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Top 5 Best BBQ under $1000 Australia

Top 5 Best BBQ under $1000 Australia

Are you looking for you could have a Barbie that's affordable but still delivers quality? Imagine getting one of the top barbecues for under $1000 in Australia this is as appealing as a piping hot steak during a Sunday evening arvo! It's not about just any BBQ, and It's about finding the perfect balance of performance, price and pizzazz that can transform your outdoor cooking experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our selection of BBQs isn't only about grilling; they're all about turning your backyard into a flavour-packed food event. From the plethora of Weber models, which are famous for their even heat distribution and iconic sear marks, to durable and portable models that will ensure that your steaks and snags are perfectly cooked, We've got you for you. They come with a myriad of features, such as stainless steel burners, easy-to-clean surfaces and precise temperature controls, which makes them the best choice for those looking to get the most value for their money.

Why is this book worthy of your attention? because every Aussie deserves an exceptional barbie experience that doesn't break the budget. When you're flipping burgers, grilling a succulent brisket cooking marinated chicken wings to perfection, This guide will help you receive the most value in terms of quality, quantity and flavour, all for less than $1000.

So, dive in, and let's start your barbecue game!

1. Beefeater Bigg Bugg 2 Burner BBQ & Trolley, Amber or black 

front view of bugg bbq

beefeater bug price check button

Improve your outdoor cooking skills by using The Beefeater Bigg Bugg 2-burner barbecue and Trolley that is stunning amber. This BBQ isn't only about grilling, it's about making memories with friends and family as well as having delicious food that has been cooked to perfection. Let's take a look at what makes this BBQ an essential part of every Aussie backyard.

Main Features

  • Quartz Start Ignition: Let go of the frustration of unreliable ignition systems. It's the Beefeater Bigg Bugg comes equipped with Quartz Start Ignition technology that ensures a consistent start each time. This means less time faffing with matches and more time soaking up your cooking experiences.
  • Two stainless steel burners: Power and consistency are essential to good barbecuing, and this BBQ provides both with its two strong stainless steel burners. When you're grilling steaks, or slow cooking roasts, these burners will make sure you get the perfect results. Roast the burners will offer even heat distribution for perfectly cooked results.
  • Dual Temperature Control: Controlling grilling is simple, with two temperature controls. This feature lets you regulate various heat zones on your grill and allows cooking multiple dishes at the same time, making sure that the food is cooked to perfection.
  • Big Cooking Area: The vast cooking area, combined with an enamel cast iron grill, allows for the flexibility to cook many different food items. Whether it's a large family gathering or just an informal weekend barbecue, there's plenty of space to cook enough food for all.
  • Rust-Resistant Paint: Durability meets style thanks to this rust-resistant coated enamel. It not only looks fantastic, but it will ensure the durability of the grill and is able to withstand the tough Australian conditions pro, viding many years of dependable use.

beefeater bugg specs

Other Specifications

  • Integrated Thermometer: Maintain track of your cooking temperature using the built-in thermometer to ensure that your food is cooked perfectly each time.
  • Spring Assist Hood: The soft and simple-to-use hood helps in cooking safely, allowing accessibility to the grill without the danger of burning.
  • Robust Trolley Style: The robust trolley is not only a great way to increase mobility but also stability, making the BBQ experience both pliable and safe.
  • Simple-Clean features: The easy-clean vitreous enamelhood and an empty grease tray, maintenance is easy and fast.
  • Large Storage: The built-in storage unit and the convenient side tray trays provide ample space to store your barbecue tools as well as sauces, spices, and condiments and keep everything in reach.
  • Weatherproof stand cover: Cover your barbecue from the elements by using a weatherproof cover that is available, making sure it is tidy and ready for the next barbecue gathering.

bugg bbq on deck

The Beefeater Bigg Bugg BBQ is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a premium sturdy, durable, and versatile outdoor cooking option. It blends the most essential elements of a top BBQ along with the ease and flexibility of an easy-to-use portable grill, all at a budget of less than 1000 dollars in Australia.

2. Napoleon Freestyle 365 Gas BBQ

black freestyle front view


freestyle check price

Enhance your outdoor dining experience by using The Napoleon Freestyle 365 Gas BBQ. This small powerhouse was designed to make grilling easy, flexible and enjoyable. It will fit perfectly into the backyard or balcony or any other outdoor setting. Let's take a look at the outstanding attributes and features that help make this grill the ideal option for barbecue enthusiasts.

