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Top 5 Best Portable BBQ Australia

Top 5 Best Portable BBQ Australia

Title: The Top 5 Best Portable BBQ (Australia) 2024

Meta: Discover the best portable BBQs for Australia in 2024. Read about the top models and see which is the perfect pick for you! 


Your quest for the best portable BBQ in Australia ends here. Are you tired of that bulky grill that can't be enjoyed beyond the confines of your backyard? Well, portable BBQs are the answer. In this article, we will review the top 5 portable BBQs in Australia and what they offer you.

We will be covering their pros and cons, their top features, and the specifications they come with. You will also learn about what factors you need to look at when buying the best portable BBQ and what is our best pick. 

Ready for your next outdoor cooking adventure? Let’s dive in!

Types of Portable BBQs

Here are the top three types of BBQs you can buy if you are looking for a portable option:

  1. Gas barbecues: The pinnacle of ease. Gas barbecues are the best option for those who prefer quick heating and easy cleanup. These small models, with one or two burners and control knobs for accurate heat adjustment, are perfect for intimate gatherings. Just remember to check the gas bottle levels prior to  cooking.
  2. Charcoal BBQs: For those who enjoy fine cuisine. If you enjoy cooking over fire and the rustic flavour of smoky food, a charcoal BBQ is your best bet. While managing the heat requires more skill and work, the flavour payoff is unparalleled.
  3. Electric BBQs: The urban solution. Electric grills are perfect for balconies and other places where it's not permitted to have open flames. They lack the authentic flavour of their gas and charcoal cousins, but they are easy to use and maintain.

What Factors To Look at Before Buying Portable BBQ

Cooking Surface: 

  • Size Matters: Keep the size of the cooking surface in mind. Bigger grilling areas are ideal for larger gatherings or parties since they allow you to cook more food at once. However, keep in mind that because of its bigger surfaces, the grill will take up more space when being carried or stored.
  • Versatility: Some portable grills, including grills and grates, have detachable cooking surfaces. Having options allows you to cook steaks, hamburgers, and pancakes on the same grill at various times!


  • Material selection: Focus on selecting weather-resistant, premium materials. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for durability if you want to use your barbecue outside frequently. Because it is rust and corrosion resistant, it is ideal for Australia's harsh climate.
  • Structure: Look for a strong framework and finely engineered components. Sturdy frame and robust hinges guarantee longevity. Remember that a well-made BBQ will serve you well for many seasons.

Easy Cleaning

  • Disposable Drip Trays: Cleaning up after a BBQ could be a chore. Choose a grill with removable drip trays or oil pans. These help prevent messy cleanup by simplifying the process of collecting and disposing of grease.
  • Non-Stick Surfaces: On certain grills, the cooking surface is nonstick. These aid in preventing food from adhering and facilitate cleaning. Just make sure to tidy up any remains before continuing!

Cost and Quality:

  • Make a Budget: The cost of portable barbecues varies widely. Make a budget based on your needs and hobbies. Remember that there is usually a correlation between price and quality.
  • Invest Sensibly: Though it may be tempting to go with the least-priced option, consider spending a little bit extra for better, longer-lasting outcomes. An investment that pays off for many years is a well-made BBQ.

1. Best for Portability: Big Bugg Amber 2 Burner Benchtop BBQ - BB18224.

big bugg front view


bugg check price

Savour the flavour of summer with the Big Bugg Amber 2 Burner Benchtop BBQ, the perfect companion for athletic events and outdoor gatherings. Those who prefer grilling while on the go will find this portable and versatile barbecue to be ideal. Because of how easy it is to transfer and how well it fits into cars or cabins, it is a perfect alternative for nomads. You are welcome to grill anywhere you choose, whether on a rooftop patio or in your yard.


  • Excellent storage choices ensure that everything you need is at your fingertips, such as side trays for extra space for preparation or to carry prepared meals.
  • With its easy-clean hood and lock-in grease tray, it guarantees a mess-free and spill-free cooking experience. 
  • The smart design with its detachable shelves and side hooks makes packing easy.
  • This BBQ is designed to travel with you without the need for a cart, which sets it apart from larger barbecues.  
  • Its stone structure and Teflon liners allow for adaptability with several accessory settings for baking, roasting, and even preparing tortillas and pizzas. 
  • It's ideal for cook-offs and frequent family get-togethers.


