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BBQ Mastery Top 6: Best Pellet Smoker Australia 2024

BBQ Mastery Top 6: Best Pellet Smoker Australia 2024

 So, you are searching for a grill and smoker that can do it all. Look no further than a pellet smoker. These versatile and user-friendly appliances allow you to enjoy the mouth-watering flavors of wood-fired BBQ in your Australian backyard.

 If you're ready to invest in a dedicated pellet smoker, there are a few factors to consider. While the price tag may be varied, the satisfaction of enjoying some mouth-watering meals with family and mates will make it all worthwhile.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best pellet smokers available.


 If you prefer video, check out our video version of Best Pellet Smoker Australia

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#1 The Overall Ultimate Chef's Choice Best Smoker: Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36

Camp chef smoker with white background 

                         check price image


The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro is a versatile pellet grill that caters to control freaks and easygoing cooks. One of the standout features of the Woodwind Pro is the newly developed Smoke Box. This innovative addition allows you to have complete control over both heat and flavor.


Whether you prefer cooking with wood pellets, wood chunks, wood chips, or charcoal, the Smoke Box lets you tailor your heat output to perfection.


Main Features


Versatile Cooking: The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 is a highly versatile outdoor cooking appliance providing an extensive array of cooking options. With the ability to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and more, this appliance offers a wide range of possibilities for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.


Down and Out Ventilation: The heat diffuser has been specifically engineered to redirect smoke and heat along the sides of the grill, subsequently allowing them to circulate and exit through the rear exhaust. This innovative design ensures a uniform distribution of heat and smoke throughout the whole chamber.


Smoke number: The PID controller regulates the smoke and temperature. By adjusting the Smoke Number, you can precisely control the amount of smoke infused into your cooking. The PID controller's highly accurate regulation system provides the most precise grill temperature in the industry. As the Smoke Number increases, the smoke output also increases, while decreasing the Smoke Number results in tighter temperature control.


Wi-Fi + Camp Chef connect app: The Woodwind WIFI line offers a vibrant color display, a cover resistant to weather conditions, a user-friendly menu dial, and ports for temperature probes. It is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can conveniently adjust and monitor the flavor of your food from anywhere. You can set timers, receive push notifications, access historical data from previous cooking sessions, label your probes, and select your desired meat type with the Smart Meat Assistant. A pellet grill has never been more effortless.


Stainless steel components: The grill comes in high-grade stainless steel, which effectively holds heat and safeguards against rust and corrosion. Specifically, the interior is constructed with 430 stainless steel, while the butterfly valve, gasket, and burn cup are all made of 304 stainless steel.


Sidekick compatible: The Sidekick Flat Top or Sidekick Sear enhances your pellet grill's capabilities. You can get the perfect balance of wood-fired and propane-powered cooking by conveniently mounting a Sidekick onto your pellet grill with the pre-existing side shelf holes. You can personalize your cooking experience by adding compatible 1-burner, 14-inch accessories to your Sidekick.


Ash cleanout: When using your pellet smoker, the burning and smoldering of hardwood pellets produce smoke, but it also creates ash. To avoid the hassle of using a shop vac, use the Ash Cleanout knob located on the side of the grill. This feature will quickly and easily empty the ash into a cup, which can be removed and discarded in seconds.


 camp chef smoker screen


Other Specifications


  • Cooking Area: It has ample cooking and warming space with upper and lower grill grates, including expanded chamber height. The cooking area covers approximately 1,236 square inches.
  • Hopper Capacity: The wood pellet hopper usually has a capacity of 22 pounds.
  • Temperature Range: This Camp Chef has a temperature range of 160°F to 500°F, enabling versatile cooking techniques and achieving an ideal sear.
  • Overall weight: The grill is of substantial size and weighs around 183 pounds.
  • Warranty: The Body, Hopper Body, Lid, Legs, Bottom Shelf, and Grates have a Warranty Period of 6 years. The Fan, Auger Motor, Hot Rod, Controller, Casters, Wheels, Thermometer, Drip Tray, Heat deflector, and Burners have a 3-year warranty. Gaskets, Probes, and all other parts have a 1-year warranty.


