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Best BBQ Brand Australia

Best BBQ Brand Australia

Australia has a long and storied culinary heritage that revolves around barbecues. Australia is famous for its outdoor lifestyle, so it's no wonder that barbecues have become a staple of social events, family celebrations, and weekend get-togethers there. Choosing the ideal BBQ among the many models on the market might seem like a challenging task. In this post, we'll take a look at the five finest BBQ brands in Australia and give you the lowdown on each one so you can choose wisely.


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beefeater logo

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Beefeater is a household brand in Australia when it comes to barbecues and has been for more than 30 years. Beefeater BBQs have a fantastic reputation among BBQ lovers because of their dedication to quality and creativity.

Main Features

When it comes to Australian BBQs, Beefeater is a household name because of their unwavering dedication to performance, innovation, and quality. Let's take a closer look at what sets Beefeater BBQs apart from the competition.

Build Quality

Beefeater BBQs are crafted with precision and durability in mind. The use of high-quality materials ensures longevity, making them an excellent investment. The robust construction not only enhances the BBQ's lifespan but also contributes to consistent and reliable performance.



beefeater bugg bbq

The Beefeater BUGG Amber Mobile Barbecue with Stand

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Design and Innovation

Beefeater BBQs are not just functional; they are also aesthetically pleasing. The brand combines modern design with innovative features to create BBQs that not only cook your food to perfection but also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

Range of Products

Beefeater offers a diverse range of BBQs to cater to different needs. Whether you're a seasoned BBQ enthusiast or a novice, Beefeater has a model for you. From compact grills for small spaces to elaborate outdoor kitchens for the serious grill master, the brand has it all.


When it comes to performance, Beefeater BBQs leave no room for compromise. The precise temperature control, even heat distribution, and powerful burners ensure that your culinary creations are consistently delicious. The brand's commitment to performance has made it a favorite among professional chefs and home cooks alike.


The hallmark of Beefeater BBQs is their exceptional performance. The grills are designed to provide precise temperature control, even heat distribution, and powerful burners that deliver consistent and reliable results. Whether you're searing steaks, slow-cooking ribs, or roasting vegetables, Beefeater ensures that your culinary creations are nothing short of perfection.


Beefeater BBQs are versatile and can handle a variety of cooking styles. The brand understands that outdoor cooking is not limited to just grilling, and its grills are equipped to handle tasks such as roasting, baking, and even smoking. This versatility makes Beefeater BBQs suitable for a wide range of culinary endeavors.

clubman bbq

Beefeater Clubman 4 burner BBQ & trolley, stainless steel 

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Easy Maintenance

Recognizing the importance of convenience, Beefeater designs its BBQs with easy maintenance in mind. Removable grates, grease management systems, and accessible components make cleaning and upkeep a breeze. This user-friendly approach ensures that Beefeater BBQ owners can spend more time enjoying their culinary creations than dealing with the hassles of maintenance.

Warranty and Customer Support

Beefeater stands behind the quality of its products, offering robust warranty options for its BBQs. This commitment to customer satisfaction extends to responsive customer support, providing assistance and guidance to users if they encounter any issues with their grills. The combination of a solid warranty and excellent customer service adds an extra layer of confidence to Beefeater customers.

Outdoor Kitchen Solutions

For those looking to elevate their outdoor cooking experience, Beefeater offers comprehensive outdoor kitchen solutions. These may include built-in BBQs, kitchen islands, and modular components that allow users to create a customized outdoor kitchen tailored to their preferences. Beefeater's outdoor kitchen offerings bring a touch of luxury to the BBQ experience.





weber logo

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Weber, a global giant in the BBQ industry, has a strong presence in Australia, and for good reason. With a history dating back to the 1950s, Weber has consistently delivered high-quality grills that redefine the art of barbecuing.

Main Features

Weber, a globally recognized brand in the barbecue industry, has earned its reputation by consistently delivering high-quality grills with innovative features. Let's delve into the main features of Weber BBQs in detail.

