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Top 5 Best 4 Burner BBQ Australia

Top 5 Best 4 Burner BBQ Australia

Ever wondered about finding the best 4 burner BBQ to make your backyard gatherings the chatter of your neighbourhood?

Whether you're keen on juicy roasts or getting that perfect smoky flavour, picking the best 4 burner BBQ is game-changing. This review dives into true Australian BBQ culture, grilling up the top 2024 picks that'll be fair dinkum winners for any barbecue nut.

You'll get the inside word on what makes a barbecue stand out - from ignition types to portable, freestanding or built-in, so you can find the best barbecue that suits your space and budget.

This isn't just about barbies. It's about finding your new best mate; the whole package delivers ace flavours, great value and the ultimate backyard experience for you and your mates.

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1. CROSSRAY 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Trolley

4 burner bbq front view

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The Crossray 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Trolley TCS4PL sounds like a bloody ripper of a Barbie for anyone looking to take their outdoor cooking to the next level. This BBQ offers high-powered ceramic infrared burners with a sturdy build, making for a dependable workhorse that'll handle anything you throw on the hotplate. The clever design means you'll get nice, even heat across the whole cooking surface – perfect for whipping up a feed for the whole family.

Firing it up is a breeze thanks to the electronic ignition system. No messing around with matches here! And with the extra cooking space from the 2-piece upper rack, you'll have plenty of room to get everything done, no worries.

It's clearly been designed with convenience in mind, too. The front drain tray means any oil or fat from your snags or rissoles is easily collected, and you've got the flexibility to run it on bottled gas or hook it up to a natural gas line.

So, if you're looking to invest in a high-quality, versatile gas BBQ that'll handle everything you throw at it, this beauty is hard to beat. 

Main Features

This Crossray gas BBQ is one fair dinkum ripper of a barbie, packed to the rafters with ace features that'll have any Aussie barbecue enthusiast frothing. Let's take a stickybeak at what makes this beauty such a standout:

  • High-Intensity Ceramic Infrared Burners: The 4 high-powered ceramic infrared burners pump out a whopping 52 MJ/hr, perfect for getting a nice sear on your steaks or cooking up a storm for the whole family.
  • Robust Construction and Quality: Made from hardy 304 stainless steel with tough die-cast end panels, this BBQ is built to handle harsh Aussie elements and plenty of use. She'll last you donkeys!
  • Even Heat Distribution: The slick design means you can make use of every inch of BBQ on the hotplate, thanks to the even distribution of heat across the entire surface. No more cold spots or corners!
  • Electronic Ignition: Firing up is a breeze with the electronic ignition system - just push a button, and you'll be cooking quicker than you can say, 'Throw another shrimp on the barbie!'
  • Expanded Cooking Area: This ripper has 60% more cooking space thanks to the bonus 2-piece upper rack. Bloody perfect if you're cooking up a storm for a big bunch!

bbq opoen with gas

Other Specifications

  • Front Drain Tray: Catch any leftover fats or oils easily, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Fuel Compatibility: Flexibility to run off bottled gas or hard pipe it to natural gas. Beauty!
  • Cooking Directly on the Grill: Chuck on a frying pan or wok directly on the hotplate. Easy as!
  • Material: Made from hardy 304 stainless steel that can handle the elements.
  • Ignition: Electronic ignition for fuss-free firing up.
  • Burners: Four high-powered ceramic infrared burners for ace performance.

When it comes to high-quality 4-burner BBQs, this Crossray 4 Burner Gas BBQ ticks all the boxes. It's built tough, pumps out plenty of heat, and has stacks of space to cook up a ripper barbecue for your mates. Choice bro!



    2. Beefeater Clubman 4 burner BBQ & trolley, stainless steel

    clubman front view


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    The Beefeater Clubman 4 burner BBQ & trolley is a bloody ripper choice for barbecue lovers who like to go large with their gatherings. Designed for cracking big cook-ups, this stainless steel beauty is built tough to handle any event where slap-up grilled fare is on the menu.

    It cranks up the heat fast and holds an even temperature across the hotplate so all your snags, steaks, and veggies turn out perfect every time. Engineered to stand up to the elements, you can trust this sweet BBQ to cook with ease, rain, hail or shine.

    Main Features

    • Quick and Even Heating: Strategically placed burners heat up fast and maintain an even temperature across the entire surface. Snags, steaks, chops - you name it, this BBQ will cook it spot on!
    • Classic Styling: With its smart stainless steel facade, this traditional-looking BBQ adds cheer to any get-together. But don't let the classic exterior fool ya - this baby is built tough!
    • Handles Any Weather: Designed to keep flames consistent in wind and rain so you can crank out tasty BBQ no matter the weather. Too easy!
    • Portable Design: Smooth rolling lockable castors and swivel feet make it a breeze to move this BBQ wherever you need it - the backyard, a park down the road, you name it!
    • Focused Grilling: The whole hotplate is there for steaks, snags, and seafood. There are no side burners or extras to distract from flawless BBQ.