Check out the video of the camp chef wood wind 36 below ↓


#2 Popular Choice: Traeger PRO 575

traeger pro 575 smoker 



price check


The Traeger PRO 575, a Wi-Fi-controlled smoker grill, is renowned as the top-selling pellet grill with a spacious cooking chamber. The cooking process, including temperature monitoring, is efficiently managed through advanced technologies. This formidable device has established itself as a dependable and economical solution for regulating the BBQ experience.


Main Features


WiFIRE® technology: With the WiFIRE® Technology, the Traeger App lets you track and control your grill from anywhere. Additionally, the D2 Controller ensures that the temperatures are maintained accurately, resulting in flawless results.


Meat probe: The included meat probe allows for monitoring the food temperature without removing the lid. This type of convenience has not been seen since the invention of the TV remote control.


Rugged wheels: Moving with all-terrain wheels allows for effortless navigation across any challenging backyard landscape.


TurboTemp heating technology: The TurboTemp® enhances the initial heating process and facilitates faster restoration of grill temperature after opening the lid.


Hopper cleanout: The hopper cleanout features a trapdoor that efficiently empties the hopper, allowing for swift and convenient swapping of pellet flavors.

 traeger pro smoker open

Other Specifications


Total cooking space: The total cooking area is 575 sq. in. and is a notable feature of this product.


Total weight: The grill boasts a considerable dimension and weighs approximately 124 pounds.


Pellet hopper capacity: The remarkable capacity of its hopper, weighing 18 pounds, allows uninterrupted smoking sessions, eliminating the need for frequent refills.


Max temperature: Achieving a perfect sear is a breeze on any Traeger with effective temperatures between 350° - 500°F. This is not Superman eye ray vision hot but it’s good enough and no Black Adam cannot take down Superman no matter how much smack Dwayne Johnson talks. OK, let’s get back on topic.


Check out the video by 'Jus' Piddlin BBQ LLC' of the Traeger Pro 575 below ↓



#3 Top Performance and Versatile: AS500N-2 Wood Pellet BBQ – Asmoke

asmoke pellet grill with accessories 



                           check price

Prepare your taste buds for an unparalleled and delectable encounter with the ASMOKE Pellet smoker! Attain a delightful wood-infused taste with natural apple wood pellets. ASMOKE Grill skillfully creates tantalizing flavors for searing fish, grilling game, smoking jerky, and other culinary delights.


Key Features


8-in-1 cooking options: This versatile grill offers 8-cooking options, including BBQ, baking, roasting, braising, smoking, searing, broiling, and char-grilling, allowing for both hot and fast or low and slow cooking.


Consistency and flavor: The kit comes with all-natural Asmoke apple wood pellets, ensuring a delicious and rich flavor. The portable pellet grill from Asmoke allows you to cook flavorful dishes such as fish, game, jerky, and more. Enjoy the ability to sear, grill, smoke, and much more.


Technology: Asmoke's auto pellet feed system and heating fans keep temperatures between 180°F and 500°F. The color LED controller ensures accuracy and displays real-time temperatures within the set point range.


Construction: The grill's stainless steel slide-plate flame broiler allows for both direct and indirect heating, ensuring safety and even heat distribution due to its internal design and patented technology.


Other Specifications


Large cooking area: With a total cooking area of 465 SQ.IN., Asmoke's smoker boasts a main rack and a warming rack, making it perfect for hosting large parties of 3-8 people.


Hopper capacity: Its impressive 10.8 pounds hopper capacity allows continuous smoking without frequent refills.


Warranty: Built to last, this smoker has a 5-year warranty, heavy-duty steel construction, and porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids with FDA and SGS certification and UL certification, ensuring it can withstand all elements and prevent rust.


#4 Best Value Smoker Grill 2023: Z Grills-7002B



z grills 7002b white background



                               check price



The Z Grills-7002B offers all the features of a pellet smoker at a reasonable price. It
outperforms wood pellet smokers in this category in performance, affordability, fuel efficiency, and quality craftsmanship.


