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Asmoke Portable Pellet Smoker Review. Are They Any Good?

Asmoke Portable Pellet Smoker Review. Are They Any Good?

Since grilling has long been a popular outdoor cooking technique, it should come as no surprise that there is a wide variety of grills available on the market, each catering to a distinct set of tastes. Because of their simplicity and adaptability, asmoke portable pellet smoker have become more and more popular among the many alternatives available. We will examine portable pellet smoker in detail in this review, going over their features, benefits, drawbacks, and whether or not they are worth the money.



asmoke pellet grillAsmoke Portable Pellet Review

The following review will in details explain the smoke portable pellet grill.

Overview Pellet Grills

It's crucial to comprehend the basic ideas of pellet grills in order to comprehend portable pellet grills. Wood pellets are used in these grills as a flavoring ingredient and as a fuel source. Compressed sawdust, which comes in a range of tastes including hickory, mesquite, cherry, and applewood, is usually used to make the pellets. An electrical controller controls the speed at which the pellets are fed into the firepot after they are placed into a hopper.

Features of Smoke Portable Pellet Smokers

Compact and Portable Design

The Smoke Portable Pellet smokers is ideal for travel and grilling. Its small dimensions and lightweight construction make it excellent for tailgating, camping, picnics, and outdoor gatherings.

Wood Pellet Cooking

Wood pellets on this barbecue give meals a deep, smokey taste. Choose from hickory, mesquite, or applewood wood pellets to tailor your grilling experience.

Digital Temperature Control

The grill's digital control panel lets you precisely adjust and maintain the cooking temperature. This guarantees even the cooking of meats, veggies, and other items.

Versatile Cooking

The Smoke Portable Pellet smoker grills, smokes, bakes, roasts, and sears. You may cook burgers, steaks, smoked ribs, pizza, and more.

Large Cooking Area

This grill can serve a small family or group of friends despite its portability. Cast iron or stainless steel barbecue grates are sturdy.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Some versions provide smartphone app-based grill management and monitoring. Adjust the temperature and monitor your cook from your phone.


A detachable drip tray or grease management system makes barbecue cleaning easy. Grill grates are usually simple to clean.

Heat and Smoke Circulation

Smoke Portable Pellet Grills uniformly distribute heat and smoke, ensuring consistent cooking and a smokey taste.

A Smoke Portable Pellet Grill makes outdoor cooking easy, tasty, and professional-quality.

asmoke portable pellet smoker specifications

How Do Portable Pellet smokers Work?

After going over the fundamentals, let's examine these grills' operation and what makes them unique from other grilling alternatives.

The Hopper for Pellets

An essential part of a pellet barbecue is the pellet hopper. Here are the wood pellets kept in preparation for their eventual delivery to the firepot. The cooking duration of portable pellet grills is limited by the smaller hoppers that they usually have in comparison to their bigger equivalents. They are still appropriate for the majority of outdoor cooking events, however, since they may operate for hours. Pellet grills run on hardwood pellets, which are usually created from compressed sawdust. These pellets come in a variety of tastes, like applewood, mesquite, hickory, and more, so you may add unique flavors to your cuisine. Because it replicates the classic smokey flavor of wood or charcoal cooking, this characteristic is one of the main selling aspects of pellet grills.

The Electronic Controller 

The electronic controller, which keeps the cooking temperature at the proper level, is the brains behind any pellet grill. An electrical ignition device that ignites a small quantity of pellets in the fire pot is standard on portable pellet smokers. The grill's integrated thermostat regulates the pellet feed rate to maintain the proper cooking temperature after the fire is started. Pellet smokers are very user-friendly since this automatic procedure does away with the need for ongoing supervision and manual adjustments. In order to maintain a constant temperature, this controller makes sure that the pellets are fed into the firepot at the proper pace. Simple, intuitive controls are a common characteristic of portable pellet grills, making them suitable for both novices and seasoned grillers.

