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Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg: The Ultimate Grill Showdown

Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg: The Ultimate Grill Showdown

Introduction to Kamado Grilling

In the crowded world of grilling outdoors, the saga of Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg (BGE) is notable, particularly in the top ceramic grill market.

Let's look into the history, evolution, and distinctive characteristics that have established these brands as a staple of the culinary scene for barbecue lovers.


The History and Evolution of Kamado Cooking

The history of cooking with kamado dates back 3000 years, and is derived from traditional cooking techniques made of clay from Asia. Today's kamado grill, however, has advanced from its humble starting point. 

It was originally a simple clay vessel, the modern kamado grills are modern, ceramic-engineered cookers that are renowned for their incredible performance in insulation as well as their versatility.

They are made by the Big Green Egg company, founded in the 1970s, which was instrumental in introducing Kamado Grills kamado grill to the American market. It wasn't long before other brands, such as Kamado Joe, emerged, offering innovations that have constantly redefined what we can expect from a Kamado grill.

Why Kamado Grills are a Culinary Staple

Kamado grill's capacity to keep temperatures consistent allows them to be extremely adaptable, capable of smoking, grilling, or baking with a high degree of accuracy.



The secret is in their ceramic structure, which provides superior thermal retention as well as distribution. This, in conjunction with a powerful vent system permits exact control of airflow as well as temperature.

It doesn't matter if you want slow-cooked brisket or high-heat seared steak kamado grill is able to handle everything and is a must-have for anyone who is serious about outdoor cooking.

Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg: A Brief Overview

The Big Green Egg, often known as BGE is famous for its famous green egg-shaped shape. It is adored for its long-lasting longevity and has a devoted audience of people who are awed by its cooking abilities.

However, Kamado Joe, a relative newcomer, has swiftly established itself by introducing innovative features such as its "Divide and Conquer" cooking system as well as an air-lift hinge as well as an all-panel firebox that improves the experience of grilling. Kamado Joe's strategy of incorporating essential accessories as well as innovative features has set the bar for this Kamado market.

Both brands have a selection of models, ranging from compact to huge units, making sure you have a grill to meet the needs of each backyard and barbecue fan's desires.


It doesn't matter if you're looking for the versatility that comes with The Kamado Joe Classic or the reliable and tested quality that comes with the Large Big Green Egg, these grills offer unbeatable performance to your table.

Unveiling Kamado Joe: A Modern Approach to Traditional Grilling

Kamado Joe offers a fresh approach to the technique of kamado cooking by blending traditional methods with the latest technologies to meet the needs of modern grill fans.


The Revolutionary Features of Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe stands out among other competitors, like its Big Green Egg, through numerous distinct characteristics:

  • The Air Lift Hinge: Reduces the dome's load by 96%, which makes it easy to lift the lid of ceramic that weighs a lot.
  • Divide and Conquer Cooking System: Offers unbeatable cooking versatility and allows various foods to cook at varying temperatures at the same time.
  • Kontrol Tower top Vent: Offers precise airflow management and is weatherproof, ensuring consistent temperatures.
  • AMP (Advanced Multi-Panel) FireBox: The segments prevent breakage, which ensures durability and longevity.
  • The Slide-Out Ash Drawer is a patent-pending invention: That lines up an important improvement over conventional Kamado grills.
  • Wire Mesh Fibreglass Gasket: Offers a superior air-tight seal, and doubles the life of gaskets that are standard.
  • JoeTisserie: It's a rotisserie option that works perfect with a grill, which expands its versatility further.

The Divide and Conquer Cooking System Explained

At the core of Kamado Joe's innovative design lies the "Divide and Conquer" cooking system. This revolutionary feature transforms grilling through the introduction of the concept of a half-rack with multiple levels, which doubles the cooking area.

Grillers can cook diverse foods in different types with different temperatures all at the at the same time.

If it's searing a steak in high heat below while vegetables slowly roast above while simultaneously grilling and smoking the meat, this system gives you unrivalled flexibility. This level of flexibility and versatility has set Kamado Joe apart from this world of barbecue.

Why Kamado Joe is the Preferred Choice for Grill Enthusiasts

Kamado Joe's commitment to innovative technology, paired with its dedication to high-end quality, is what has made it the most popular choice of grill fans. Its groundbreaking features, from the simple Air Lift Hinge to the multi-functional Divide and Conquer cooking system, not only improve the cooking experience but can also revolutionize the possibilities of the ceramic grill.

