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Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24 - PG24WWSBAU


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The Woodwind Pro 24 By Camp Chef - PG24WWSBAU

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Product Overview

The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24-PG24WWSBAU makes outdoor cooking easier with remote control and adjustable smoke levels which is great for BBQ fans. Its strong build and many cooking choices suit different tastes. Making it essential for any outdoor cook.

Versatile Cooking Capabilities: 

The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24-PG24WWSBAU is a versatile outdoor grill with customizable features, allowing for baking, searing, smoking, and grilling. Its Smoke Box and Fan Only Mode allow for experimentation with various cooking methods.

Brilliant Construction and Durability: 

The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 24-PG24WWSBAU is a flexible outdoor grill with adjustable features that let you bake sear, smoke and grill. You can get creative with various ways to cook via the Smoke Box and Fan Only Modes.

Expanded Cooking Area and Accessory Compatibility: 

The Woodwind Pro 24 offers a spacious primary cooking surface and upper rack area, accommodating large parties or family dinners. Its Sidekick compatibility allows for additional accessories and convenient prep room.

Convenient Remote Management: 

The Woodwind Pro 24 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller for remote grill monitoring, allowing for flawless outdoor experiences. Its mobility features, leg levelers, and roller wheels enable easy positioning.

High-quality Cooking Performance: 

With its premium grates that guarantee even cooking and recognizable sear marks. The Woodwind Pro 24 offers high-quality cooking performance. Because of its huge chamber capacity, it is perfect for preparing large chunks of meat or time consuming cooking sessions.

Carefree Upkeep and Cleaning:

The Woodwind Pro 24 grill features an easy cleanup system for easy ash and grease removal, ensuring optimal condition and long term reliability backed by durable stainless steel construction.

Client fulfillment and guaranteed security:

A premium outdoor kitchen appliance that offers customer satisfaction. The Woodwind Pro 24 comes with complete warranty coverage for body, mechanical and electronic components.

Portability and Stability:

The Woodwind Pro 24 is a versatile outdoor grill with roller wheels and leg levelers, offering stability on uneven surfaces and easy movement for outdoor cooking.

Extensive Warranty Coverage:

The Woodwind Pro 24 provides a comprehensive warranty covering body, mechanical, and electronic components. Ensuring quality, dependability and peace of mind for years to come.

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Product Features

Fan Mode: Enables cold smoking for fragile dishes.

⦁ Down Out Ventilation: Ensures even heat & smoke distribution.

⦁ Easy Cleanup System: Simplifies ash and grease management.

⦁ Durable Stainless Steel: Construction for longevity and resilience.

⦁ Sidekick Compatibility: Allows additional accessories.

⦁ Custom Smoke Control: For tailored flavor intensity.

⦁ WiFi/Bluetooth Controller: For remote grill management.

⦁ Large Cooking Area of 2,460 cm²: Suitable for gatherings or family meals.

⦁ Substantial Hopper Capacity: Reduces the need for frequent refills.

⦁ Roller Wheels: Facilitate easy movement and positioning.

⦁ Adjustable Leg Levelers: Provide stability on uneven surfaces.

⦁ High-Quality Grates: Deliver even cooking and iconic sear marks.

⦁ Comprehensive Warranty: Offers extensive coverage.

⦁ Versatile Cooking Options: For grilling, searing and baking.

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⦁ Lower Rack Area: 2765 cm²

⦁ Upper Rack Area: 2460 cm²

⦁ Total Cooking Surface: 5225 cm²

⦁ Side Shelf Dimensions: 40.64 cm x 30.48 cm

⦁ Chamber Volume: 79,285 cm³

⦁ Pellet Hopper Capacity: 10 kg

⦁ Grill Height: 113 cm

⦁ Grill Width: 66 cm

⦁ Grill Depth: 66 cm

⦁ Grill Weight: 69 kg

⦁ Material Composition: Predominantly stainless steel

⦁ Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

⦁ Portability Features: Roller wheels and adjustable leg levelers

⦁ Cleaning Features: Ash and grease removal systems

⦁ Warranty Details: Specific coverage durations for body, mechanical and electronic components.

Product Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

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