Main Features

Versatile: The Z Grills-7002B is an all-in-one BBQ or smoker. It can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ.

Design and construction: The Z Grills-7002B has a matte powder-coated finish designed to handle Australian weather conditions. Heavy-duty construction eliminates rust and prevents heat loss in extreme weather.

Large hopper: The 20-pound capacity of the pellet grill is sufficient for 20+ hours of smoking and up to 10 hours of high-temperature grilling. As a result, it has enough capacity to allow less refilling while providing more smoking.

Vented Grease Tray: The Z Grills-7002B is uniquely equipped with a vented grease tray for searing meat at high temperatures.

Mobility: The grill has heavy-duty wheels that make it easy to move around.
Ceramic ignition rod: It has a ceramic ignitering rod for quicker ignition and a longer service life.


Other Specifications


Cooking area: It boasts a large rack surface area of 4455 sq cm or 690 sq. in.

Temperature: It keeps temperatures between the range of 180-450 °F.

Warranty: All Z Grills pellet grills have a 3-year warranty and the support of a technical team to assist you.


#5 Weber SmokeFire EX6 Woodfired Pellet Grill

       weber pellet grill

                                    check price weber

Bring your preferred recipe outdoors to enhance the flavor of any dish. The Weber EX6 SmokeFire grill, with its temperature range of 200-600°, is a complete grill that can sear steak, smoke brisket, bake pie, and everything in between. Additionally, with the assistance of WeberConnect, achieving culinary perfection has never been simpler.

Main Features

Heat: This versatile grill offers a temperature range of 200-600°F, allowing you to bake pies, sear steaks, smoke ribs, roast veggies, and much more. It’s a comprehensive all-in-one grill that excels in both searing and smoking. Yes, your neighbor will be jealous even if your neighbor is Tim Taylor and your other neighbor is Al Borland. 

Weber porcelain-enameled finish: The grill has a Weber porcelain-enameled coating capable of enduring the most severe weather conditions, preventing any occurrence of rusting or cracking as time passes. Moreover, it effectively retains heat, ensuring your grill maintains a consistent temperature throughout the cook.

Technology: Weber Connect Smart Grilling Technology is an innovative grilling companion that transforms any grill into a fine grill and any chef into a skilled expert. With its remote Wi-Fi connectivity, flip and serve alerts, and countdowns for food readiness. It possesses the main elements for achieving grilling excellence consistently with every cook. Moreover, you can conveniently control the temperature directly from your phone.

Responsive incline drive engine: The DC-powered drive engine can rapidly and efficiently generate high temperatures, allowing it to achieve the desired temperature range. This exceptional versatility allows for various cooking techniques, such as searing steaks, smoking BBQ ribs, baking pizza, and much more!

Flavorizer bars: The Weber signature flavorizer bars effectively disperse heat throughout the cooking surface. As you grill at elevated temperatures, the bars capture the drippings and produce a delightful sizzle, resulting in an exceptional burst of flavor.

SmokeBoost: Enhance the wood flavor of your dish by incorporating a SmokeBoost at the start of your cooking process. This feature will cause the pellets to smoke and smolder, resulting in a richer and more intense smoky taste that will elevate the flavor of your steaks.


Other Specifications

Dual grilling space: This Weber model features an expansive grilling area of 1,008 square inches, providing ample space for cooking.

Temperature: It boasts an amazing temperature scope between the range of 200-600°F.

Warranty: The 3-year warranty covers specific parts, including the electrical components, cooking grates, pellet slide, burn pot, heat baffle, pellet grate, and controller bezel. On the other hand, the cook box has a 5-year warranty.



#6 The Elite High-End, Australian Contest-Ready Grill: Yoder YS640s

yoder smoker white background 


                                  price checker

Yoder specializes in premium, American-made, offset, and pellet smokers. Created for BBQ competition teams, they have gained a devoted following among both professional and amateur pit masters. The YS640 is the medium-sized option in the pellet grill lineup.


