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Asmoke vs. Z Grills pellet smokers head to head

Asmoke vs. Z Grills pellet smokers head to head

Whether camping or simply enjoying a cozy evening at home cooking on the patio, a reliable pellet grill is a must-have for all your culinary adventures.
Now, let's dive into the world of two renowned pellet grill brands, ASMOKE, and Z Grills, and pit them against each other.

Outdoor chefs swear by the ASMOKE Pellet Grill for creating sensational summer meals that are a cut above the rest. They can whip up delectable BBQ delights all year round.
On the other hand, Z Grills can take the guesswork out of wood-fire cooking, ensuring that every dish you prepare is bursting with perfect flavors and consistent results.
With both brands revolutionizing the pellet grill market, it's crucial to carefully evaluate their features and select the one that aligns perfectly with your cooking requirements.

History of ASMOKE and Z Grills

Before we delve into the details of the grills we are comparing, let us review the background and origins of these brands.

Z Grills

z grill pellet smoker

Z Grills had been operating behind the scenes for years, producing top-of-the-line BBQ appliances and pellet grills for many major brands. As the popularity of pellet grills grew among grilling enthusiasts, Z Grills kept up with demand by expanding their manufacturing capabilities and making technological advancements.
Then, one day, Z Grills; CEO, Mr. Zhou, had a eureka moment; why not create their own brand to deliver their manufacturing and technical expertise to customers directly?

In 2017, Z Grills stormed the bastions of the US market with a successful campaign on the crowdfunding platform - Indiegogo. And thus, a legend was born.
It soon became apparent that Z Grills was not just a new player in the game.

They had been quietly producing high-end grills for other companies before deciding to sell their own brand directly to consumers. The opportunity to purchase a quality grill at a value price was irresistible for many. Z Grills quickly became one of the most sought-after pellet grill brands.

Check out z grills in the video below  



        asmoke logo

According to Michael Ying, CEO of ASMOKE, the initial idea originated during a backyard barbecue with friends and family. While enjoying some ribs, the group noticed a propane scent on the meat, which sparked a discussion about what makes a flavourful BBQ experience. After some deliberation, they realised nothing beats the taste of a wood-fired meal – certainly after you have seen an episode of Naked and Afraid. This conclusion led to exploring a grill that could bring out the natural flavours in cooking.

The team at ASMOKE personally tested various pellet grill brands and flavours, only to discover that they all contained sawdust filler in the form of blends or had flavouring oils and additives. Recognising the importance of both good health and flavour, they felt compelled to take action.

They explored different options to create an organic and all-natural wood pellet that didn't rely on blends and could provide a richer flavor. Their focus turned to 100% pure, all-natural apple wood pellets, which offered a sweeter way to introduce their mission to the world.

Pertaining to this, a revolutionary pellet alone wasn't enough. ASMOKE’s founders wanted to introduce their pellets and incorporate an exceptional unit, allowing everyone to experience the difference. They were determined to deliver a high quality product and partner with someone who shared their vision of an all-natural smoke experience. That is how ASMOKE came to be.

Check out asmoke the video below  


ASMOKE Main Features of Full-size Pellet Smokers: ASMOKE Wood Pellet Grill Silver AS660N-2 and ASMOKE Wood Pellet Grill Silver AS500N-2

ASMOKE’s AS660N-2 and AS500N-2 grills have plenty of space and match the dimensions of the popular Traeger and Camp Chef models. ASMOKE is renowned for producing mouth- watering flavors, whether you want to sear fish, grill steak, smoke jerky, or explore other culinary delights. Savor the delectable taste of wood-smoked food with a pellet grill.

All-in-one features: Both models offer the ultimate cooking experience with its 8-in-1 functionality. You can easily smoke, sear, BBQ, bake, roast, braise, broil, or char-grill your recipe as desired. You can cook your meals hot and fast or low and slow. For the best flavor, we recommend using their all-natural ASMOKE Applewood Pellets. They will give your dishes a rich and mouth-watering taste.

Technology and temperature: The Advanced Auto Pellet Feed System and Heating Fans can hold temperatures ranging from 180°F to 500°F. The LCD Controller ensures accuracy within +/- 10 degrees and displays real-time temperatures. You can easily set your desired temperature by simply dialling the knob. There's no need to monitor the system anymore!