Iconic Kettle Design

Weber's iconic kettle design is instantly recognizable and has become synonymous with backyard barbecues. The design is not just about aesthetics; it's a testament to the brand's commitment to creating grills that deliver exceptional results. The shape promotes even heat distribution, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection.


weber bbq

Weber Family Q Premium Gas Barbecue LPG BBQ

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Weber offers a diverse range of BBQs, catering to various preferences and lifestyles. From the classic charcoal kettle grills to gas and electric options, Weber provides a versatile selection. The brand also offers portable models for those who enjoy BBQing on the go, making it a popular choice for camping and outdoor activities.

Innovation in Technology

Weber is at the forefront of BBQ technology, constantly introducing innovations to enhance the grilling experience. Features like the Weber Connect smart grilling technology provide real-time monitoring and guidance, ensuring that even beginners can achieve professional-level results.


Weber grills are known for their durability, with many users attesting to the longevity of their Weber BBQs. The brand's commitment to using high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing standards ensures that your investment will withstand the test of time.

Built-In Thermometers

Many Weber models come equipped with built-in thermometers in the lids. These thermometers provide a convenient way to monitor the internal temperature of the grill without having to lift the lid. Accurate temperature control is crucial for achieving the desired results, especially when cooking larger cuts of meat.

One-Touch Cleaning System

Weber's One-Touch Cleaning System is a practical feature that simplifies the cleaning process. It typically involves a removable ash catcher and a lever mechanism that sweeps ash and debris into the catcher, making cleanup quick and hassle-free. This contributes to the overall convenience of using a Weber BBQ.

High-Performance Burners

For their gas grills, Weber incorporates high-performance burners that provide precise temperature control. This allows users to achieve the perfect sear or maintain low and slow temperatures for smoking. The consistent heat distribution across the cooking surface ensures that every inch of the grill is usable space.


weber bbq built in

Weber Family Q Built In BBQ (Q3600)-Natural Gas

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Flavorizer Bars

Weber grills often feature unique Flavorizer Bars, which are angled metal bars placed above the burners. These bars catch drippings from the food, creating smoke that adds flavor back into the grilling process. This not only enhances the taste of the food but also helps prevent flare-ups.

Gourmet BBQ System (GBS)

The Gourmet BBQ System is a versatile cooking system available in some Weber models. It features a removable center section in the cooking grate, allowing users to interchange various accessories such as a grill, pizza stone, wok, or poultry roaster. This flexibility adds a new dimension to your grilling experience, allowing you to experiment with different cooking methods.

Warranty and Customer Support

Weber stands behind its products with strong warranty coverage. The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its excellent customer support. If users encounter any issues or have questions about their grills, Weber's support team is known for providing helpful and responsive assistance.




Napoleon logo

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Napoleon, a Canadian brand that has made significant inroads into the Australian BBQ market, is synonymous with luxury and performance. With a focus on combining cutting-edge technology with elegant design, Napoleon BBQs have become a favorite among discerning consumers. 

Main Features

Napoleon grills are synonymous with luxury, innovation, and high-performance cooking. Here are the main features of Napoleon BBQs in detail.

Quality Construction

Napoleon BBQs are built to last, featuring high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The brand's commitment to durability extends to both the exterior and interior components, ensuring that your investment stands up to the rigors of regular use.


Napoleon freestyle bbq

Napoleon Freestyle 425 Gas grill 

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Innovative Features

Napoleon BBQs are packed with innovative features that elevate the grilling experience. From infrared grilling technology for precise heat control to integrated smoker trays for added flavor, Napoleon goes the extra mile to provide users with a range of tools to unleash their culinary creativity.

Range of Models

Napoleon offers a diverse range of BBQ models to cater to different preferences and spaces. Whether you're looking for a compact grill for a balcony or a full-sized outdoor kitchen, Napoleon has a solution. The brand's attention to detail and variety ensure that there's a Napoleon BBQ for every need.

Performance Excellence

Napoleon BBQs consistently deliver top-notch performance. The powerful burners, heat distribution, and advanced cooking systems contribute to a grilling experience that is both efficient and enjoyable. The brand's commitment to performance excellence has earned it a loyal following.

Accu-Probe Temperature Gauge

Napoleon BBQs feature Accu-Probe temperature gauges, providing users with accurate and real-time temperature readings. The temperature gauge is strategically placed on the lid, allowing users to monitor the cooking temperature without lifting the lid and disrupting the cooking process. This feature contributes to precise temperature control and better cooking results.

