pros and flaws. However, despite the shortcomings, this burner will generally work well for a particle group of cookout enthusiasts.

Top of the list is those who need a generally affordable BBQ solution. While the higher-burner configurations BBQs have enhanced versatility and greater cooking space, their higher price may not align with the budget needs of most people. The 3-burner BBQs are generally considered an affordable alternative without compromising basic grilling capabilities.

Regarding the cooking capacity, the 3-burner BBQ will work well for those who need to cater for small family gatherings. It’s a great match for those who need to prepare a meal for 4 -8 people and will therefore meet the practical needs of daily cooking.


everdure bbq

The 3-burner BBQ also works well for those with less patio space. The grill has less square footage and will generally fit on most household patios or decks. It's also more maneuverable and portable, thus making it ideal for outdoor use such as RVing or camping.

Finally, the 3-burner BBQ, with fewer burners to fire up, preheats rapidly, allowing you to start cooking much more quickly. You'll enjoy a nearly spontaneous cooking experience and minimize the waiting time before grilling starts.


It’s a wrap, and everything you need to know about the best 3 burner BBQ Australia. When choosing a 3-burner BBQ, pick one that aligns with your grilling/BBQing needs. You must also have a budget before you start the purchase process.


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