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Offset Smoker vs. Pellet Smoker: Exploring the Art of BBQ Smoking

Offset Smoker vs. Pellet Smoker: Exploring the Art of BBQ Smoking

If you are looking for a new bbq but cannot decide between an offset smoker and a pellet smoker, you are in luck!

They may look similar, but they run on different fuels, cook differently, and differ in ease of use. That’s not even to mention their varying price points!

Let’s look at this 'pellet vs offset' piece to help you decide!


What Is an Offset Smoker BBQ?


The offset smoker bbq originated in Texas and Oklahoma back in the early 80s. Those were times when oilfield workers wanted some barbecue, but as they were far from home, they used oil pipes and 55-gallon steel drums to build the smoker.

An offset smoker bbq is a traditional smoker. You may be familiar with it by other names, including the stick smoker, horizontal smoker, or barrel smoker - based on where you live.

An offset smoker bbq uses charcoal or wood to cook food, which usually adds a smokier flavor and requires constant attention during the cooking process.

It is a type of grill that has two chambers. The primary chamber is where the meat is stored. The secondary section connects with the primary cooking chamber to house the firebox.

From the first moment the fire gets lit, smoke and heat move from the firebox to the main chamber, where the meat is, and then travel out the chimney.

Most offset grills include dampers that allow you to regulate the airflow. Thus, it affects the temperature within the offset smoker. Offset smokers can use a variety of fuels like pure wood logs, wood chips, and charcoal.

Some cooks prefer charcoal mixed with wooden chips and wood chunks because it provides consistent heat. The smoke output from an offset smoker makes it ideal for smoking meat and other food at low temperatures for extended periods.


Wildfire Longhorn is a top-of-the-line offset smoker on the market. It has a robust steel design, a fancy firebox with an ash catcher, and a heat-resistant door in the cooking chamber. Even better, it has more ventilation in the firebox for better oxygen flow.

wildfire smoker with white background

This offset smoker grill can burn charcoal or wood, and you can cook directly with the coals in your cooking chamber or sear steaks on its firebox steak grills. It also has two heating shelves in the cooking chamber for extra convenience.


Joe Traeger and the history of the pellet grill 

Joe Traeger came up with the pellet grill back in the 80s. Traeger owned a heating company in Oregon, and he started experimenting with the idea of using the same electric motor to spin an auger and feed the wood pellets into the burn chamber for an outdoor bbq grill.

Joe Traeger


What Is A Pellet Smoker BBQ?

A pellet grill is portable, requires no constant supervision, and uses electricity and pellets to cook food outdoor, but it is expensive.

With that said, a pellet smoker is super easy to use. You can set it up however you want and let it cook while you do other chores. You will not have to worry about checking the temperature or adding extra wood because it does all the work for you.

 ASMOKE pellet smoker is an all-in-one cooking machine capable of grilling, baking, roasting, braising, smoking, searing, broiling, and char-grilling. The pellet smoker is mobile and adaptable, providing ample grilling space, making it an ideal choice for outdoor events, camping, parties, and travel.


asmoke portable grill


Their air duct system has a patented design. ASMOKE grills ensure even heat distribution, eliminating the risk of overheating.


ASMOKE pellet smokers are 15% quicker than traditional wood pellet grills, and inventive technology includes a state-of-the-art auto-pellet feed system, as well as heating fans to keep temperatures between 180°F and 500°F while reducing the cost of wood pellets by up to 20%. You can relish flavorful, efficient, and safe grilling.



Offset Smoker Vs. Pellet Smoker: The Difference

The fuel source is the main difference between the two.


  • The offset smoker bbq cooks with pure wood chips or charcoal, whereas the pellet smoker prepares food with hardwood pellets. The pellet smoker also comes with an electric option.
  • Pellet smokers are easy to use, temperature-controlled, and movable. They’re more expensive but offer convenience and fuel efficiency.
  • On the other hand, the offset smoker provides a traditional smoking experience and delivers a richer smoke flavor. It’s cheaper but requires more attention and is not as fuel- efficient which is not great when energy prices are high because of your own government’s policies.

Benefits Of Offset Smokers

  • A quality offset smoker provides authentic barbecued flavor with the best bbq bark.
  • Best for smoking large batches of food.
  • Grill over the fire in the firebox or arrange the charcoal in the bottom of the cooking chamber for a larger grill up.
  • Add more fuel through the firebox door to prevent losing heat and smoke.
  • A quality offset smoker bbq will last for many years with upkeep.
  • They are usually less expensive than pellet smokers.
  • Offset smokers do not require electricity for grilling anywhere. You can cook without hassle.

Benefits Of Pellet Smokers

  • If you want to bbq and get some other chores done, the pellet smoker offers a set-and-forget technology.
  •  With automatic temperature control, you do not have to worry about temperature fluctuations or spikes that may ruin your meat.
  • Some pellet grills have WiFi, and you can manage your barbecue from your phone.
  • Pellet smokers are for newbies, but chefs are also using them.
  • Additionally, pellet smokers have convection fans that help keep the heat at an even temperature and create the perfect environment for baking or roasting.
  • Pellet smokers tend to be more expensive than offset 
  • You can even use some pellet grills to grill, and they are super-efficient when it comes to fuel.