In addition, add the convenience of the pull-out ash drawer and the longevity that is guaranteed by the fibreglass wire mesh gasket. That's the reason Kamado Joe is ahead of its competition, which includes the well-known Big Green Egg.

Additionally, Kamado Joe's inclusive approach includes a wide range of accessories and features as standard - providing outstanding value for money. The extensive range, along with the lifetime warranty, ensures that when you purchase Kamado Joe, you're getting Kamado Joe, you're investing in the best grilling experience that doesn't call for frequent upgrades or extra purchases. This ethos is what resonates with grillers of today who want high-end quality, versatility, and innovation all in one package.

Understanding Big Green Egg: The Traditionalist's Choice

The Big Green Egg (BGE) is a significant section in the evolution of outdoor cooking, which combines traditional kamado techniques with the latest technology to please the purist as well as the enthusiastic.

The Legacy of Big Green Egg in Kamado Cooking

Since its debut around 1970, the Big Green Egg has cemented its position as an innovator within the kamado grill market. Inspired by the ancient Asian pottery cooking vessels, The BGE was among the first companies to adopt this concept to its place in the American barbecue market. Its distinctive green egg-shaped design is not only a reference to its name but also an ode to its unique method of mixing form and purpose. The brand's dedication to quality and performance has established it as a standard in the field of kamado cooking which has inspired many competitors and imitations.

Key Features and Unique Offerings of Big Green Egg

"Big Green Egg's" appeal is its simplicity and effectiveness. Key features include:

  • Ceramic Body: The thick body of ceramic is extremely heat-retention, which allows the precise control of temperature regardless of smoking at low temperatures and slow or searing at high temperatures.
  • Patented Airflow System: BGE's Top and Bottom vent design provides effective airflow control and makes it easy to adjust the ideal temperature for cooking.
  • Flexible cooking options: From grilling and smoking to baking and roasting. The BGE is able to do all of it due to its flexible design and a variety of kitchen accessories.
  • Grill Grates as well as Heat Deflector: These two components are essential in the BGE's versatility and allow users to customize their cooking configuration to accommodate various cooking techniques.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: In the spirit of standing by the quality of their product Big Green Egg offers a limited lifetime warranty, underscoring their dedication to the satisfaction of their customers.

The Loyal Community of "Eggheads"

One of the most unique features associated with Big Green Egg is the enthusiastic community that has developed within the egg. Known affectionately as "Eggheads," these enthusiasts represent its impact on the barbecue lifestyle. From sharing recipes and tips to organising cook-offs The Egghead community shares a common enthusiasm for food experimentation and creativity. This loyalty is not only dependent on the product's performance but also on a sense of belonging to a bigger group of barbecue fans.

Side-by-Side Comparison: Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg

When comparing the heavyweight champions of the kamado grill world, Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg, it’s essential to take a nuanced approach, examining the strengths and unique features each brand brings to the barbecue.

Design and Build Quality: A Comparative Analysis


Kamado Joe

Big Green Egg

Kamado Joe Rating (Out of 5)

Big green egg Rating

(Out of 5)


Premium ceramic offering excellent heat retention

Premium ceramic known for durability and heat management




Features an innovative Air Lift Hinge and Multi-Panel FireBox

Classic, robust design with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness




Innovative design elements aimed at enhancing durability

Proven track record of long-lasting performance



Aesthetic and Finish

Sleek design with striking red finish

Iconic green egg-shaped design with a distinct aesthetic



Both brands showcase exceptional design and build quality, with Kamado Joe introducing innovative features while Big Green Egg maintains its reputation for robustness and enduring design.

Innovations and Accessories: Enhancing the Grilling Experience


Kamado Joe

Big Green Egg

Kamado Joe Rating

(out of 5)

Big Green egg Rating

(out of 5)

Innovative Features

Air Lift Hinge, Divide and Conquer Cooking System

Traditional but effective control system for precise cooking



Accessories Included

Includes ash drawer and heat deflector among others

Essentials sold separately



Additional Purchases

Comprehensive out-of-the-box experience

Flexibility in customizing the grill with chosen accessories




Excellent with integrated systems for diverse cooking methods

High, with the right accessories adding to the grill’s capabilities



Kamado Joe shines with its built-in features, while Big Green Egg offers a customizable experience that allows grillers to tailor their setup to their specific needs.