LED Spectrum Night Light Control Knobs

Innovating in both form and function, some Napoleon models are equipped with LED Spectrum Night Light control knobs. This feature not only adds a touch of sophistication to the grill but also serves a practical purpose. The LED lights illuminate the control knobs, making it easy for users to adjust settings, even in low-light conditions.

JETFIRE Ignition System

Napoleon grills come with the JETFIRE ignition system, designed to ensure a quick and reliable start every time. This system uses a high-velocity jet of flame to ignite the burners, eliminating the need for manual ignition methods. It provides a seamless and efficient start, allowing users to focus on the cooking process rather than struggling with ignition.

Napoleon built in bbq

Napoleon Built-in LEX 605 RBI BILEX605RBINK-AU

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WAVE Cooking Grids

Napoleon's WAVE cooking grids are a distinctive feature designed to enhance the cooking surface. These grids have a unique wave pattern that provides better heat retention and sear marks on the food. The design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also contributes to more even cooking results.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean Design

Napoleon grills are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The materials used, such as stainless steel and porcelain-coated components, are not only durable but also easy to clean. This feature ensures that the grill remains in top condition with minimal effort, enhancing the overall user experience.


pk grills logo

Click To Check Out the Pk grills range

PK Grills, with its roots dating back to the 1950s, has earned a reputation for producing classic charcoal grills that combine timeless design with outstanding performance. While the brand originated in the United States, its influence has spread to Australia, where BBQ enthusiasts appreciate its unique features.

Main Features

PK Grills, known for its classic design and outstanding performance, boasts a set of distinctive features that set it apart in the world of barbecue. Let's delve into the main features of PK Grills in detail.

Classic Design

PK Grills are instantly recognizable for their classic capsule-shaped design. The brand has retained the essence of its original design while incorporating modern materials and technology to enhance functionality. The result is a grill that not only looks timeless but also performs exceptionally well.

pk orignal bbq

PK Grills PK300 Grill & Smoker - The New Original

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One of the standout features of PK Grills is their portability. The lightweight design and compact form make them ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating, or beach barbecues. The brand's commitment to portability without compromising on performance makes PK Grills a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Durability and Build

PK Grills are built to withstand the test of time. The brand uses high-quality materials, including rust-proof aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring that your grill remains in top condition even in challenging outdoor environments. The durable construction contributes to consistent performance over the years.


While PK Grills is known for its prowess with charcoal grilling, it is also versatile enough to accommodate different cooking styles. The adjustable venting system allows users to control the temperature with precision, making it suitable for various types of cooking, from slow smoking to high-heat searing.

Temperature Control

Precise temperature control is a crucial aspect of successful grilling, and PK Grills excel in this regard. The design of the grill, coupled with the venting system, allows users to regulate the temperature efficiently. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who appreciate the art of slow cooking or want to achieve the perfect sear on their steaks. The ability to control the temperature with precision enhances the overall grilling experience.

Grill Grates

PK Grills come equipped with high-quality grill grates that contribute to the cooking performance. The grates are designed to retain and radiate heat effectively, ensuring even cooking across the entire surface. The material used for the grates is chosen for its durability and ease of maintenance, making it convenient for users to keep their grills in top condition.

pk 360 bbq

PK Grills Smoker and Grill PK360 Graphite

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Easy to Clean

Cleaning a grill can be a cumbersome task, but PK Grills are designed with user convenience in mind. The straightforward construction and removable components make it easy to clean and maintain these grills. The ability to disassemble parts for cleaning ensures that users can keep their PK Grills in pristine condition with minimal effort.

Charcoal Efficiency

PK Grills is known for its efficiency in charcoal usage. The design maximizes the use of charcoal, allowing for longer cooking sessions without the need for constant refueling. This not only makes the grilling process more convenient but also contributes to cost savings in the long run.

Airflow Management

The venting system of PK Grills plays a crucial role in airflow management. Users can adjust the vents to control the intake of air, influencing the combustion process and temperature regulation. This level of control is particularly valuable for achieving the desired cooking results, whether it's a slow and low barbecue or a quick and hot sear.

