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Kamado Joe Joe Jr - KJ13RH


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The Joe Jr By Kamado Joe

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Product Overview

The Portable Kamado Grill is an efficient and convenient outdoor cooking tool with high-quality materials and various cooking options. Its large surface and accurate temperature control ensure great results, making it perfect for roasting, smoking, or grilling. Ideal for weekend getaways or backyard BBQs, it takes culinary explorations to the next level.

Innovative Design:

No matter where you travel, you may enjoy cooking outside. Its compact design guarantees that flavour will always be there, whether you're tailgating, camping, or spending a day at the beach.

Superior Ceramic Structure:

Made of premium ceramic materials, this grill dependably provides scrumptious results that delight even the pickiest palates, from luscious steaks to tender ribs. Its unrivalled heat retention and distribution ensure that every item is cooked to perfection.

Temperature Management:

This grill provides accurate control over cooking temperatures since it has a cast-iron air vent and an integrated temperature gauge. You can rely on your food to always be cooked to the exact doneness.


Large Cooking Surface:

You can experiment with your culinary inventiveness with lots of room on the spacious 13.5-inch cooking surface. With the assurance that comes from having enough space to cook, you can experiment with new recipes and techniques or grill a feast for your loved ones.

Sturdy Cast Iron :

It is equipped with a robust cast iron platform that offers dependable assistance, guaranteeing stability and security while cooking. You can be sure that your grill will stay firmly in place no matter the surface.

Stress-Free Upkeep:

With the ash tool that comes with the package, ash removal is simple and hassle-free. You may spend more time savouring delectable meals with your loved ones and less time cleaning when less maintenance is necessary.

Experience with Outdoor Cooking:

With this Grill, you can explore an exciting and flavourful world. Thanks to its high-quality construction and its large cooking area. The precise temperature control can be a perfect companion for all of your outdoor culinary adventures.

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Product Features

  • 13.5-inch Surface for Cooking: Plenty of room for a variety of grilling jobs, able to hold several things at once for effective cooking.
  • Iron stand: Sturdy and long-lasting support gives the grill stability, guaranteeing reliable and safe grilling.
  • 150 Square Inches of Space for Cooking: A large cooking space makes it possible to prepare meals in a variety of ways, making it ideal for parties of all sizes.
  • 150 Square Inches of Space for Cooking: A large cooking space makes it possible to prepare meals in a variety of ways, making it ideal for parties of all sizes.
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate with Hinges: Convenience and adaptability for personalized grilling experiences are enhanced by the simple addition of charcoal during cooking.
  • Layered, Heat-Retardant Shell: it maintains moisture and smoke content at all temperatures, resulting in the ideal cooking environment for delicious food.
  • Air Vent Made of Cast Iron: The cast-iron air vent provides precise temperature control, enabling customized cooking experiences.
  • Temperature Gauge Built-In: Every meal is guaranteed to turn out consistently and dependably thanks to accurate cooking temperature monitoring.
  • Heat Deflector Made of Ceramic: The ceramic heat deflector improves cooking performance and flavour infusion by achieving even heat distribution.
  • Grill Gripper: User safety and convenience of usage during grilling sessions are ensured by handling hot cooking grates safely.                                                                                           
  • Included is the Ash Tool :
  • The ash tool that comes with the unit makes cleanup simple and hassle-free, reducing maintenance.
  • Adaptable Cooking Choices: able to grill, smoke, and do a lot more, providing adaptability and versatility for a wide range of gourmet creations.
  • Simple to Maintain: It requires very little upkeep, making cleanup easier and guaranteeing a stress-free grilling experience.
  • Good Charcoal Grilling: Enhances the flavour and aroma of your favourite grilled foods by providing real charcoal flavour.
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  •  Width: 41 cm (with stand).
  • Depth: 53 cm (with handle).
  • Height: 68 cm (with stand).
  • Cooking area diameter: 34.3 cm.
  • Weight: 31 kg.
  • Temperature: 107°C to 400°C.
  • Material: ceramic with stainless steel components.
  • Colour: Classic red with a black iron stand.
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal.
  • Warranty: Limited warranty offered by Kamado Joe.
  • Grill Grate Material: Stainless steel.
  • Airflow System:  precise temperature control.
  • Mobility: easy to transport.
  • Assembly: ready to use out of the box.
  • Accessories Included: Heat deflector grill gripper and ash tool for a complete

Kamado Jor Jr Instruction Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Instruction Manual.

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Kamado Joe Jr User Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, warranty, etc -- Please check out the user manual .

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