Drawbacks Of the Offset 

  • Becoming an expert at smoking on an offset smoker bbq takes time and practice.
  • You will need to watch the temperature of your offset smoker throughout your cooking process and manually adjust the heat as necessary.
  • In cooler/wetter climates, cooking on an offset smoker can be very difficult because it becomes hard to control the heat from the fire.
  •  Some models come in painted steel, which can rust if the paint begins to flake. In relationton this, it’s easily fixable.

Drawbacks Of the Pellet

  • Pellet smokers require electricity, so you may need an extension cord/inverter if the cooking happens when you travel outdoors.
  • Pellet smokers are usually more expensive than offset smokers.
  • They often produce a slightly less smoky flavor than offset smokers, but this can be a good thing depending on your taste.
  • Some pellet smokers can’t grill because the temperature may not rise enough.


pellet and offset smoker

A Direct Comparison of Their Features


Pellet smoker 

Offset smoker 

It can be used to smoke, grill, sear, char,
and braise
It can be used to smoke, grill, bake,
roast, sear, broil, braise, and char-grill
It is powered by wood or charcoal. It uses 100% wood pellets and is
driven by an electric motor.
Ranges between $400 to $2,000+ Ranges between $300 to $2,000+
Depending on the type of fuel used, the
operating costs are low to moderate.
Low operating costs
There is no need for power. Power is required.
Cooking capacity ranges from small to
very large.
Cooking capacity ranges from small to



Fuel (Wood pellets / charcoal)

The main difference between offset smokers and pellet grills is the fuel source. Offset smokers use wood and charcoal. On the other hand, pellet smokers need electricity or hardwood pellets, which can make a big difference in the flavor of your food. But the best part of an offset smoker is the smoky taste, especially if you love brisket!

Comfort and Usage

Smoking meat on an offset smoker requires skill and attention, while pellet smokers are automatic and designed to be set and forgotten. With offset smokers, you must start the fire yourself and attend to the firebox once every 45 minutes or every hour.
With pellet smokers, you load the hopper with wood pellets, select the temperature, and the smoker does all the work for you. They offer at least 8 hours of smoking time with a single load of pellets while you can chill and have fun.



Most fans of Offset smokers appreciate its smoky flavor. Yet, offset smokers and some pellet smokers can provide the same level of smoke and flavor.
Offset smokers use wood chunks for smoke, but the amount of smoke depends on external factors like weather and wind. Pellet smokers use compressed wood dust and offer consistent smoke.

High-quality bbq-grade pellets are usually free of fillers and made from actual wood.
So, you can expect the same wood-fired flavor from a pellet smoker as you would from an offset bbq


pellet grill in use

Heat Range and Control

Best of all, offset and pellet smokers allow cooking up to 200°C. Offset smokers have a separate fire in the chamber barrel for direct heat to the grilling chamber. Remember to check if the smoker is designed for this to avoid voiding the warranty.
Pellet smokers have heat from directly below the surface, but a cast iron plate or heavy gauge skillet can help sear a steak to perfection.
Regulating temperature in an offset smoker requires opening and closing vents. A thermometer on the top chamber may show a higher reading than the rest of the smoker.
A separate meat thermometer is necessary for accurate temperature measurement.
Contrarily, pellet smokers have a control panel that regulates airflow and pellet intake for precise temperature control. Either way, you need practice to get used to this process.


Pellets and offsets have high initial costs but offer multiple models at different price points.
Pellet smokers have extra features like automated regulation and convection fans that can raise the initial cost. Still, they offer many ways to cook your meat and who cares what elitists like Bill Gates says, meat is healthy and delicious.
Offset smokers may be traditional, though they give you the authentic barbeque flavor if you crave that. They are also more affordable, but maintenance can cost due to fuel efficiency.

The Verdict: Smoking your meats on The Offset Smoker Or the Pellet Smoker?

The debate between the two smokers may never be resolved. Some prefer traditional smokers for smokiness, while others prefer the simplicity and accuracy of pellet smokers.
Choose an offset smoker if you enjoy active smoking and want a strong and smoky flavor. This smoker is best for seasoned BBQ enthusiasts who need a hands-on cooking approach.
Coming to pellet smokers, they are easy to use and maintain perfect cooking conditions. You will not need to monitor temperatures or add more wood, making them a convenient option for amateurs. The best part is, using a pellet smoker can be programmed to your preference.
One thing we can both agree on is they are both superior any kind of gas grills.
An offset smoker bbq is the best bet for experienced smokers, while a pellet smoker is the choice for beginners. If you are interested in exploring smoking further check out our masterbuilt vs traeger and best rated pellet grills articles.  


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