Accessory Compatibility

PK Grills offers compatibility with a range of accessories, allowing users to customize their grilling experience. From additional cooking surfaces to tool hooks and shelves, these accessories enhance the functionality of the grill and cater to individual preferences.





Click To Check Out Crossray range

CrossRay, a relative newcomer to the BBQ scene, has quickly gained popularity in Australia for its innovative approach to grilling technology. The brand focuses on a unique infrared cooking system, promising faster and more efficient cooking. 

Main Features

CrossRay BBQs stands out in the competitive world of grilling with its innovative use of infrared cooking technology. Let's explore the main features of CrossRay BBQs in detail.

Infrared Cooking Technology

CrossRay stands out from the crowd with its infrared cooking technology. This innovative approach involves using infrared burners that heat the food directly, resulting in faster cooking times and reduced energy consumption. The infrared system also helps in retaining the natural juices of the food, ensuring a more flavorful end product.

4 burner steel bbq side angle


CROSSRAY 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Trolley 

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Even Heat Distribution

CrossRay BBQs excel in even heat distribution, thanks to the infrared technology. The consistent heat across the cooking surface eliminates hot spots, allowing users to achieve uniform cooking results. This feature is particularly beneficial for grilling a variety of foods simultaneously. CrossRay BBQs are built with durability in mind. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the grills withstand the rigors of regular use and challenging outdoor conditions.

Energy Efficiency

The infrared cooking system not only speeds up the cooking process but also contributes to energy efficiency. CrossRay BBQs are designed to maximize the use of heat, minimize waste, and reduce overall energy consumption. This eco-friendly approach has resonated well with environmentally conscious consumers. CrossRay is designed with a focus on energy efficiency. The infrared cooking system maximizes the utilization of heat, minimizing waste and reducing overall energy consumption during the grilling process.

Versatility and Convenience

CrossRay BBQs offer versatility, allowing users to cook a wide range of dishes with precision. The brand's commitment to convenience is evident in features such as quick-start ignition, easy temperature control, and the ability to switch between direct and indirect cooking. These elements make CrossRay a user-friendly choice for both beginners and experienced grillers. CrossRay offers the flexibility of both direct and indirect cooking. Users can easily switch between these modes, providing a wide range of cooking options for different types of food and recipes.

Direct Heat Application

CrossRay BBQs utilize infrared burners that directly heat the food. This approach significantly reduces cooking times compared to traditional grills, making it ideal for those who value efficiency. The durable construction contributes to the longevity of CrossRay BBQs, making them a reliable investment for users who seek a grill that stands the test of time.

Enhanced Flavor Retention

The infrared cooking system of CrossRay helps retain the natural juices of the food. This not only contributes to a juicier end product but also enhances the overall flavor, ensuring a mouthwatering culinary experience.

Eco-Friendly Approach

The energy-efficient design aligns with the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability. This eco-friendly approach appeals to consumers who prioritize responsible and efficient energy use.


crossray mini kitchen bbq

Crossray Mini Outdoor Kitchen with Electric BBQ 

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Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond functionality, CrossRay BBQs boast a sleek and modern design. The aesthetic appeal adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces, making the grills a visually pleasing addition to any backyard or patio.

Compact and Space-Saving

The design of CrossRay BBQs is often compact, making them suitable for various outdoor spaces. This space-saving feature is particularly beneficial for those with limited patio or balcony areas. 


Selecting the best BBQ brand is a personal choice based on financial constraints, lifestyle choices, and personal tastes. Napoleon, PK Grills, Beefeater, Weber, and CrossRay are the top 5 BBQ brands in Australia. Each of these brands offers something special to the table. There is a brand that meets your demands, regardless of whether you value traditional craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, mobility, or creative culinary techniques. It's wise to think about a few things before making a purchase, such as the size of your outside area, your preferred fuel (electric, gas, or charcoal), and any particular characteristics that are significant to you. Knowing what these leading BBQ manufacturers have to offer will help you make an educated choice that will improve your outdoor cooking experience and liven up your backyard get-togethers. Cheers to grilling!




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