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Beefeater Signature ProLine With Hood Double Fridge Bundle BSH158SA+BS28200

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Signature ProLine With Hood Double Fridge Bundle By Beefeater

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Product Overview

Bundle Includes 

Beefeater Signature ProLine 6 Burner Built In BBQ In Stainless Steel - 9316561058277

Beefeater 190L Double Door Outdoor Display Fridge - BS28200

Perfect Backyard extraction:

 The Beefeater Bundle, which includes an efficient BBQ and a roomy double-door, will elevate your outdoor gathering fridge. This pair not only makes your food taste better but also keeps your drinks cold, making you the most popular host for every event.

Excellent Dishes at all times:

Because of the uniform heat distribution, the Beefeater ProLine 6 Burner BBQ ensures that the dishes are cooked to perfection. Every time you serve up properly barbecued dishes, the BBQ will quickly become your topic of conversation in town. Due to its robust stainless steel structure, it will last for many years in the kitchen, you have outside.

Remain Calm for the Party at Large:

The Beefeater 190L Double Door Grilling Set will improve your grilling. Ensure that your guests' favoured beverages are consistently at the ideal temperature by keeping a fridge. With its clear glass display and powerful LED lighting, this outdoor refrigerator adds to your pleasure of choosing an energizing drink.

Secure and Reliable Grilling:

The ProLine BBQ is built for comfort and flexibility with safety features such as a flame failure device and adjustable choices. Personalize your grilling pleasure to suit any menu and add your personal touch to every BBQ

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Quick Maintaining No Difficulties

The ProLine BBQ has an intense cleaning cycle, and the double-door refrigerator has easy-clean technology, so forget about hours of cleaning. Shelves constructed from wire. This translates to less time spent cleaning and more time spent socializing.

Purpose and Aesthetics Go Combined

The refrigerator and BBQ have sleek, contemporary designs that improve the appearance of your outside area. They make stylish statements while also to being utilitarian, making your backyard the talk of the neighbourhood.

Straight forward & Simple to Operate:

With touch-based fridge controls and easy-to-use BBQ controls, you can enjoy seamless control. Putting on the grill and changing the temperature is so easy to understand providing a seamless culinary experience from the starting point to the end.

The Center for the Conduct of Outdoor Events:

With the Beefeater Bundle, your outdoor area becomes the perfect location to meet. It's your ticket to being the ideal outdoor entertainer, prepared for any occasion from informal family dinners to lavish parties, featuring everything from perfectly grilled veggies and steaks to chilled beverages on demand.

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Proline BBQ


  • Even Heat Distribution: Cast furnishings ensure balanced cooking.
  • Durability: Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with a flame failure device.
  • Customizable: Additional accessories available for personalization.
  • Cleaning Cycle: Intensive cleaning option for maintenance.
  • Oil Management: Enhanced system for healthier meals.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive controls with distinct indicators.
  • Cooking Flexibility: Cast hotplate for various cooking methods.
  • Powerful Burners: Six robust burners for consistent heat.
  • Sleek Design: Modern and streamlined appearance.
  • Double-Layered Hood: Stainless steel for efficient heat retention.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Built-in gauge for precise control.
  • Warming Rack: Included for convenience.
  • Reversible Hotplate: Cast iron for durability and versatility.
  • Laser-Etched Controls: For longevity and clarity.


  • Series: Signature ProLine, known for quality.
  • Finish: Premium stainless steel for a refined look.
  • Material: High-quality 304-grade steel construction.
  • Gas Kit: Included for easy gas conversion.
  • Gas Readiness: Set up for NG, with LPG option.
  • Control Position: Side-mounted for accessibility.
  • Burner Construction: Six stainless steel burners.
  • Ignition System: Electronic for reliable start-up.
  • Heat Output: Impressive 67,295 BTU total.
  • Vaporizer: Stainless steel for enhanced flavors.
  • Dimensions: Height 212mm, Width 1053mm, Depth 540mm.
  • Installation: Designed specifically for built-in setups.
  • Weight: Solid at 63.5 kg.
  • Built-In Style: Designed to seamlessly integrate into outdoor kitchens.
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Double Fridge


  • Door Options: Single and double-door models.
  • Outdoor Grade: 304 stainless steel, tested up to 43C.
  • Shelves: Adjustable cantilevered wire for cleanliness.
  • Controls: Electronic touch with -2C to 8C range.
  • Lighting: LED for clear visibility.
  • Doors: Self-closing and lockable for security.
  • Defrost: Frost-free with automatic system.
  • Glass Doors: Insulated, heated, double-glazed.
  • Water-Resistant: IPX4, great for outdoor settings.
  • Security: Doors come with locks.
  • Visibility: Clear glass display.
  • Anti-Condensation: Heated glass for clarity.
  • Placement: Built-in or freestanding flexibility.
  • Cooling: Efficient beverage chilling.
  • Style: Enhances outdoor spaces.


  • Warranty: 2-year standard, 3-year on refrigeration.
  • Type: Fridge designed for outdoor display.
  • Finish: Brushed steel and glass doors.
  • Handle: User-friendly bar style.
  • Door Access: Both left and right opening.
  • System: Frost-free cooling.
  • Refrigerant: R600a, environmentally safe.
  • Usage: Ideal for undercover outdoor areas.
  • IPX: Rated 4 for splash resistance.
  • Size: Height 850mm; Width 865mm (single), 1730mm (double); Depth 495mm.
  • Volume: 190L net capacity.
  • Control: Easy-access external location.
  • Shelves: Four wire cantilever shelves.


Proline BBQ User Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Proline user manual

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Beefeater Proline Fact Sheet

If you need more information on the proline specifications -- Please check out the Fact Sheet

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Beefeater double Fridge User Manual

If you need more information on the Beefeater single fridge - Please check out the user manual

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Beefeater double fridge Installation guide

If you need more information on the Double fridge - Please check out the installation guide

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