The Auger and Firepot

The magic occurs in the firepot. This chamber is used to ignite the wood pellets, creating the smoke and heat required for cooking. The auger is a device that resembles a screw that, in response to directions from the electronic controller, feeds pellets into the firepot at a regulated pace from the hopper. The auger mechanism, which moves the hardwood pellets from the hopper to the fire pot, is an essential part of a pellet barbecue. The grill's thermostat controls how many pellets are sent to the fire pot, enabling accurate temperature management. Because of its exact control, pellet grills may be used for high-temperature grilling as well as low- and slow-smoking due to their consistent cooking outcomes.

Convection Cooking

Convection cooking is a common method for baking and roasting food because it employs a fan or air circulation to spread heat evenly, resulting in quicker and more uniform cooking. The convection cooking method of pellet grills is one of their biggest benefits. To guarantee that the food is cooked evenly, they employ a fan to distribute heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber. This even heat distribution lessens the possibility of hot spots and burned places on your meat, which are a typical problem with conventional grills.

Convenience and Portability

The main attraction of portable pellet grills is their portable and lightweight design. We'll look at the several characteristics that make these grills so handy for cooking outside in this section.

Compact Size

Compared to their full-sized counterparts, portable pellet grills are made with the express purpose of being lighter and smaller. They are the ideal option for outdoor events like picnics, camping vacations, and tailgating since they are lightweight and portable. Because of its small size, your grill is portable and allows you to have real grilling experiences while on the move.

Folding Legs and Wheels

Folding wheels and legs are a common feature on portable pellet grills, which increases its versatility. In addition to providing stability while in use, the folding legs reduce the weight of the grill when it is being stored or transported. Often, grills come with wheels or casters, which make it easy to move the grill to the ideal cooking spot.

Plug-and-Play Operation

The portability and user-friendliness of portable pellet grills are closely linked. You can set up and operate your barbecue in a few easy steps. Choose your preferred hardwood pellets, load the hopper, use the digital controller on the grill to adjust the temperature, and then hit the ignition button. The grill will take care of the rest, flawlessly grilling your meal and automatically preserving the chosen temperature.

Dual-Purpose Functionality

A lot of portable pellet grills may be used as smokers as well as grills, providing a variety of cooking possibilities. With the same grill, you can bake a pizza, slow-smoke a rack of ribs, or sear a steak at high temperatures. Because of its versatility, portable pellet grills are a great complement to your outdoor cooking equipment.

Pros of Portable Pellet Smoker

For those who like outdoor cooking, portable pellet grills are a desirable option due to their many benefits. Let's investigate a few of these advantages.


The adaptability of portable pellet grills is one of their main benefits. They work well for roasting, baking, smoking, grilling, and even as a temporary oven. You can prepare a broad range of foods with this versatility, including smoked ribs, poultry, handmade pizza, and burgers and steaks. For many grill fans, one of the main draws is the opportunity to experiment with various cooking techniques.

Flavor of Wood-Fired

One of the best things about pellet grills is the distinct smokey taste that wood pellets leave on meals. You may choose to use cherry wood for a softer, more delicate taste or hickory for a powerful, robust flavor. For those who value that unique wood-fired flavor, portable pellet grills are an excellent option since this flavor is sometimes difficult to recreate with conventional grilling techniques.

Steady Temperature Management

Pellet grills that are portable are renowned for their accuracy in regulating temperature. With only a few degrees of temperature maintenance, the electronic controller makes sure that your food cooks properly and requires the least amount of work from you. Because of its dependability, you may concentrate on other parts of cooking, including making sides or spending time with loved ones.


The user-friendly design of portable pellet grills makes them ideal even for inexperienced grillers. These grills are easily accessible to everybody thanks to their simple electronic controls, rapid ignition, and automated pellet feeding. You won't have to bother about keeping an eye on the temperature, controlling the fire, or modifying the air vents. For those who like a hassle-free grilling experience, its simplicity of usage is a big selling feature.


One of the best things about portable pellet smokers is their portability. You can bring them along for picnics, camping excursions, and tailgate gatherings because of their robust structure and small size. It is very easy to carry when wheels or foldable legs are added. No matter where you go, you may take advantage of the ease of wood-fired cooking.

Cons of Portable Pellet smoker

Although portable pellet barbecues have many benefits, they have several drawbacks. It is important to take these disadvantages into account prior to making a buying selection.

