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Beefeater 1200 Series 5 burner BBQ & trolley with side burner, stainless steel - BMG1251SB


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Beefeater 1200 Series 5 Burner BBQ Trolley with Side burner, stainless steel - BMG125SB.

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Product Overview

Get ready to fire up the grill with the Beefeater 1200 Series 5 Burner BBQ Trolley with Side burner, stainless steel - BMG125SB.

This one and only BBQ is not just a backyard necessity but an opportunity for endless satisfying meals and memories. This is a straightforward and detailed overview of what this BBQ can provide, discussing the most common queries and doubts.

Easy to Set Up:

assembling this BBQ is certainly an easy task. This won't require you to be an expert in DIY just ensure that it is functioning properly. With the clear and simple assembly guide you can begin grilling as soon as it arrives without any hassles.

Powerful Cooking:

With five 15Mhr cast-iron burners, this BBQ is ready to cook in no time and it distributes heat evenly throughout the food. It's ideal for grilling burgers, cooking steaks or even roasting ribs. The extra side burner is perfect for your side dishes or sauces, ensuring that no dish turns out wrong.

Built Tough:

It is constructed in stainless steel with a fully welded porcelain enamel frame to ensure durability. It is durable and will not break with constant use.

Easy Ignition:

Quartz Start ignition is dependable and easy to use. At a single click your BBQ will light up instantly. Match or lighter free.

A Grill That's Easy to Clean:

Cast iron cooktop is enameled with porcelain which makes it not only durable but easy to clean. Your BBQ party will leave you with an easy clean up when it ends.

Perfect Temperature Control:

The rotary knobs allow you to fully adjust the heat. You can set the dial to whatever heat you want it high for searing or low for slow cooking whichever you prefer. Also, the hood has an indicator for you to check on cooking temperature.

Watch Your Food Cook:

The large window in the roasting hood allows you to see your food being cooked without lifting the lid. This preserves heat while your food cooks well.

Spacious Cooking Area:

A large surface area for cooking makes it easy to cook sizable meals. The warming rack is just great for keeping food warm or it can be used as additional cooking space.

Move It Around with Ease:

This BBQ has a trolley that is with lockable castor wheels which makes it very easy for you to move the griller all across your backyard or patio.

No Side Tables:

Although this model does not offer fold-down side tables, its layout secures enough room on the trolley for the arrangement of your cooking gadgets.

Warranty for Peace of Mind:

With the BBQ you get a 2-year warranty, resulting in peace of mind to grill knowing there's no need for worry.

In conclusion, the Beefeater 1200 Series BBQ is a perfect choice for barbecue enthusiasts. It is easy to install, operate and wash leaving a good cooking experience each time. Whether you classify yourself as an experienced grilling savant or a BBQ novice, this model comes highly recommended due to its capabilities and robust performance

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Product Features

  • Extra Large Cast Iron Cook Plate: Provides large space for different foods.
  • Even Cooking: It is a feature provided by Flame Tamer as it distributes the heat evenly for consistent cooking.
  • Built-In Wok Burner: Suitable for Stir Frying and Efficient Cooking.
  • Quick Assembly: Quick and simple set up to get you grilling in minutes.
  • Reliable Ignition: The Quartz Start system guarantees that the BBQ starts to burn right away every time.
  • Powerful Burners: The 15 M cast iron burners ensure building the flavor inside, making your food grilled to perfection.
  • Large Viewing Window: Check your food from outside of the roasting hood.
  • Roasting Hood with Temperature Gauge: For precise cooking control.
  • Roll Away Hood: Suitable for wall mounting.
  • Easy Clean-Up: A bottom drip tray is used to receive excess oil.
  • Durable Construction: Fully welded burner box is resistant to heat stress over duration of time.
  • Mobility and Stability: With castor wheels and locks for portability.
  • Free Standing BBQ: Flexible position on your patio.
  • Finish: A stunning black and brushed stainless steel design.
  • Quality Material: It is Made of 443-grade stainless steel to ensure a long service life.
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  • Fuel Type: Gas, versatile and readily available for use in most cooking uses.
  • Gas Connection: Set up for LPG use.
  • NG Conversion *it: It is accessible in spare parts for the convenience of versatility.
  • Control: Rotary knobs that provide more accurate control over temperature.
  • Cooking Surfaces: One cast iron hotplate and two grills.
  • Roasting Hood Construction: Constructed from stainless steel for durability.
  • Hood Features: Combined temperature gauge and viewing window.
  • Other Features: Temperature Gauge, Warming Rack and Anti-Flare Technology.
  • Number of Burners: Five for extensive cooking area.
  • Ignition Type: Quartz Start for reliability.
  • Total Burner Power (Mhr): 75 for high-efficiency cooking.
  • Side Burner: It comes with a 15 Mhr side burner and Quartz Start ignition.
  • Trolley Type: Cabinet trolley for added storage.
  • Trolley Construction: The use of powder-coated steel and stainless steel for strength.
  • Dimensions: Height - 1217mm (lid closed), 13/0mm (lid open); Width - 1/97mm; Depth - /02mm.

Product Fact Sheet

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the fact sheet.

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Product User Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

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