  • It may not have all the features and organization of the manufacturer's most recent versions, despite being well-built and offering reasonable value.

Main Features

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction: This high-end piece is not only elegant and weather-resistant, but it also adds elegance to your outdoor setup.
  • Four Cast Iron Burners: Four strong burners provide consistent cooking outcomes and even heat distribution.
  • Quartz Startup System: Your barbeque will always be ready to use when you are, thanks to the quartz ignition system's rapid and reliable start.
  • Portability: The sturdy, wheeled trolley is stable and portable, making it appropriate for a range of outdoor settings.
  • Expansive Cooking Surface: You can prepare several dishes at once with its are huge surfaces, which is ideal for large gatherings.

bugg bbq burners

Other Specifications

  • Effective FOG Management: Enhances safety and flavour by preventing flare-ups and maintaining a clean surface.
  • Convenience and Mobility: The trolley's locking wheels make it easy to store after the meal and provide stability while in use.
  • Easy Maintenance: Quick and easy cleanup follows a barbecue thanks to features like a detachable drip tray and easily cleaned surfaces.
  • User-Friendly Design: From the conveniently located control knobs to the thoughtful arrangement of the cooking area, the grill's design places a premium on user comfort and productivity.

The Big Bugg Amber 2 Burner Benchtop BBQ is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a portable, user-friendly outdoor cooking solution since it blends effectiveness, portability, and simplicity of use for all barbecue fans.

2. Gourmet Portable Grill: Napoleon TravelQ Pro285X Portable Gas Grill

Napoleon travel q bbq front view

Napoleon bbq price check

For the outdoor chef in you, the Napoleon TravelQ Pro285X Portable Gas Grill is a chic, professional-grade grill. It will improve the experience of cooking outside. This grill combines exceptional performance and mobility, making it the ideal choice for gourmet cooking on the go. Its sleek black finish and chrome accents ensure that it looks great in any setting and adds sophistication to your outdoor activities. With this grill, you might have all the comforts of good grilling in a compact, transportable design.

travel q in use


  • Providing precise temperature control with two separate burners, enabling a wide range of cooking techniques; 
  • Improving the appearance of your outdoor grill area with its all-black style and chrome accents; 
  • Delivering the gourmet grilling experience anywhere; and 
  • Having a high-topped lid design that allows for a variety of grilling options, from roasting whole poultry to searing prime rib.


  • Given its greater quality and performance, those on a budget might wish to consider the grill's higher price point.

Main Features

  • Robust Cast Aluminum Lid: Ensures long-lasting performance and delicious grilling moments.
  • Side Shelves with Integrated Utensils and Towel Holders: This enhances your grilling setup's efficiency and practicality.
  • Ergonomic control knobs: These offer straightforward adjustments and precise temperature control.
  • Instant Jetfire Ignition: Guarantees a consistent, quick start every time.
  • Accu-Probe Thermometer: Offers accurate temperature monitoring for the best possible grilled results.
  • Easy Folding Scissor Cart: This cart is portable and easy to assemble, with all-terrain wheels, gas tank straps, and compact storage.

travel q in use

Other Specifications

  • Convenient and portable: Designed to be easy to use, with quick setup, folding, and compact storage.
  • High Heat Searing: This specialty uses the familiar wave cooking grids to sear food at a high temperature for perfect grill markings.
  • Variable Temperature: Napoleon's full-sized grills are modelled with two stainless-steel burners that offer a range of temperature settings. 
  • Iconic Grill Marks: Using Napoleon's cast iron grilling grids, which provide a distinctive sear mark while maintaining uniform heat and preventing food from slipping through.

In terms of portability, functionality, and design, the Napoleon TravelQ Pro285X sets the standard for portable grilling. Whether you're smoking, searing, or roasting, this grill ensures delicious meals in any setting. Cooking outdoors is an investment in convenience and quality for those who take it seriously.

3. Best for Pellet Smoking: AS350 Asmoke Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

asmoke 350 front view

asmoke price check


The AS350 Asmoke Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker will elevate your outdoor cooking experience to a whole new level. By utilizing superheated steam to preserve moisture and flavour, this compact powerhouse revolutionizes grilling through its exclusive incorporation of proprietary ASCA TechnologyTM. It's an original, one of its kind. Its automatic ash disposal system increases the bar for performance and convenience in portable grilling by guaranteeing a cleaner, more efficient burn.