The Kitchen

In comparison to bigger, fixed barbecues, portable pellet grills have a lesser cooking area due to their smaller size. This limitation might be a drawback if you need to prepare many meals at once or want to cook for a big crowd. However, the cooking area is enough for the majority of outdoor cooking situations.

Restricted Capacity Hopper

You may need to reload portable pellet grills more often due to its reduced hopper capacity, particularly while cooking on low to moderate heat. Although this restriction may cause some small annoyance, it is doable with sufficient forward preparation.

Less Time Spent Cooking

Portable pellet smokers can cook food for up to 30 minutes faster than bigger pellet grills because of their smaller hoppers. This implies that you may need to restock the pellets halfway through cooking if you smoke for very lengthy periods of time. The cooking time is more than sufficient for most outdoor cooking scenarios, however.

asmoke pellet smoker features

Portable Pellet Grills Available on the Market

We will examine a few of the most well-liked portable pellet grills on the market to assist you in making an educated choice. There is a grill here for everyone, with a variety of features and pricing ranges to choose from.

Traeger Ranger

The Traeger Ranger is a small, multipurpose, portable pellet grill with a cooking area of up to 184 square inches. It has a Digital Arc controller, which enables accurate temperature management. The Ranger is renowned for its sturdy construction and its capacity to achieve temperatures as high as 450°F, which makes it appropriate for a variety of cooking methods.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett

Among aficionados of outdoor cooking is the Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett. In 219 square inches, there is compared to some other portable versions, it provides more area for cooking. It has a digital Wi-Fi controller that lets you use your smartphone to monitor and regulate the cooking temperature. A dependable and simple-to-use barbecue that works well for a variety of grilling techniques is the Davy Crockett.

Camp Chef Pursuit

With 501 square inches of cooking space, the Camp Chef Pursuit is a portable pellet grill that offers a somewhat bigger cooking surface. It has a controller with Smart Smoke Technology that keeps cooking temperatures constant. In addition to being versatile enough to be used for grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, and other uses, the grill's ash emptying mechanism makes maintenance easier.

Pit Boss Austin XL 

With 309 square inches of cooking surface, the Pit Boss Austin XL portable pellet grill is a flexible and affordable option. With its wide temperature range and digital control center, it may be used for a variety of cooking methods. The grill's huge hopper capacity minimizes the need for frequent refilling of pellets, and its durable construction is well-known.

Are They Any Good?

Buying a portable pellet grill is ultimately a personal choice based on your requirements and tastes. The following elements should be taken into account when deciding if a portable pellet grill is the best option for you:

Usage Frequency

Think about the uses and frequency of your grilling. A portable pellet grill might be a useful addition to your outdoor cooking equipment if you're a passionate outdoor chef who enjoys smoking, grilling, and experimenting with tastes. But if you grill just seldom, the expense may not be justified.

Preparation Area

Consider how many people you usually prepare for. You may find a portable pellet grill's small cooking area to be inconvenient if you often throw big parties or tailgates. In these situations, you could choose a bigger barbecue or a mix of different grill models.


Evaluate your mobility needs. If you are a nomadic person who loves to camp, tailgate, or travel often, a portable pellet grill provides the ease of wood-fired cooking on-the-go. For those who want to eat their favorite meals away from home, it's a great option.


The cost of portable pellet grills varies, so take that into account. Even while some high-end models have more amenities and bigger cooking surfaces, there are still high-quality ones that are reasonably priced. Based on your needs, decide how much you're willing to spend on a portable pellet barbecue.

Preference for Flavor

A portable pellet smoker is a great option if you love the distinct smokey taste of wood pellets and want to include them into your cooking. For many grill fans, the taste improvement might be the determining factor.


Many people find portable pellet smoker to be an attractive and practical outdoor cooking solution. For those who like cooking outside, their wood-fired taste, portability, and simplicity of use make them an appealing option. Even though they have certain restrictions, such those related to cooking area and hopper capacity, most users can usually work around them. The choice to purchase a portable pellet smoker ultimately comes down to your cooking preferences, requirements, and financial situation. A portable pellet grill is a worthwhile purchase that may enhance your outdoor cooking experience and give excellent, wood-fired taste wherever your activities take you, especially if you value the flexibility to grill, smoke, and roast while on the road.


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