Main Features

  • JETFIRE Ignition System: The Napoleon Freestyle 365 features the revolutionary JETFIRE Ignition System which ensures that you get a consistent start each time. The system allows you to ignite the BBQ rapidly and efficiently, thus eliminating common issues associated with traditional methods of ignition. It's all about reliability and convenience, which allows you to concentrate on enjoying grilling.
  • 3 Stainless Steel Burners: Three Stainless Steel Burners: Featuring an array of superior performance stainless steel burners, this BBQ assures even heat distribution and excellent cooking outcomes. If you're cooking steaks, searing them or grilling your vegetables gently, the burners will provide steady heat to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection each time.
  • Cast Iron Enamel Cooking Grids: Grids made of durable cast iron are not just designed to last but also designed to perform. They are extremely efficient at retaining heat and provide you with those desired sear marks, and also improve the flavour of the food. In addition, their simple-clean design will allow you to spend you can spend more time to enjoy your meal, and less time spent cleaning.
  • Integral Porcelain Griddle: Expand your cooking options with the porcelain-enameled griddle that comes with the. It's great for a variety of meals including breakfast pancakes to grilling sandwiches, and offers an incredibly versatile cooking surface that adds a fresh aspect to the BBQ experience.
  • ergonomic control knobs and Accu-Probe Temperature Gauge: The ability to measure precision is within reach using the easy-to-use control knobs as well as an extensive temperature gauge. These features enable precise temperature control, ensuring that your food is cooked exactly how you prefer it, and with the ease of monitoring and altering the temperature when needed.

freestyle open bbq in use

Other Specifications

  • Compact as well as Portable Design: Ideal for smaller spaces while providing an ample cooking surface.
  • The High BTU output: 33,000 BTUs of power across the burners guarantee high-quality cooking performance.
  • Large Cooking Space: The 365 square inches of cooking space can accommodate a wide range of food items.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with high-quality materials to last, you can count on many years of reliable usage.
  • Comfort and Safety: features like the cart's enclosed design and robust wheels increase security and mobility which makes the grill simple to move and secured in the right place.
  • Flexible Side Shelves: They offer additional space for preparation and tools, and then can fold down for compact storage.

freesyle bbq on deck

The Napoleon Freestyle 360 Gas BBQ is designed to appeal to those who love the taste as well as the convenience of cooking outdoors. With its powerful features and easy-to-use design, it's much more than barbecue; it's a complete accessory to the kitchen, ensuring delicious meals and unforgettable memories every time you use it.

3. Crossray Electric BBQ with Trolley


crossray front view bbq


crossray price check

The Crossray Electric BBQ with Trolley TCE15TR redefines cooking outdoors by combining the ease of electric grilling with the traditional experience of the traditional BBQ. This unique grill allows you to have delicious food cooked effortlessly, with precision and class. Let's take a look at the major aspects, along with the specs that help this grill stand out.

Main Features

  • High-powered Infrared Elements: with two carbon infrared electric components that each deliver 775 watts of power, The BBQ boasts incredible heating capabilities. They provide fast heating times and a maximum temperature of 300°C that allows you to cook the steaks you want, grill veggies, and even bake perfect pizza. The constant heat distribution guarantees evenly cooked meals each moment, making the barbecue experience enjoyable and reliable.
  • Dual-Zone Cooking Controller: Its innovative dual-zone cooking feature that lets you control multiple temperatures of cooking simultaneously, giving you flexibility when cooking. This feature lets you efficiently cook several dishes simultaneously that cater to a wide range of preferences and tastes. When you're grilling delicately cooked fish or searing a large steak the precise temperature control will ensure that each food item is cooked exactly how you prefer it.
  • Elegant and sleek Trolley Design: The trolley isn't just an ordinary stand, but it is a functional workstation, with foldable stainless steel side shelves and storage space. The sturdy design and sturdy construction mean that you are able to easily move your barbecue setup to whatever location your culinary adventures take you, whether that's the garden or a patio gathering or even a picnic with the family.
  • Large cooking surface: The large cooking area of 1436 cm2 lets you cook a variety of meals simultaneously, which makes it ideal for large-scale gatherings or gatherings of family members. The generous design guarantees that you can cook multiple food items simultaneously, which makes your BBQ gatherings more productive and enjoyable.
  • Easy of Use and maintenance: Ease of use and maintenance electric grilling eliminates the hassle of using propane bottles, or charcoal, and easy-to-clean elements like an oil tray make sure that your grill is as low-maintenance as it can be. The simple design permits rapid assembly and disassembly making it easy for the user from beginning to end.