Main Features


Yoder Smokers ACS (Adaptive Control System) with Wi-Fi: Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills have the Yoder Smokers ACS Control System with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


Meat probes:  It comes along with two built-in food probes for monitoring.


Construction: They also have a ceramic ignition system, 10-gauge steel construction, and custom orange casters as standard features on S-Series grills.


Flame grilling: The true versatility lies in its ability to grill directly over the flame on the Yoder Smokers grills, a unique feature not found elsewhere.


Smart App and Bluetooth connectivity: The Yoder Smoker's mobile app allows you to effortlessly manage all aspects of your cooking experience, from accessing recipes to programs. With this app, you have complete control at your fingertips.


Other Specifications


Large cooking area: With a cooking space of 1,070 square inches and a headroom of almost 12 inches, there is ample room for various foods like briskets, steak, grilled chicken, and turkey.


Max temperature: The max temperature available is between 150°F - and 600°F. Similarly, when a temperature of 250°F is necessary for a 12-hour smoking process, it’s also easily attainable.


Hopper capacity: The hopper's exceptional capacity of 20 pounds allows for continuous smoking sessions without needing frequent refills.


Warranty: You can have peace of mind knowing that the Yoder Smoker comes with a rock-solid warranty: 10 years on the cooking chamber and 3-year warranty on the ACS controller and the ceramic igniter.

Check out the Non bias review of the yoder smoker in the video below ↓ 

Choosing the Best Pellet Smoker


Before determining the appropriate size for your cooker, it is necessary to ask yourself a few questions. Keep in mind that a larger grill does not always mean its the best. Buying a large pellet smoker may result in wasted pellets, as they burn more pellets per hour compared to a smaller model.


Features to Consider


When we picked the best grills, we looked at various factors such as cooking area, temperature range, hopper capacity, build quality, and additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity or searing capabilities.


Even temperature: One notable feature of these pellet smokers is that the temperature gets evenly distributed across the cooking area. In other words, there should be no temperature difference between the top and bottom racks while cooking.


Technology: Wi-Fi capability is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows you to monitor and control the temperature of your grill from anywhere with an internet connection. Some brands on our list, such as Camp Chef, offer downloadable apps for convenience.


Meat probes: This feature is another benefit found in the pellet grills we chose. The probes can be plugged into the controller, allowing you to conveniently display the temperature readings of your meat on the cooker screen.


Grilling options: Most grilling options have improved in pellet grills, with some manufacturers providing dedicated grilling areas or removing part of the diffuser plate to enhance grilling capabilities.


Cleanout systems: When using a pellet smoker, it is necessary to remove pellet ash to prevent it from circulating inside the smoker and contaminating your food. Some models, including Camp Chef and Z Grills, have a cleanout system to simplify the process, while others may require vacuuming.


Extras: Manufacturers often offer add-ons for their pellet smokers, so it is essential to check what features come standard and what are extra costs.


Hopper: The hopper capacity is another crucial factor to consider, and we chose these grills accordingly. The hopper stores wood pellets and determines how long your cooks can run without refill. As a general rule of thumb, a pellet hopper with over 18 pounds capacity will provide approximately 6 to 20 hours of cooking time at standard smoking temperatures.


Warranty: Consider the warranty, as pellet smokers have high-tech components and moving parts that may require professional repair.



Summing up: The Best Pellet Smokers of Australia 2023


When picking the best pellet grill for your needs, consider the necessary features and choose a brand that aligns with your cooking style and budget. It is also advisable to read customer reviews, compare prices, and consult with local retailers to make an informed decision.


It’s worth noting that grilling preferences can vary, so conduct thorough research. Additionally, ensure that the chosen grill is available in Australia or ready for shipping to your location.


Given the highly competitive nature of the pellet grill market, there is limited differentiation among our top picks. Based on this, Camp Chef Woodwind Pro 36 stands out and consistently impressed us with its exceptional temperature control, searing options, and smoke flavor.


We hope this guide has provided you with a better understanding of selecting the perfect model for your budget and requirements.


Enjoy your grilling experience!


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