Design for no flare-ups: With no flare-ups, ASMOKE & AS660N-2 grill guarantees an exclusive internal design featuring a patented stainless steel sliding flame broiler plate. This innovative design allows for both direct and indirect heating options, ensuring your safety while grilling. Moreover, it guarantees consistent and even heat distribution for a perfect cooking experience.

large asmoke pellet grill

Ample cooking space: The AS660N-2 has a main grilling space that measures 484 square inches and an additional upper-level rack that measures 216 square inches, resulting in a total of 700 square inches. It’s perfect for Hosting a group of up to 12 people. The AS500N-2 grill features a spacious cooking surface of 325 square inches on the primary rack and an additional 140 square inches on the warming rack, resulting in a total of 465 square inches, ideal for accommodating a sizeable group of 8.

Hopper capacity: AS660N-2 has an impressive 25.8 lbs or around 11.5 kg approximate hopper capacity and is perfect for uninterrupted smoking sessions. Conversely, the AS AS500N-2 grill features a 10.8 lbs hopper capacity. Both models have a capacity that exceeds most high-end pellet grills available today. You can now cook a lengthy recipe brisket without concerns about running out of pellets.

Warranty for durability: These models have a 5-year warranty and long-lasting design. Their heavy-duty steel construction is UL-certified, while its porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids are FDA and SGS-certified. The design can withstand any weather conditions and prevents rust.

Z Grills Main Features of Full-size Pellet Grills: Z Grills 7002B and Z Grills 700E-XL 


z grill in use


Your Z Grills 7002B and 700E-XL are the ultimate in cooking experience. They combine the functions of a smoker and a wood-fired oven. Whether you're in the mood for some mouth-watering ribs, juicy briskets, or succulent pulled pork, set it on low temperatures and let it work its magic. And when you're craving some wood-fired pizza or classic Aussie BBQ dishes, crank up the heat and let the Z Grills do the rest. With this versatile cooking tool, the possibilities are endless!

Design: The Z Grills 7002B has a matte powder-coat finish, designed specifically to survive the unpredictable Australian weather conditions, whereas the Z Grills 700E-XL boasts a stainless steel exterior. It also features an insulated bottom drum that effectively minimizes wood pellet consumption.

Accessorize: With a ceramic ignition rod in this product, you get a quicker ignition process and enhanced overall lifespan.

Wireless smoker: This model has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for effortless monitoring and control through the Z Grills App.

Temperature: The Z Grill has a temperature range of 160°F to 450°F, with the Smoke setting between the lowest and the highest. It is important to note that the actual temperature may fluctuate above or below the target temperature, especially during the initial heat-up period, when temperature settings are adjusted, or when the lid opens for a duration.


z grill with cooked meat


Cooking area: These models boast an expansive cooking surface, making it ideal for catering to a sizeable gathering. The approximate cooking area ranges between 690 square inches and 850 square inches. They offer ample room to prepare meals for an Aussie summer get-together in the backyard.

Hopper capacity: Both models have a remarkable hopper with a capacity of around 22 lbs or 10 kg to ensure you will never face the inconvenience of running out of pellets during a cooking session. This generous ability provides approximately 20 hours of smoking, ensuring uninterrupted culinary enjoyment.

Warranty: The Z Grills have a 3-year warranty with exceptional local Australian customer support.

Head-to-Head Comparison: ASMOKE Vs. Z Grills.

Now that you know ASMOKE and Z Grills features and specifications, it’s time to evaluate and compare these two grill masters. To do so, we will contrast them using basic standards.

Cooking Space Capacity: What Size Do You Need?

We understand the significance of cooking space needs, so we simplified the options. The ASMOKE AS660N-2 and AS500N-2 models offer cooking surfaces that measure 700 square inches and 465 square inches, respectively. On the AS500N, you can cook a variety o items, such as:


  • 15 burger patties or 6-whole chickens
  • 5-full rib racks or 4-large pork butts.

          blue asmoke smoker                                                                           

With the AS660N-2, you get nearly double the cooking space, allowing you to cook up to:

  • 22 burger patties or 9-whole chickens
  • 8-full rib racks or 6-large pork butts.

On the other hand, with the Z Grills 7002B and Z Grills 700 E-XL, you can choose between a total cooking space ranging from 690 square inches to 850 square inches, respectively. The Z Grills provides enough space to cook either:

  • 2-full briskets, or 3- pizzas, or 10-racks of pork ribs.

Mobility and Pellet Hopper Capacity

The ASMOKE AS660N-2 boasts an impressive hopper capacity of 25.8 lbs, while the AS AS500N-2 grill features a slightly smaller hopper capacity of 10.8 lbs. Both models have convenient mobility wheels, allowing you to grill anywhere and anytime without hassle. Rest assured, you will never have to worry about running out of pellets during your cooking session.