crossray electric bbq on deck

Other Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Construction: ensures longevity and durability and is complemented by a chic look.
  • Mobile Design: The device is fitted with wheels that can be castor for effortless mobility, which makes it ideal for outdoor use in a variety of settings.
  • Quick assembly: designed for simple setup and allows you to begin grilling immediately without a long process of preparation.
  • Temperature Variation: capable of reaching 300degC, it is ideal for a variety of cooking styles, from cooking over grills to baking.
  • Security Features: Includes an oil tray to ensure more secure cooking and easier cleanup, with fewer spills and flare-ups.
  • Flexible cooking options: The grill's versatility permits grilling with an open lid and closed lid roasting, allowing for many different recipes.
  • Energy-efficient: makes use of electricity for cooking efficiency, decreasing carbon footprint when compared with traditional barbecues.

crossray bbq in city

The Crossray Electric BBQ with Trolley is a perfect example of modern outdoor cooking that combines the benefits of efficiency, convenience and flexibility.

4. Napoleon PRO Charcoal BBQ Grill Cart

Napoleon cart bbq

check price Napoleon cart bbq

This Napoleon PRO charcoal BBQ Grill Cart is a charcoal grilling enthusiast's dream. mixing classic charcoal grilling with modern design and convenience. The BBQ grill cart was made to meet your grilling needs in all aspects, with a large grilling experience that is able to move the cart. Let's take a look at the key attributes along with the specs that make this grill indispensable for every BBQ enthusiast.

Main Features

  • The most iconic WAVE™ Grilling Grids The grill is equipped with Napoleon's exclusive ceramic-coated cast iron WAVE(tm) cooking grids, that offer even heat distribution and exceptional heat retention. This distinctive design guarantees distinctive sear marks that enhance the flavours of grill food and allows the flexibility of cooking various foods, including steaks and vegetables, while maintaining the ideal levels of moisture.
  • Adjustable charcoal bed: Adjustable charcoal bed can be a game-changer that lets you control the temperature. By elevating or lower the level of your charcoal bed you can adjust the distance of your food items to the source of heat, resulting in unmatched cooking precision. This feature allows you to cook meats to a high temperature or cook them more slowly to produce succulent, juicy results. This makes it ideal for any food you want to grill.
  • It comes with an ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge: Monitoring and maintaining the perfect temperature for cooking is simple thanks to this built-in ACCU-PROBE(tm) thermometer. This precise gauge guarantees that you'll maintain the ideal temperature for your cooking, from low-slow smoking to high heat searing, guaranteeing perfect results each time.
  • Durable Cart Style with Folding Shelf: The robust cart design doesn't just provide flexibility to the grill but also comes with an stainless steel folding side shelf with ample space to cooking and other tools. The cart is built for security and durability, making sure that your grill remains in place, whether you cook at your outdoor grill or moving it to another place.
  • Heavy Ash Catcher made of Steel along with the Stainless steel Heat Diffuser: Clean-up is easy thanks to the easy-to-clean ash trap, making it easy to do cleaning up after a barbecue. Its stainless steel heat diffuser enhances the effectiveness of grilling and evenly distributes heat throughout it, evenly distributing heat throughout the grill while avoiding flare ups guaranteeing a comfortable grilling experience.

Napoleon bbq on grass

Other Specifications

  • Large Cooking Area: offers the space of 365 square feet for cooking space, which can accommodate large meat cuts or a variety of recipes.
  • Hinged Cooking Grids: It has three height adjustments to allow for a variety of cooking that allows for various temperature levels.
  • Solid Construction: Made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity and a consistent performance.
  • Mobile and Convenient: The cart's features wheels that allow for effortless moving, which is ideal for tailgating or backyard barbecues.
  • Easy access Charcoal Door: Allows for the easy charging with charcoal or wood chips adding smoky flavor.
  • Heating Control: Professionally designed to ensure the best flow of air and control over temperature, which ensures an optimal grilling experience every time.
  • Weather-resistant: built to withstand the elements and ensure durability across all seasons.

Napoleon cart open lid

The Napoleon PRO Charcoal BBQ Grill Cart embodies the essence of traditional charcoal grilling, while also incorporating modern convenience and function. It's made to appeal to grillers who enjoy the delicious flavors can only charcoal grilling can deliver, however also appreciate the ease and efficiency of modern BBQ technology.

