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Beefeater BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue with Stand - BB49926


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BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue with Stand - BB49926 By Beefeater

Product Overview

Ready for a BBQ that's as mobile and versatile as your outdoor adventures? The Beefeater BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue with Stand - BB49926 will change the way you cook on a grill. If you are cooking burgers in your home's outdoor space, preparing food at a sports event parking area, or having a meal by the sea, this small but efficient barbecue is perfect for making tasty grilled dishes.

Small but Mighty: 

The size of the BUGG is deceiving. It comes with two stainless steel burners thant you can control separately, giving it a cooking power you would think belongs to a bigger grill. The Quartz Start Ignition ensures it starts immediately at the first attempt, each time - there's no longer a need to mess with matches or lighter fluid.

Grill Your Way: 

With the BUGG, you can grill in different ways because it lets you cook whether the cover is open or closed. You can take your time to roast something big or quickly grill some steaks; this device gives you options for both. The hood with spring assistance and the built-in thermometer simplify observing your cooking, guaranteeing excellent outcomes.

No Flare-Ups, Just Flavor: 

Say farewell to unexpected fire increases. The BUGG's two-level heat control and clever build make sure the heat spreads evenly, letting you concentrate on the taste instead of dealing with fires.

Storage and Preparation Area: 

The BUGG is not only great for cooking; it offers convenience too. Side trays that can be locked in place give lots of space to prepare, and they fold down smoothly when you don't need them. With the storage solutions that are part of the stand, all you need is close at hand.

On the Move: 

The BUGG is light and simple to carry, making it perfect for taking with you anywhere. It stays steady when in use because of its smart wheel lock and stability system. Also, the shelves that come off and tray for grease make it very easy to clean up and pack away.

Customize Your Cookout: 

Personalize your barbecue with the BUGG by choosing from various accessories like pizza stones and roast holders, giving you all necessary tools to make your BBQ unique just like you.

The Beefeater BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue is not only for cooking; it shows a modern and practical design, perfect for the Australian way of life. Light it up and enjoy great moments, no matter your location.

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Product Features

  • Quartz Start Ignition provides consistent light up. 
  • Dual burners with separate control. 
  • Cooking that is versatile—you can turn the hood up or down. 
  • The hood has a spring-assist mechanism for easy usage. 
  • Integrated thermometer for perfect cooking. 
  • Large cooking surface suitable for parties. 
  • Rust-resistant porcelain enamel coating. 
  • Compact and portable design. 
  • Simple to clean and maintain. 
  • Accessories may be added to make it more personalized. 
  • Efficient storage and preparation space. 
  • Mobile stand featuring a smart wheel lock. 
  • Shelves are detachable for convenience. 
  • Grease management technique for cleaning. 
  • Two-year warranty with extra coverage. 
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  • BBQ Type: Portable.
  • Series: BUGG.
  • Finish: Graphite vitreous enamel.
  • Frame: Cast aluminum.
  • Warranty: Two years, with an additional three years for castings.
  • Fuel: Gas and LPG setup. NG kit is optional.
  • Burners: two stainless steel.
  • Ignition: Quartz Start.
  • Burner BTU: 9,478 each.
  • Total Power: 20 MJ/hr.
  • Hood: vitreous enamel with gauge.
  • Trolley: A plastic movable stand.
  • Storage: Racks on a trolley.
  • Side Tables: Plastic.
  • Dimensions: 1035mm height, 554mm width, and 756 mm depth. Cooking area: 1860 cm².
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Product User Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the user manual

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Product Fact Sheet

If you need more information on the specifications, etc -- Please check out the Fact Sheet

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Product Warranty Manual

If you need more information on the warranty, etc -- Please check out the Warranty manual

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Bugg Gas Conversion Kit Instructions

If you need more information on the Gas Conversion Kit Instructions

etc -- Please check out the Bugg Gas Conversion Kit Instructions

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