      Other Specifications

      • Stainless Steel Build - hardwearing and looks slick
      • Rotary Knob Controls - easy to control the heat
      • Weatherproof Lid - handles the Aussie elements.
      • Oil Collection Cup - makes cleanup a breeze.
      • Quartz Ignition - starts up fast every time.
      • Open Trolley - stores gear and rolls away for compact storage.

      The Clubman 4 burner is a deadset legend of a barbecue. From its fast heating and precise cooking to its robust but mobile design, this beauty ticks all the boxes for cooking up a storm at home or for a crowd.

      Reviewed as one of the top BBQs by Aussie consumers, the Beefeater Clubman 4 burner BBQ turns any occasion into a memorable feast. A barbie and a half!

      3. Napoleon Rogue 4 Burner Black - Side Burner + SS Grills

      Napoleon rogue 4 burner


      Napoleon rogue price check

      The Napoleon Rogue 4 Burner BBQ is built to make every outdoor cooking session an absolute blinder. With four burners, stainless steel sear plates and cooking grids, this showpiece packs plenty of power to get those tasty eats going for a crowd. That tall lid opens the possibility for some low 'n slow pulled pork, charcoal chook or any number of chef-level creations.

      The side burner gives you that sizzle factor to get the perfect steakhouse sear marks as you toss another shrimp on the barbie. The smart side prep shelves provide heaps of space to get all your ingredients in order as you prepare to put on a gourmet spread for the whole clan. From the multiple burners to premium features, this connoisseur BBQ brings ease and entertainment together.

      Main Features

      • 57,000 BTUs: An incredible amount of combustion and heating energy to crank out fast, consistent results across the vast 0.519m2 cooking surface. More than enough space for a killer barbecue!
      • Stainless Steel Burners: Top of the line in durability and reliability, these stainless burners provide precision heat control you can trust every time. Perfection!
      • Colossal Cooking Space: Seamlessly cater to either an intimate gathering or an army of hungry friends and families. Entertaining with this machine is almost too easy!
      • Cast Iron Grates: Innovatively shaped cooking grates ensure even heat dispersion and naturally non-stick results. Genius!
      • Push Button Ignition: The JETFIRE ignition eliminates any fiddliness usually required to fire up the BBQ. Just push, flame on, and you're cooking!

        Napoleon bbq open

        Other Specifications

        • Stainless Sear Plates - halt flareups and spread the heat
        • ACCU-PROBE Thermometer - precisely monitor the interior temperature
        • SIZZLE ZONE Side Burner - handsomely sear all your proteins
        • 15-Year Warranty - built to outlast all expectations
        • LPG or Natural Gas Capability - choose your fuel for flexibility
        • Compact 123cm Height Design - fits nicely into backyard spaces.

        This Napoleon Rogue 4 Burner BBQ infusion of form and function is rated among the best gas-fuelled grills in Australia for 2024. With this powerhouse propping up your next barbie, everyone is sure to leave more than satisfied. Like a boss!


        4. Beefeater 1200 Series 4 burner BBQ & trolley with side burner

        front view of bbq

        check price beefeater

        This slick Beefeater 1200 Series 4 Burner BBQ is set to become the MVP in your outdoor cooking lineup. Engineered to tackle both sprawling family feasts and friendly cooking competitions with ease, the extra-large cast iron plate provides a spacious commercial-style cooktop to unleash your inner grill master.

        The robust steel construction and durable rust-resistant cast iron grill and hotplate materials ensure this BBQ workhorse is in it for the long haul. Excellent heat distribution technology and instant push-button ignition make this user-friendly four-burner a great choice for seasoned pitmasters and amateur chefs alike.

        Loaded with flavour-boosting firepower, a built-in high-powered wok burner, and a handy side prep shelf, this versatile BBQ has the space and functionality to grill up everything from smash burgers to sizzling stir-fries. It’s an outdoor kitchen centred around serving up quality barbecued eats and good times.

        Firepower Features

        • Massive Cook Surface - This extra-large cast iron plate accommodates all ingredients for big-batch barbecue blowouts
        • Consistent Temps - The flame tamer and premium iron materials retain and distribute heat evenly so foods cook perfectly
        • Instant Flame - Quartz start ignition system reliably fires up the powerful 15MJ burners quickly at the push of a button
        • Flavour Infusion - 4 x 15MJ burners ensure your meats are imbued with that irresistible barbecue taste
        • Wok Burner - high-powered integrated wok burner creates screaming hot temps for searing stir fry dishes

          open black bbq

          Handy Specs

          • Fuel: Gas (LPG & Natural Gas)
          • Burners: 4 x 15MJ Cast Iron
          • Ignition: Quartz Push Button
          • Grill & Plate: Cast Iron
          • Hood: Enamel Coated Steel
          • Side Burner: 15MJ
          • Cabinet: Powder Coated Steel
          • Wheels: Lockable Castors
          • Grease Tray: For Easy Cleaning

          1200 bbq on deck

          Rated among the best by Australian customers in 2024, this versatile Beefeater 1200 Series 4 Burner BBQ has the power, durability and flexibility to handle the demands of any backyard get-together - whether an intimate gathering or a blowout barbecue bash!


