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Ooni Karu 16 | Portable Wood fired Pizza Oven UU-P0E400

by Ooni
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The Karu 16 | Portable Wood fired Pizza Oven By Ooni - UU-P0E400

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Product Overview

Hello, fans of pizza and outdoor cooking! Introducing the Ooni Karu 16, your  new  best friend for outdoor events when delicious cuisine is a must, such as backyard parties or seaside barbecues. This pizza oven is not your typical one; it's a portable wood-fired marvel that will enable you to prepare exquisite pizzas in less time than you can say "Fair dinkum!"

Versatile Adaptability  : 

The Ooni Karu 16 is a champion of adaptability, to start. This beauty can be used to enjoy the convenience of gas (with an extra gas burner connection, offered separately), the smokey richness of wood, or the steady heat of charcoal. Plus, it just takes 15 minutes to reach a searing 500°C, so you can quickly start making 16-inch stone-baked pizzas. How to make an impression on your friends!

Convenient Gas option : 

But there's still more! There are uses for the Karu 16.Imagine roasting delicious meats, baking a loaf of fresh, crusty bread, or even perfectly sizzling vegetables. The outdoor cooking business finds this oven to be a versatile tool because to its huge cooking area and excellent heat retention.

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 Rapid Heat Capability:

Let's now discuss design. In addition to being a performance beast, the Karu 16 is also breathtaking to look at. With its sleek, modern style and useful features like a hinged door that incorporates View Flame technology, you can monitor your culinary creations without risking heat loss. Furthermore, the included digital thermometer guarantees precise cooking temperature every single time?

Steady heat with charcoal:

Harness the steady heat of charcoal, providing a reliable temperature for a variety of culinary creations in this adaptable outdoor cooking . For adventure, the Ooni Karu 16 is designed.This oven is the ideal design when you're going to the beach, going camping in the woods, or just relaxing in the lawn.

Unleash Great Food and Fun Times: 

The Ooni Karu 16 is the best outdoor cooking device, regardless of your degree of experience With the Ooni Karu 16, welcome the amazing moments, memories,delectable meals, and enduring memories.

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Product Features

  • Versatile Fuel Options: Use wood, charcoal, or gas (with the Ooni Karu 16 Gas Burner, sold separately) for flexible cooking.
  • Quick Heating: Reaches 500°C in just 15 minutes for rapid cooking.
  • Efficient Cooking: Cooks authentic 16-inch stone-baked pizzas in 60 seconds.
  • Hinged Door: Features ViewFlame™ technology for enhanced visibility while maintaining heat.
  • Digital Thermometer: Mounted on the oven for real-time temperature monitoring (batteries included).
  • Spacious Cooking Area: Perfect space for large pizzas, meats, vegetables, and more.
  • Multipurpose Cookin:Best for baking bread, roasting meats, scorching veggies, and making pizzas.
  • Convenient: To transport and assemble, the portable design allows for outdoor cooking in any location.
  • Advanced technology: advanced airflow engineering guarantees even and constant cooking temperatures.
  • Sturdy Construction: Designed to last and perform, using premium materials.
  • Simple to Use: Both novice and seasoned cooks will find the design easy to use.
  • Optimizes cooking: Time while using the least amount of fuel possible.
  • Simple Cleanup: A maintenance-free ash disposal system.
  • Elegant Appearance: A gorgeous combination of modern and classic style that complements any outdoor environment.
  • warranty: There is a warranty included.
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  • Maximum Temperature: 500°C.
  • To attain the highest temperature, allow 15 minutes for preheating.
  • Surface for Cooking: 42.42 cm x 42.42 cm
  • Weight of Oven: 28.4 kg.
  • Fuel types include gas (with a separate gas burner), wood, and charcoal.
  • Material: Construction made of stainless steel and carbon steel with powder coating.
  • Pizza Dimensions: Up to 16 inches across.
  • Oven dimensions: 50 cm in length, 81.7 cm in width, and 83.7 cm in height.
  • Cordierite Stone: 15 mm in thickness.
  • Yes, a digital thermometer that comes with batteries.
  • Door: ViewFlameTM technology hinged.
  • Portability: Made to be easily assembled and transported.
  • Ash Management: Easy cleanup with an integrated system.
  • Guarantee: The usual Ooni warranty is in effect.
  • Accessories: If you choose to cook with gas, a gas burner is available separately.

Ooni Karu 16 User Manual

If you need more information on the specifications of the kart 16 etc -- Please check out the User manual

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