  • Superb craftsmanship with a premium porcelain non-stick coating; 
  • Portability and small size, ideal for outdoor activities and confined spaces.
  • This portable grill warms up 15% faster than previous models. 
  • Uses superheated steam for better food moisture retention and automatic ash removal for a clean, efficient burn.


  • Due to its compact size, it might not be able to hold bigger events or parties, which would reduce the amount of food it can prepare at once.

Main Features

  • Large Grilling Area: This large 2560-square-mm cooking surface is made of high-quality stainless steel for longevity and durability.
  • High-Temperature Range: It is possible to modify the 82°C to 260°C temperature range to accommodate a wide variety of cooking needs. Moreover, the 1.84 kg hopper capacity permits extended cooking without requiring regular refilling.
  • Precise Thermometer Reading: Features a colour-coded LED digital temperature controller for precise cooking.
  • Unparallel Efficiency: Using up to 20% less wood pellets than other grills, this portable barbecue has an unparalleled 3+2 year warranty, the longest of any portable barbecue on the market.

as350 features

Other Specifications

  • Enhanced Flavor: Any liquid, such as cooking wines or sauces, is converted into superheated steam by ASCA TechnologyTM, creating a moist, delicious dinner. This inventive technique not only provides moisture but also adds a smoky flavour, depending on the liquid used.
  • Superheated Steam: This technique elevates internal cooking temperatures and produces meat that is juicy, tender, and tasty up to three times faster than traditional grilling.
  • Auto Cleansing: The innovative cooling system collects ash and steam at the grill's base. Cleaning is streamlined by the easy collection of ash and grease with a detachable tray and side grease bucket.

This AS350 Asmoke Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is perfect for individuals who, even when travelling, won't settle for anything less than the greatest grilled food thanks to its cutting-edge technology and practical features.

4. Best for Camping and Tailgating: PK Grills PKGO Camp & Tailgate Grill

pk go front view

check price pk go

PK Grills PKGO Camp & Tailgate Grill allows you to savour the art of grilling anytime, anywhere. This grill embodies the spirit of charcoal outdoor cooking and is a testament to nearly seven decades of meticulous craftsmanship, combining innovation and heritage. More than just a grill, the PKGO is a commitment to quality that puts enhancing the grill's utility ahead of fads in fashion. This work has produced a BBQ that is extremely practical and dependable.


  • A 20-year warranty guarantees the grill's longevity and peace of mind while showcasing the manufacturer's commitment to excellence.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts, it's a terrific alternative because it's small and portable. 
  • It's perfect for outdoor activities like camping and tailgating because of its lightweight and straightforward design. 
  • Customers value it as a lifelong cooking companion, it is more than just a grill.


  • Its small size may not be sufficient for larger celebrations, but it's perfect for a family of four or small get-togethers.

Main Features

  • Excellent Temperature Monitoring: Features an access door with a digital probe for easy temperature monitoring, two radial exhaust vents that shed water for optimal airflow.
  • Versatile Cooking Zone: Authentic dual-zone cooking for flexible food preparation;  Durabilium handle for a comfortable, secure grip.
  • Range of Accessories: It features a cast iron cooking surface, a charcoal grate, two bottom window apertures, an ash containment area within the grilling capsule, and a moulded cradle.

pk go in use

Other Specifications

  • Easy to Move: Exceptionally light design that makes it easy to use and transport for grilling while on the go. Two side cam-locks provide secure ash containment during transportation. Easily mobile due to its lightweight aluminium construction.
  • Precise Control: Customized lower vents for precise temperature control and a flip kit for a separate grill stand.
  • Durable: Long-lasting construction made of cast aluminium and stainless steel with a robust stainless charcoal grate; 
  • Ergonomic Design: Equipped with the PK standard durahingeTM for dependable operation and an expandable design with a two-position height-adjustable cast iron cooking grid to accommodate larger parties.

Thanks to its unrivalled combination of durability, portability, and cooking efficiency, the PK Grills PKGO Camp & Tailgate Grill is a top choice for grill enthusiasts who seek excellence without compromise, whether they're having a tailgate party or exploring the great outdoors. 

5. Best Flexible Option: Kamado Joe Jr.'s KJ13RH

jor jr front view

check price Joe jr

The Kamado Joe Jr., the greatest portable ceramic charcoal BBQ, will allow you to to enjoy the excitement of cooking outdoors. This grill's compact design and 13.5-inch cooking surface makes it the perfect addition to beach barbecues, tailgating parties, and other gatherings. Take advantage of the free domestic shipping, which adds to the appeal of this affordable yet high-quality alternative for grill enthusiasts.


