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Pellet Grills: Green Mountain Grills vs. Camp Chef Showdown

Pellet Grills: Green Mountain Grills vs. Camp Chef Showdown

When it's time to camp or cook outdoors, you are looking for the perfect weather and the best cooking appliances! Whether you are a first-time camper or experienced one, there is always something to learn about grilling.
Camp Chef is one of the most well-known brands in the outdoor grill industry. They sell a range of camping stoves, grills, and other cooking equipment. On the other hand, Green Mountain is also well-known for its pellet grills. They have slightly different strengths with their products.

Green Mountain Grills and Camp Chef Pellet smokers are two of the most popular and efficient appliances to prepare a delicious grill meal outdoors or even indoors. These brands compete in the mid-range pellet grill market. With that said, they have similarities and differences since they both produce portable pellet grills /smokers.
So, which one to pick, Camp Chef or Green Mountain Grills (GMG)? Here, we will help you decide which grill is your best option for the next cookout. Let's dive in deep and break it down for you.


Camp Chef Overview

Camp Chef is the brand name for practical outdoor cooking equipment. It began with the Pro 60 stove and has since expanded to include grills and associated accessories. Over many years, it has been manufacturing durable products such as stainless-steel appliances.

camp chef logo
Since its inception, Camp Chef has always had one goal: outdoor cooking! Over the years, there has been a demand for more convenient and better-quality products at sterling prices – and Camp Chef delivers!

camp chef pellet grill in use outdoors

Camp Chef pellet grills received countless awards and recognition, including the Good Housekeeping® Seal of Approval. Camp Chef pellet grills are manufactured in China and designed in the US. The Woodwind and Smoke Pro ranges received high praise from outdoor enthusiasts for their superior build, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Camp Chef History

Camp Chef has been around for a long time, making outdoor cooking equipment like stoves, grills, and accessories that are durable and easy to use. They started with the Pro 60 stove created by Ty Measom.
In 1990, Pro60 founder Ty Measom was frustrated and motivated by the vastness and quality of the current outdoor cooking equipment on the market. In relation to this, he concluded that there was a need for a more efficient and powerful outdoor cooking approach. After intensive research and development, the brand that would eventually revolutionize camp cooking was born.
Since then, Camp Chef has expanded its product range to include a variety of portable and powerful propane cookers, barbecue grill boxes, griddles, cast iron cookware, and several other products and accessories.


Green Mountain Grills Overview (GMG)

The GMG pellet grills stand out from its competitors in many ways. Its stainless-steel grills are constructed with 304-grade steel, eliminating the need for chrome or scratch-on finishes that can fade over time. All their grills feature solid-state electronic control systems, allowing for more precise temperature regulation and even cooling to ensure optimal food cooking.


green mountain pellet grill in backyard

The GMG Davey Crockett, the only pellet grill in its class, is distinguished by its digital thermostat controller and is among the most advanced on the market. The controller is user-friendly and requires minimal instruction, even if the user has no experience with pellet grills.
Additionally, the Green Mountain Grills range of products is available in several colors, allowing consumers to choose the one that best suits their style.


Green Mountain Grills History


Based in Reno, Nevada, GMG is a leading manufacturer of wood pellet smokers. Since its inception in 2007, GMG has been the leader in the pellet smoker industry and unlike the Patriots, they did this without the NFL’s help.
The founder of GMG is dad and grill master Jason Baker, who is passionate about grilling. He says he prefers a pellet smoker over any other option. But, back in the day, he felt the pellet grills on the market weren't up to his standards. So, he decided to make improvements to construct an even better pellet grill, and that's how GMG came to be.

Today, GMG is at the forefront of innovation, efficiency, and quality with the industry's best pellet grill. The company is still headquartered in Reno, Nevada, and is still owned and operated by the Baker family. Although some product operations, such as the grilling and accessories, are outsourced to China. Nevertheless, the company remains American-based.


Camp Chef grill review: Features and Functions

Down and Out Ventilation

A heat diffuser works by pushing smoke and heating up the grills sides before exiting through the grill's rear exhaust. This way, it ensures that heat and smoke get evenly distributed across the entire chamber.


The Smoke Box

Camp Chef pellet grills have a smoke box that lets you control your heat and flavor at the same time. It,s a great way to customize your cooking experience. You can use wood pellets, chunks, or charcoal to control the heat and flavor. Also, the damper value lets you adjust the heat output to your liking. The Smoke Box gives you all the flavor of an offset grill but with the added benefit of smoking at a low and slow speed. You can even use it for cold smoking with the fan-only mode.


Stainless Steel Construct


Stainless steel is a component of Camp Chef's product line. It helps the grill retain heat and resist corrosion and rust. The inner grill plate is made of 430-grade stainless steel, while the butterfly valve, the gasket, and the burn cup are 304-grade stainless steel.

Wi-Fi + Camp Chef Connect App

The Woodwind Wi-Fi includes a full-color display, a weather-resistant cover, a menu dial, temperature probe ports, and more. Use the Camp Chef Connect app to track your cooking wherever you are. The app allows you to set timers, view historical data, label probes, and select meat types with the Smart Meat Assistant. This function makes it easier to use your pellet grill.

camp chef wifi screen

Smoke Number


Camp Chef pellet grills includes a PID controller that controls the smoke and temperature. You can adjust the Smoke Number to regulate the proper amount of smoke. The precise controller gives you the most accurate grill temperature in the industry. As the Smoke Number goes up, your smoke output goes up, and similarly, as the Smoke Number goes down, your temperatures will hold.