The ASMOKE outshines as the only grill that maximises pellet usage with each cook, infusing delectable natural applewood flavours. Its innovative technology, including an advanced auto pellet feed system, ensures consistent heating.
Taking this into account, the Z Grills 7002B and 700 E-XL offer outstanding hopper capacities of approximately 22 lbs or 10 kg. Additionally, they are equipped with heavy-duty caster wheels, making it effortless to move them around as needed.

The hopper capacity of the ASMOKE and Z Grills models differ significantly, with the ASMOKE holding anywhere from 10.8 lbs to 25.8 lbs, while the Z Grills can accommodate up to 22 lbs.

Temperature Range and Control

ASMOKE takes the lead once more when it comes to temperature range. With its Advanced Auto Pellet Feed System and Heating Fans, ASMOKE can maintain temperatures from 180°F to 500°F, providing excellent temperature retention. The LCD controller allows for easy temperature adjustment with precision within +/- 10 degrees and displays real-time temperatures. There is no need to monitor the grill; just set the preferred temperature and let ASMOKE do the rest.
On the other hand, The Z Grill has a temperature range of 160°F to 450°F and offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient monitoring and control through the Z Grills App.


Clean Up


Cleaning the ASMOKE is a simple and efficient process. You can empty the ashtray, thoroughly scrub the grates, and remove any residual ash within the unit using a scrub or a vacuum.
Similarly, the Z Grills also offer a hassle-free cleaning experience. Line the grease tray with fresh foil and effortlessly eliminate fat or grease drips. Besides, remove the ash from the fire by vacuuming after each extensive cooking session or multiple shorter cooks.

Customer Support

ASMOKE and Z Grills are both renowned for their exceptional customer service. The customer support team at ASMOKE is accessible from Monday to Friday, ensuring prompt assistance during the weekdays. On the other hand, Z Grills goes the extra mile by providing their dedicated customer service team for Australia, available seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm.

This extended availability ensures that customers can receive assistance and support throughout the week at their convenience.



Whether it’s the ASMOKE and Z Grills, you'll find that their prices remain consistent across all vendors, ranging from $799 to $1399 and $1099 to $1399, respectively. In this instance, they seem evenly matched.
Moreover, the genuine value of the pellet grill lies in the features it can offer. It's all about what each grill brings to the table or, in this case, the backyard!


ASMOKE and Z Grills are two brands that provide warranties for their products, with ASMOKE offering a warranty period of 5 years compared to Z Grills; 3 years. These warranties cover any material or defects under regular use and maintenance but do not apply to paint or finishes. It’s fundamental to note that the warranty is void if the damage comes from careless use, abuse, overheating, or modification. Both companies are known for exceptional customer service and will resolve any issues.

asmoke pellet grill

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Which pellet smoker is better: Asmoke vs. Z Grills pellet smoker?

A: The ideal pellet smoker depends on your cooking/grilling needs. Each model we've discussed has unique features and benefits that set it above its competitors. Similarly, each model has its share of flaws, so you need to assess your grilling needs and see what model suits you and the tradeoffs you can take.

Q: What’s a flame out?

A: A flame-out is common on all pellet grills, and it happens when the fire in the firebox goes out while cooking. A common reason for a flame-out is the fire getting smothered by the ash. You can prevent a flame-out by regularly cleaning your pellet smoker.

Q: What’s a Back Burn?

A: Backburns happens when the pellets inside the auger tube and smoker box start to burn. Evidence of backburn is the emergence of smoke from the pellet box.

To avoid a backburn on your Asmoke or Z Grills pellet smoker, ensure the fan and temperature control are in good condition. Also, angle the drill and pellet box against the wind direction on windy days. Finally, ensure the firebox is clean and that there's no accumulation of debris.


The Verdict: Pick The One That Fits Your Needs

Choosing between these two outstanding grills can be a daunting task. Both grills offer exceptional backyard cooking experiences. Still, if you want to pick, we would recommend ASMOKE. But that doesn't mean Z Grills is any less helpful. If you decide to purchase this one, you'll surely enjoy it just as much.
Based on this, ASMOKE takes the lead because of its numerous benefits and standout features.
With its spacious cooking area, wide temperature range, larger pellet hopper, Advanced Auto Pellet Feed System, and a 5-year warranty, ASMOKE emerges as the clear champion every time!

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