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Argie grillz Parrilla Argentine BBQ Gaucho series (Basic model)


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Parrilla/Argentine BBQ Gaucho Series By Argie Grillz (Basic model)

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Product Overview

Ready to light up the grill? The Argie Grillz Parrilla/Argentine BBQ Gaucho Series (Basic model) will deliver the real taste of Argentina straight to your garden. 

This is no typical BBQ; rather, it's gateway into the core of Argentine grilling customs, intended to elevate any fan of barbecue to the status of a true Gaucho griller.

Designed to Last:

 This grill is made to last since it is made completely of 304-grade stainless steel, which offers remarkable resistance to rust and corrosion. With the Argie Grillz Parrilla, you can cook to perfection whether you're preparing a big outdoor feast or cooking a storm for your family dinner.

Accurate Temperature Control:

You can regulate the distance between the food and the coals with the adjustable grill mechanism, which guarantees the ideal temperature for a variety of foods, including tender vegetables and delicious steaks.

Unique Design: 

The 2mm V Groove Grill, which is removable for simple cleaning, is one of this grill's most notable characteristics. By allowing for the passage of fluids and oil drippings, this ingenious design prevents flare-ups and grease fires, which might turn your meat raw inside and charred outside.

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Removable legs:

Just say the word and we can remove the cart/legs making it perfect to sit on a bench or be part of your outdoor kitchen.

Easy Drip Collection: 

The attached, detachable 2mm drip tray is ideal for gathering those delicious meat drippings to baste your meats or save for sauces and gravies, giving your dishes an extra taste boost.

Simple Mobility: 

The heavy-duty caster lock wheels on this grill make moving it about a snap. You may start grilling as soon as you've located the ideal location by simply locking the wheels into position. Easy handling control is ensured by the 400mm spherical handle wheel, which makes adjustments simple.

Low Maintenance: 

If you want to step up your grilling game, the Argie Grillz Parrilla is the perfect option because it's made to be easy to clean and requires little upkeep.

Spacious Cooking Area: 

Measuring at L 804 x D 636 x H 1640 mm, this cooker provides a spacious 3180 cm² of cooking space, making it ideal for parties of all sizes

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Product Features

  • Cart/legs can be removed by request
  • Low Maintenance: This design makes cleaning up after a barbecue easier and requires less upkeep.
  •  Cooking Area: This article is perfect for parties of three to eight people because it has a large cooking area.
  •  Possible heat retention: Refractory bricks are placed inside the base and sidewalls.
  • Easy Cleaning: Detachable stainless steel V-channel grills are included for easy cleaning.
  • Safe Positioning: Equipped with four robust locking castors, this grill guarantees a stable position even when in use.
  • Adaptable Cooking Options: The height of the grill may be changed to suit different demands and tastes in cooking.
  • Plenty of Cooking Space: Offers a sizable cooking space of 3180 cm², making a variety of grilling possibilities possible.
  • Features that ensure safety: Cool-to-touch handles lower the chance of burns while ensuring safe operation.
  • stainless steel: 304-grade was used in its construction to provide increased durability and rust resistance.
  • Accurate Temperature regulation: The precise regulation of cooking temperatures is made possible by the adjustable grill mechanism.
  • A safer grilling experience is ensured by the 2 mm V Groove Grill design, which helps to catch juices and stop flare-ups.
  • Simple Cleaning and Juice Collection: The detachable 2 mm drip tray makes cleaning simple and makes it possible to collect juices for gravies and sauces.
  • Mobility: stability and mobility are offered by the heavy-duty caster lock wheels that are included.
  • Effortless Adjustment: The grill height can be easily adjusted thanks to its 400 mm round handle wheel.
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  • Material: 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Grill Height Adjustment: Up to 60 cm.
  • Cooking Area Dimensions: 60 cm Width x 53 cm Depth.
  • Total Cooking Area: 3180 cm².
  • Height: 77 cm.
  • Total Height Including Wheel: 164 cm.
  • Length: 81 cm.
  • Depth: 64 cm.
  • V Groove Grill Thickness: 2 mm.
  • Drip Tray Thickness: 2 mm, robust and easy to handle.
  • Capacity on Rotisserie: 15 kg.
  • Warranty: assuring quality and longevity.
  • Assembly Required: Yes, ensuring a customized setup.              

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