Sidekick Compatible


Upgrade your pellet smoker with a Sidekick flat top or Sidekick sear. Use your existing Sidekick shelf holes to mount a Sidekick directly onto your pellet grill. This feature allows you to cook with propane from your Sidekick grill. Add compatible 1-burner, 14-inch accessories to personalize your cooking experience!

Cleanout Ash

Your pellet grill uses Hardwood Pellets to burn and smolder, which gives you smoke, but it also gives you ash. Instead of dragging out your shop vac, pull the Ash Cleanout button on the side of your grill, and your unwanted ash will flow into the cup. From there, you can dispose of it in a matter of seconds.


Green Mountain Grill Features and Functions


Dual Fan System


  • The Hopper Fan generates positive pressure to prevent burn-back within the hopper.
  • The combustion fan maintains cooking temperatures in the harshest conditions and blows most ash from the firebox, allowing for less frequent clean-up.
  • The Venturi-style Firebox generates a burn pot cycle for optimal heat distribution and combustion without waste.

green mountain grill pellet smoker in use

Grill Space

GMG has a Peaked Lid in a 13”-gauge steel lid that's great for big turkeys, standing chicken, meat racks, and more.

Wi-Fi Server Mode Smart Control

GMG lets you control and monitor your grill and food temperatures with Wi-Fi

Server Mode

Smart Control. You can set your cooking profiles, customize and program for easy repeatability.
Also, set timers and get alerts to help you manage your culinary experience.


Wood-fire features


  •  The Digital Controller controls the internal temperature by regulating the fuel and oxygen flow to the Firebox.
  • The Auger Motor rotates the auger, which feeds the pellets into the Firebox.
  • The Heat ROD will ignite the pellets to get them hot, and the Combustion fan will keep them burning.
  • The Micro-Adjustable Variable-Speed Fan and Auger Motor allow the grill and food to get set at the desired temperature.
  • The Firebox is a Venturi-style design that produces the ultimate wood-burning fire. It circulates pure hardwood smoke throughout the grill.


Stainless Steel Heat Distribution


The Heat Shield covers the Firebox and transfers heat to both sides of your grill and into your convection-style grill chamber. A sensor inside the grill transmits data to your onboard computer ten times every second. The controller then adjusts the airflow and pellet flow to maintain the desired temperature. But, the heat shield styles and positions may vary from grill to grill.


Camp Chef and GMG pellet grills comparison 


When choosing between Green Mountain Grills and Camp Chef, you will notice some main differences that can help you make an informed decision.

Temperature range


Camp Chef has a new, more accurate PID-based controller that allows you to keep the temperature range from fluctuating too much. So, when you set it, it should only go up or down by around 5°F on either side of the target. Also, you can adjust how much smoke you want without adjusting the temperature range. You can set the dial anywhere from 1 to 10 and change the flavor of the meat for more control.
Green Mountain uses regular controllers, not the PID-based system, so you may see the temperature fluctuate more on either side. It's not uncommon for the temperature to fluctuate by around +/-25°F. Both brands have controllers that let you cook almost anything at the right temperature. But with the PID-based controllers from Camp Chef, you can even add more smoke.

Space and capacity

With regard to the space and capacity of Green Mountain Grills, the range size is significantly smaller than Camp Chef. The portable GMG grill is 219 square inches, while the big model capacity is 658 square inches. However, the peaked lid design provides additional height for big turkeys, whole cuts, and more.
Whereas with Camp Chef, you can pick a total rack area between 811 and 1236 square inches.
What's more, you can add a Sear Box or Sidekick, which increases the cooking functionality.
Camp Chef gives you more size options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.



From a maintenance point of view, the Camp Chef does have the edge. The Camp Chef claims an effortless; ash clean-up thanks to its proprietary ash clean out and grease management systems. Green Mountain doesn't include either of these features, but many reviewers say cleaning is simple with a vacuum or dust buster.


Pellet Hopper

There's a big difference between the two models if you consider the pellet hopper capacity of Camp Chef and GMG.
If you measure based on model size, the Camp Chef can hold 18 or 22 pounds of pellets. The GMG can carry 17 or 18 pounds.
Generally, each pound of pellets will give you around an hour of slow and low cooking time.
The two brands will offer about the same smoke time before you may need to add extra pellets.
They both give a decent amount of time to cook unassisted.


Camp chef and gmg's are well-priced for what they provide. While Green Mountain has a more affordable price point if you're looking at the dollar amount, and Camp Chef offers more space at a lower price point. So, we think there's a benefit to both, which comes down to your budget.



If you buy a Camp Chef or Green Mountain Grill, you can expect it to come with a 3-year warranty. There are some exceptions, but on the whole, they both keep pretty good.


The Verdict: Make the Right Choice

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line pellet grills, you won't find a better deal than Camp Chef or Green Mountain. Both brands have great prices, durable stainless-steel components, and Wi-Fi.
But if you're looking for something that will take your grilling to a whole new level, Camp Chef is a better choice. They have some cool features, like their Slide and Grill. Also, their PID temperature controllers are super accurate.
But that doesn't mean Green Mountain isn't a sound choice. Their recent GMG Trek is sturdy and long-lasting, with Wi-Fi and a 12V power connection, so you don't have to buy and carry an inverter.
Further more, camp chef offers quality grills at a moderate price point. Camp Chef offers a wide selection of sizes and models to suit any budget and the optional addition of a propane-powered side burner for a comprehensive solution.

If you're interested in exploring the camp chef brand further check out our camp chef vs traeger grill review.

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