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Beefeater BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue with Stand - BB49926


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BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue with Stand - BB49926 By Beefeater

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Product Overview

An awesome outdoor barbecue is the Beefeater BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue with Stand - BB49926. It is different from any other grill because it is extremely light, powerful, and capable of a wide range of cooking tasks. Take it with you whether you want to go camping, party in a parking lot, or simply cook outside in your backyard. It's a wonderful option because of its small size without losing any power. No matter where you travel, making delicious meals won't be a problem. Also, it's made to be really simple to use, so you can enjoy cooking outside without worrying.

Small but Mighty:

One of the things that will surprise you is the BUGG size, but you will be amazed after using its outstanding features. With two stainless steel burners that can be independently controlled, it’s the power pack that outmatches the large grills. With the Quartz Start Ignition System, lighting a barbecue grill could no longer mean using a lighter or match.

Grill Your Way:

Whether you like the delights of slow roast that takes large cuts of meat or the excitement of fast searing that is good with steaks, this barbecue helps to make your goals come true on whichever method of cooking you are about to choose. The spring-loaded hood with a built-in thermometer makes it a precision tool that helps you monitor cooking progress and make perfect dishes every time.

No Flare-Ups, Just Flavor:

Goodbye to outbreaks and badly cooked meals with the BUGG, which offers two-level heat control and a modern design. Eliminating the hassle of unexpected fires caused by uneven heat distribution, you can enjoy grilling as much as you want and focus on creating flavour. Have the assurance that your results will always remain consistent and that your food will come out great without the bother of having flare-ups.

Storage and Preparation Area:

It’s not only the remarkable cooking quality as the BUGG provides a couple of side trays for foodstuffs separation. Reserve some space for this type of equipment. The trays can be securely locked in position during use and by folding down the trays, the equipment becomes space-efficient when not in use. Aside, one of its standout features is having built-in storage compartments that hold your gear within hand's reach while you grill.

On the Move:

Designed for mobility, the BUGG is lightweight and easy to transport to any outdoor location. Its smart wheel lock system and stability features ensure steady performance during use, allowing you to grill with confidence wherever you go. The removable shelves and grease tray make cleaning up a breeze, simplifying the process of packing up after a satisfying barbecue session.

Customize Your Cookout:

You can completely customise your outdoor grilling with the Beefeater BUGG. You can modify it to include items like pizza stones, which enable you to cook beautiful, crispy pizzas directly on your grill. Additionally, roast holders make it simple to prepare lovely roasts. With these additional features, you can bring out your inner chef and test out new dishes, adding even more flavour and excitement to your BBQ get-togethers.

Modern and Practical Design:

The Beefeater BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue embodies a modern and practical design that complements the Australian outdoor lifestyle. Its sleek graphite finish and functional features make it a stylish addition to any outdoor setting. Light up the BUGG, Enjoy great occasions and enjoy exceptional grilling experiences no matter where you are.

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Efficient Cooking Power:

With its small size, this device has two powerful stainless steel burners that provide a great amount of cooking power. With the ability to manage each burner separately, you can exactly change the temperature to meet your cooking requirements.

Convenient Cleanup:

Using the BUGG makes cleaning after a cookout an easy task. Its removable oil tray helps in easy dripping removal. It guarantees a spotless cooking surface for your forthcoming grilling tasks.

Durable Construction:

Made from premium stainless steel, the BUGG has been constructed to bear any outdoor conditions. Because of its strong design, it can last for a long time and is strong enough to face constant use and different weather conditions without losing any functionality.

Safety Features:

With the BUGG, safety is the first priority. Its smart design features provide comfort in lengthy grilling sessions. The risk of accidents is decreased by the stability system and stable wheel lock's secure functioning properly. Especially when it is used on uneven ground.

Enhanced Mobility:

Lightweight and portable, the BUGG is designed to move it any place without any problem. The device's portability makes it an ideal partner for all your outdoor cooking experiences. Whether it is for grilling in your garden or exploring new outdoor environments.

User-Friendly Design:

Grilling is made simple for both inexperienced and seasoned users with the BUGG's user-friendly design, familiar features, and simple controls. Every feature of the design, from the functionality of the trays to the simple-to-read thermometer, has been created to improve user experience and maximize enjoyment.

Weather-Resistant Construction:

The BUGG BBQ is like a trustworthy friend that can handle any outdoor weather. It's made with strong materials, so it won't easily break or rust. Since it's made to last, you can cook outside without any worries.

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Product Features

  • Quartz Start Ignition provides consistent light up. 
  • Dual burners with separate control. 
  • Cooking that is versatile—you can turn the hood up or down. 
  • The hood has a spring-assist mechanism for easy usage. 
  • Integrated thermometer for perfect cooking. 
  • Large cooking surface suitable for parties. 
  • Rust-resistant porcelain enamel coating. 
  • Compact and portable design. 
  • Simple to clean and maintain. 
  • Accessories may be added to make it more personalized. 
  • Efficient storage and preparation space. 
  • Mobile stand featuring a smart wheel lock. 
  • Shelves are detachable for convenience. 
  • Grease management technique for cleaning. 
  • Two-year warranty with extra coverage. 
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  • BBQ Type: Portable.
  • Series: BUGG.
  • Finish: Graphite vitreous enamel.
  • Frame: Cast aluminum.
  • Warranty: Two years, with an additional three years for castings.
  • Fuel: Gas and LPG setup. NG kit is optional.
  • Burners: two stainless steel.
  • Ignition: Quartz Start.
  • Burner BTU: 9,478 each.
  • Total Power: 20 MJ/hr.
  • Hood: vitreous enamel with gauge.
  • Trolley: A plastic movable stand.
  • Storage: Racks on a trolley.
  • Side Tables: Plastic.
  • Dimensions: 1035mm height, 554mm width, and 756 mm depth. Cooking area: 1860 cm².

Product User Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the user manual

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Product Fact Sheet

If you need more information on the specifications, etc -- Please check out the Fact Sheet

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Product Warranty Manual

If you need more information on the warranty, etc -- Please check out the Warranty manual

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Bugg Gas Conversion Kit Instructions

If you need more information on the Gas Conversion Kit Instructions

etc -- Please check out the Bugg Gas Conversion Kit Instructions

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