            5. Napoleon Freestyle 425 Gas Grill

            freestyle bbq front view

            freestyle price check

            The Napoleon Freestyle 425 Gas Grill is a compact powerhouse designed to deliver premium grilling experiences with exceptional value. This grill is equipped with the instant JETFIRE ignition system, ensuring that the main burners light up effortlessly every time.

            The cast iron enamel cooking grids provide the perfect sear on your food, while an integrated porcelain griddle caters to all your frying needs. With four stainless steel burners and ergonomic knobs, you have precise control over the heat, complemented by an onboard temperature gauge.

            Designed for both versatility and mobility, the Freestyle 425's rugged wheels and easy-to-fold side shelves make it the ideal companion for any outdoor setting, ensuring quality and convenience at unbeatable value.

            Main Features

            • Robust 38,000 BTU Performance: With four high-powered burners putting out an intense 38,000 BTUs, the Napoleon Freestyle 425 provides the searing heat for perfectly charred steaks along with precise control to slowly smoke racks of fall-off-the-bone ribs.
            • Spacious 425 sq. in. Cooktop: Offering a generous 46 x 60 cm (2760 cm2) grilling surface, equivalent to a roomy 425 square inches, this BBQ has plenty of real estate to cook up a mouthwatering barbecue feast for the whole family at once.
            • Push Button JETFIRE Ignition: Napoleon's advanced JETFIRE ignition system electronically lights all burners instantaneously at the push of a button, eliminating hassles and ensuring reliable, fast startups every time.
            • Cast Iron Enamel Grids and Griddle: The heavy-duty cast iron enamel cooking grids deliver ideal barbecue sear marks, while the reversible griddle opens up possibilities for frying up bacon, eggs, stir-fries, and more.
            • Ergonomic Mobility: From the soft grip control knobs to the smooth rolling wheels and foldable side tables equipped with handy tool hooks and a bottle opener, the Freestyle 425 offers a comfortable and portable grilling experience.

              wave grill

              Other Great Features

              • Fuel Source: Liquid propane gas, with an optional natural gas conversion kit available for versatility.
              • Electronic Ignition Type: Napoleon’s instant JETFIRE ignition system for lighting with the push of a button.
              • Premium Burner Construction: Four high-quality stainless steel tube burners for maximum durability.
              • Cast Iron Enamel Grilling Grids: Deliver the ideal sear marks and heat retention.
              • Convenient Side Shelves: Fold away for easy storage and feature integrated tool hangers and bottle opener.
              • All-Terrain Wheels: Rugged wheels to smoothly transport your grill across grass, dirt, or pavement with ease.
              • Onboard Temperature Monitor: A handy gauge gives a precise readout of internal cooking temperature.

              bbq on deck in use

              The Napoleon Freestyle 425 Gas grill combines high grilling performance with versatile features in a portable package designed for convenience. It's a standout option for your outdoor cooking needs!


                What to Consider While Choosing the Best 4 Burner BBQs in Australia

                When searching for the best 4 burners BBQ in Australia, there are some important points to keep an eye out for in order to ensure you find the best grill that will be ideal for outdoor grilling excursions with your mate. 

                Here's what I think you need to think about:

                • The number of burners: 4 burners provide plenty of versatility to cook different items at various temperatures simultaneously. This is great for big family gatherings or when you've got friends who are staying.
                • The cooking surface area: you'll need an ample cooking area, too, so you can cook several dishes at once. This makes meal preparation a breeze when you have a large crowd to feed.
                • Controlling the heat: Find the barbie that lets you manage each burner independently. So you can set up various cooking zones: scorching hot for searing or low and slow for cooking longer. The ability to adapt is crucial.
                • Material and Durability: Opt for something that is solid, such as stainless steel or cast iron. These top-quality materials last and provide consistent, good temperatures. They're also easy to neat and tidy.
                • Additional Features: Watch out for additional items such as burners for side dishes or sauces, rotisserie equipment to cook everything evenly, and built-in temperature probes.
                • Easy Cleaning: Look for Barbies that have removable drip trays and Non-stick grill plates. This makes cleaning easy.
                • Storage and portability: If you have limited space, look for shelves that fold down or lockable wheels so that you can move your bar around with ease.

                Make sure you have everything covered, and you'll have everything covered for amazing outdoor cooking. There's no need to worry!

                Conclusion: Best Barbecue in Australia

                Choosing the best 4-burner BBQ for your backyard will mean finding a grill that makes grilling a breeze, regardless of whether you're an experienced griller or just starting out with this cooking caper for outdoor use. Select the best option, and it will completely change the way you cook alfresco. You'll host famous BBQs, which will have your pals and friends talking about the amazing flavour you're preparing.

                It's more than just being able to use the tools and the grunt; it's about finding that sweet area of performance that lets you put your best foot forward on the grill plate with no hassle. When you have that perfect Barbie, take the time to relax, sip a cool drink and concentrate on achieving the iconic charred flavours that keep everyone waiting to have a second and third. Making the right choice in a bar setup will pay off with great times and top-quality meals under the traditional Aussie sun.

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