5. Camp Chef Flat Top 4 Burner Grill 600

camp chef flat top bbq

check price camp chef

This Camp Chef Flat Top 4 Burner Grill 600 is an incredibly versatile and powerful cooking appliance designed for those who enjoy cooking outdoors. This grill is known for its capacity to cook large amounts of food fast and evenly, which makes it ideal for all gatherings whether small or large. Let's take a look at the key characteristics as well as the specifications which make this grill an outstanding choice for barbecue lovers.

Main Features

  • interchangeable flat Top Grill: It is the Camp Chef Grill comes with a huge, interchangeable flat top grid that covers 604 sq inches. This feature lets you change between a griddle and grill grates, allowing you to use it for cooking eggs, pancakes or burgers. It also allows you to cook steaks. Its True Seasoned finish ensures that the surface is non-stick and cooks quickly and cook, which is ideal for every meal from breakfast to dinner.
  • Four high-output burners: With the four 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners, this grill provides exceptional heating power. The burners are specifically designed to provide even heat distribution, ensuring that food is cooked evenly, without cold spots. If you're cooking meat, or cooking delicate foods The consistent heat spread across the entire surface gives the best results each time.
  • Matchless ignition System: The simple matchless ignition system guarantees that you are able to start cooking without the requirement for matchboxes or lighters. This reliable system provides an easy and secure method to light the burners and adds convenience to the grilling experience, let you concentrate on the pleasure of cooking outdoors.
  • Grease Management System: Featuring an efficient system to manage grease This grill comes with the grease tray as well as the catch bucket. This system assists to keep clean the cooking surface clean and reduces flare-ups, creating a safer cooking area and making the cleanup process a lot easier.
  • Large capacity for cooking: The Flat The Top Grill is specifically designed to feed large crowds quickly. It has a 600-square-inch area which can cook food for 50-100 people per hour. This huge cooking area is perfect for events, family gatherings, or any occasion where it is necessary to cook huge quantities of food quickly.

camp chef bbq in use

Other Specifications

  • Flipping Side Shelves: provide an additional space for preparation and is easily folds away to store.
  • Micro Adjust Levelers for Griddles: Make sure your cooking surface is perfectly leveled to ensure uniform cooking.
  • Roll Wheels: It allow for simple transportation, whether you're transporting it from the backyard or loading it to take it to the tailgate.
  • Propane Tank Holder: It securely holds an ordinary propane tank, enhancing the stability and ease of use.
  • Leg Levelers Adjustable: Maintain the grill steady over uneven areas, making sure that your cooking surface is always horizontal.
  • Durable Construction: The main component is sturdy steel, but with some stainless steel components for longevity.
  • A Large Grilling Area: It has an additional 500 sq. inches of for grilling cooking surface for added versatility.
  • 1 Year Warranty: It comes with a one-year guarantee covering manufacturing and material issues to ensure security.

camp chef flat top burners

The Camp Chef Flat Top 4 Burner Grill 600 is a perfect example of outdoor cooking, which combines the largest cooking area, versatile cooking options and powerful burners into a single appliance.

What to Consider When Buying a BBQ Under $1000

When you're on the hunt for the best BBQs under $1000 in Australia, certain factors are crucial to ensure you get great value, quality, and satisfaction from your purchase. Here are key considerations:

  • Size Matters: Think about how many people you'll typically be cooking for. If you often host large gatherings, look for a BBQ with a generous cooking surface. For smaller groups or solo cooking, a compact model might be more appropriate, saving space and fuel.
  • Fuel Type: Decide between charcoal, gas, or electric BBQs. Charcoal gives a traditional smoky flavour, gas grills offer convenience and quick heating, while electric BBQs are perfect for simplicity and indoor use. Each type has its pros and cons, depending on your cooking style and taste preferences.
  • Durability: Look for BBQs constructed with high-quality materials like stainless steel or cast aluminium, which can withstand the elements and frequent use. Durable materials ensure your BBQ lasts through many grilling seasons, providing value for money.
  • Features Galore: Consider BBQs with extra features like side burners, rotisseries, warming racks, and temperature controls. These can enhance your cooking experience, allowing more versatility in what and how you cook.
  • Brand Reputation: Research brands for their reliability, customer service, and warranty offerings. Established brands with good reputations are often more reliable and provide better after-sales support.

Remember, the selected BBQs align with these considerations, offering a blend of size, fuel efficiency, durability, enhanced features, and reputable brand backing.

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