  • The unique hue of the Kamado Joe Jr. attracts fashion-conscious individuals and gives outdoor cooking arrangements a hint of refinement. 
  • A stainless-steel vent badge and black accents accentuate its classic design, creating an eye-catching look. 
  • The Kamado Joe Jr. is remarkably flexible and able to grill, smoke, sear, bake, and roast in spite of its compact size.
  •  Unusually for a grill of its size, its wide temperature range enables a multitude of cooking methods.


  • The absence of modest off-road tires on the cart results in a missed opportunity to enhance its agility on a range of terrains.

Main Features

  • Greater Movability: Improves the grill's portability and convenience with a strong, powder-coated steel rolling cart.Includes four swivel casters for easy mobility and two locking casters for stability.
  • Friendly Height: Makes grilling easier by raising the grill to a practical 35-inch height above the ground.
  • Expandable Space: Includes two adjustable side shelves to expand your cooking space. The lower shelf on the grill is designed specifically for Joe Jr surfaces and heat deflectors, adding to its usefulness. Hanging kitchen tools is made simple by the tool hooks on the side shelf.
  • User-friendly: Designed with movable side shelves to ensure compatibility with grill covers and protection from them.

Joe jr being moved

Other Specifications

  • Simple Upkeep: The cart's design raises the Joe Jr. portable grill to the perfect cooking height, simplifying upkeep.
  • Accessories Within Reach: Powder-coated steel foldable side shelves offer plenty of prep space, and integrated tool hooks ensure that utensils are always within reach.
  • Greater Mobility: Mobility is a breeze with four swivel casters, two of which include locking mechanisms to make the grill solid and movable. 
  • Better Storage: The bottom shelf completes the image of a neat grilling station with its custom-fit design and neat storage for surfaces and heat deflectors.

The Kamado Joe Jr. - KJ13RH is a chic, portable, and versatile ceramic charcoal grill that is ideal for people who love to cook outside but are limited by the features of traditional barbecues. For outdoor enthusiasts who want the best performance and mobility, its practical features and thoughtful design make it a great choice.

Why the Big Bugg Amber 2 Burner Benchtop BBQ - BB18224 is Our Best Pick:

Here are the top reasons why the big bugg stands out as a top choice as the best portable bbq in Australia:

  • Superb Portability: Made with the nomadic Australian way of life in mind, this BBQ is compact enough to fit in most vehicle trunks but robust enough to endure the trials of outdoor cooking. Because of its lightweight design, which guarantees longevity, you may carry it with ease from the beach to the jungle.
  • Robust Performance: The Big Bugg Amber's dual independently controlled burners offer exceptional versatility in cooking, enabling you to roast steaks on high while preparing a sauce on low heat. This versatility ensures that your creative culinary endeavours won't be constrained by the limitations of traditional portable BBQs.
  • Easy to use and Low Maintenance: With features like an integrated temperature gauge and easily cleaned surfaces, this BBQ requires little upkeep and is a pleasure to run. Its non-stick cooking surface and detachable drip tray make cleanup simple, allowing you to spend more time outdoors enjoying nature.
  • Superb Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, such as a robust stainless steel cooking surface, the Big Bugg Amber is meant to withstand the harsh Australian climate. This ensures that your BBQ will withstand a lot of mishaps and keep working properly every time.
  • Delicious Simple Cooking: The Big Bugg Amber 2 Burner Benchtop BBQ's precise temperature control and superior heat retention guarantee tender grilled meats and veggies with the perfect smokey taste. Regardless of your degree of skill, using this BBQ to produce results of a professional caliber is straightforward.
  • Versatility: Despite its compact size, this BBQ may be used for more than just cooking. Its versatility—which is hard to find in portable devices—comes from its easy transition between a slow cook station and a high-heat grill.

The Big Bugg Amber 2 Burner Benchtop BBQ - BB18224 is not only our #1 pick, but it also epitomises the features that make outdoor cooking so appealing to Australians: mobility, functionality, and the ability to bring people together around delicious food no matter where they are. This gadget is the ideal companion for any outdoor enthusiast looking to up their BBQ game because of its amazing design, ease of use, and efficient cooking.

Get yours now here to start the ultimate cooking experience you deserve!

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