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Crossray 4B-S Series Outdoor Kitchen With Kegerator Bundle

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The 4B-S Series Outdoor Kitchen By Crossray With Keg-Master Solstice Kegerator 

Bundle Includes 

Crossray 4B-S Series Outdoor Kitchen

Kegerator Solstice Indoor/Outdoor Beer Fridge


The 4 burner outdoor kitchen model defined as the new CROSSRAY 4B-S Series sets a new standard for outdoor kitchens if you are looking for a high-end outdoor cooking experience, without the price tag. Upgraded corrosion-resistant cabinets provide the perfect platform for the new sintered stone benchtop that is supplied as standard with all kitchens. Designed to perfectly match the award-winning 4 burner CROSSRAY in-built infrared gas BBQ, it is ideal if you love cooking and entertaining outdoors, in style. With a wide variety of options and inclusions to choose from, you can buy an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for you and your outdoor area. The 4 burner outdoor kitchen is the perfect choice.


  • Includes a CROSSRAY in-built BBQ model TCS4FL with 4 infrared burners (a 4 burner outdoor kitchen model)

  • NEW sintered stone benchtops with 60mm edge, quartz effect. Sintered stone is an engineered stone, extremely durable & robust, fully UV, moisture, heat, scratch & stain resistant. Maintenance free

  • Kitchen cabinets are corrosion free and have been upgraded to a zinc-coated powder-coated mild steel construction. Suitable for exposed and coastal applications. Front kickboards are included as standard.

  • Cabinetry designed to custom fit your Award-winning CROSSRAY BBQ. Plenty of preparation and storage space is available.

  • Multiple options to choose from, including double side cabinets, flat benchtops, 304SS under bench sink & cover, single SS fridge or black double fridge.

  • Flat pack for easy DIY assembly

  • BBQ in world-class 304SS stainless steel construction, controllable even heat from 140° C to 350°C+ and a huge cooking area with a secondary upper-level cooking zone

  • Adjustable feet, castor wheels and front kickboard included.

  • LPG as standard, but convertible to natural gas (optional accessory required)

Keg-master Solsitce Kegerator

If you're looking for a spacious 6 keg kegerator that combines economical power usage, environmentally friendly operation and clever design features that fit your lifestyle, you won't find a more versatile kegerator than the heating and cooling KegMaster Solstice.

Solstice is unlike any kegerator ever designed.

With the option to run on DC power, KegMaster Solstice can cool your kegs with solar power or batteries. You can also simply plug KegMaster Solstice into a normal 10amp household outlet and enjoy beverages on tap from this beautiful, all stainless steel kegerator.

Perfect for remote operation in caravans, on boats, mobile bars, festivals and food service vehicles. KegMaster Solstice is also perfect for homes, offices, cafes and bars.


KegMaster Solstice – World’s First 12V DC Powered, Cassette Based, Heating & Cooling Commercial Grade Beveridge Dispensing 6 Keg Beer Keg Fridge and Fermentation Fridge.


Designed in Australia by Keg King Engineering, the KegMaster Solstice delivers a powerful new approach to serving beverages on tap and fermentation temperature control.


Visually Stunning - KegMaster Solstice is constructed of 304 stainless steel providing visual impact and easy to maintain, sanitary surfaces inside the kegerator, on the outside walls and benchtop.


Power Flexibility - The 12 volt DC design of KegMaster Solstice can integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle and space. The included 240V DC power pack provides home users with the ability to simply plug their KegMaster Solstice kegerator into any standard Australian 10amp power outlet.


The flexibility of the 12 volt DC design means that your KegMaster Solstice kegerator can also be powered by batteries, solar or any mix of these that can provide 12 volts at 15amp max supply. This means KegMaster Solstice can be installed on boats, in caravans or anywhere that you can supply the power requirements.


Cooling or Heating – With its high performing HJ-510 temperature controller, your KegMaster Solstice can be set up to run heating or cooling modes and can also set the defrost cycle. An internal cold air hose is included for font cooling. This dual temperature feature provides users with the ability to use the heating for fermentation or curing of small goods, or switch to cooling mode to bring kegged beverages down to serving temperatures quickly for draught tap dispensing. Simply set the controller to the temp you require and the KegMaster Solstice will keep that temp accurately and efficiently.


Unique Cassette Design – The innovative heating and cooling cassette design of the KegMaster Solstice provides a simple solution to quick, quiet temperature cycles. The cassette can easily be removed and replaced if required by simply removing six screws that attach the cassette to the kegerator body. The walls and benchtop of the KegMaster Solstice contain no coolant lines. All cooling and heating are provided to the kegerator from the cassette.  


High Capacity -  The KegMaster Solstice provides 236L of space that can easily hold six (6) Cornelius Variety Ball Lock Kegs, or four (4) 20L P.E.T. King Kegs + one (1) Cornelius Keg. Alternatively, a 50L commercial keg and gas cylinder can also be installed within the fridge space.


Sealed Gas Ports – With our new push-in ‘through wall’ fittings, gas line ports to pressurise your kegs remain sealed and won’t expose the kegerator to outside temperatures.


Environmentally Friendly – KegMaster Solstice utilises environmentally friendly R600 refrigerant


Outside / Inside – KegMaster Solstice is rated for temperatures of 40c ambient which makes it ideal for both an inside AND outside environment


Fits a wide array of tap fonts – Sold without fonts, users can select from a wide range of font equipment for their tap systems including our popular Standard Fonts, Modular Font Kits and the new range of UltraT Fonts from Keg King.


Put the KegMaster Solstice to work in your home, café, bar, cabin, boat, caravan or anywhere you want to serve up to 6 kegs from one kegerator. The powerful heating and cooling cassette of the KegMaster Solstice is suitable for humid envionments and off-grid living situations. Anyone can get accurate temperature control for fermentation and beverage dispensing practically anywhere when they’re using a KegMaster Solstice.


The KegMaster Solstice isn’t just flexible in its heating and cooling applications, but also in how you plumb the tap system and arrange the door access. With Solstice’s reversible door, you can select the orientation that works for you in your space. Solstice is also perfect for under-bench installations because you only need to provide 100mm of adequate ventilation space on the side of the kegerator with the cassette.


Soltice Dimensions:

900 mm with castors 850 mm without castors

Solstice Length:
880 mm

Solstice Depth:
642 mm

Solstice Weight:
43 Kg with Cassette 30 Kg without Cassette

Solstice Cassette Weight:
13 Kg

Solstice Volume:
236 L

Solstice Power:
12V 20A DC (uses both a regular wall socket and direct 12V power)

Solstice Heating:

Solstice Cooling:


Solstice Climate Class:


Solstice Refrigerant:
R600a (40g)

Solstice Insulation:

Packaged dimensions:

H 94cm D 71cm W 93cm

 Taps / fonts not included. Please add as accessories 

For more info on the Keg couplers check them out below 

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