Cooking Performance and Versatility


Kamado Joe

Big Green Egg

Kamado Joe Rating

(out of 5)

Big green egg Rating

(out of 5)

Temperature Control

Kontrol Tower Top Vent for precise airflow management

Efficient airflow system for stable temperature control



Versatility in Cooking

"Divide and Conquer" system offers unmatched flexibility

Exceptional for a range of cooking styles, especially with added accessories



Ease of Use

Features like the ash drawer add convenience

Classic design that’s straightforward to use



Overall Cooking Experience

Versatile and user-friendly, catering to all levels of grilling expertise

Proven performance that’s beloved by beginners and pros alike



While Kamado Joe presents innovative features for convenience and versatility, Big Green Egg stands its ground with a solid performance and a loyal following that swears by its reliability and ease of use.

Both Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg excel in their own right, offering quality, performance, and a unique grilling experience. Kamado Joe may lead with innovation, but Big Green Egg's legacy of quality and robust community support holds strong appeal.

Overall Cooking Experience Versatile and user-friendly, catering to all levels of grilling expertise Proven performance that’s beloved by beginners and pros alike 5 5  

 While Kamado Joe presents innovative features for convenience and versatility, Big Green Egg stands its ground with a solid performance and a loyal following that swears by its reliability and ease of use.

Both Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg excel in their own right, offering quality, performance, and a unique grilling experience. Kamado Joe may lead with innovation, but Big Green Egg's legacy of quality and robust community support holds strong appeal.

Kamado Joe's Edge in the Market

Kamado Joe is not just competing with an array of different brands within the world of outdoor cooking but is also working to establish its status as a leader in the industry thanks to its constant innovation and unwavering commitment to quality. The distinct advantages it enjoys over its counterparts, like those of The Big Green Egg, are apparent in a myriad of crucial areas.


The Standout Features That Set Kamado Joe Apart

Kamado Joe differentiates itself by introducing several revolutionary features created to enhance the grilling experience.

  • The Air Lift Hinge: Reduces the weight of the dome and makes it more convenient to open and close while reducing wear and tear on the grill itself.
  • The split-and-conquer flexible cooking system: Allows various foods to be cooked with different temperatures simultaneously, effectively increasing the versatility of the cooking surface.
  • Kontrol Tower: The top vent is constructed from aluminum that is rust-proof; this tower offers the most precise airflow control, and stays constant even when the lid is shut and opened.
  • AMP (Advanced Multi-Panel) FireBox: The contemporary design of this firebox helps to prevent cracks that are often seen in traditional single-piece designs.
  • A patent-pending slide-out ash drawer: It helps in cleaning the ash clean and easily and is an uncommon feature in like kamado grills.

These capabilities are not only making Kamado Joe Kamado Joe user-friendly but also greatly improve its performance and endurance when compared to its rivals.

Kamado Joe's Commitment to Innovation and Quality

The advantages of market-leading Kamado Joe are likewise accentuated due to its dedication to push the boundaries of what be achieved by a Kamado grill can achieve:

  • Materials and Construction: Utilizing only the highest-quality ceramics, and bolstering them with stainless steel, Kamado Joe ensures its grills can stand up to the demands of daily usage while maintaining their best performance.
  • Research and Development: Kamado Joe invests massively in R&D to set the standard in technological advancements, such as the Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber which further improves the smoking capabilities for smokers.
  • Quality Assurance: Each Kamado Joe grill goes through rigorous tests and quality control processes to ensure that the clients receive an item that is in compliance with the strictest standards.
  • Support Desk and customer engagement: Beyond the purchase, Kamado Joe provides exceptional customer service. It includes numerous guides, quick assistance, and a lively community for those curious.

In the story of "Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe," it's obvious that despite the fact that Kamado Joe is considered to be better than Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe's innovative approach and commitment to quality set it apart from the others. The combination of tradition and innovation guarantees Kamado Joe's place at the top of market for kamado grill market, making it the best kamado grill choice for those who appreciate the quality in their grill and innovative features to your barbecue enjoyment.

Making Your Decision: Which Grill Suits You Best?

The right kamado grill can be a vital choice for anyone who is a barbecue lover. With a variety of top-quality options available that are available taking a look at the characteristics, benefits and specific requirements is crucial.

Considerations Before Making a Purchase

Before you decide on a Kamado grill, consider several crucial aspects:

  • Cooking Space Needs: Consider the size of your cooking surface you'll need. The two brands Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg provide models in various sizes, from the small Joe Junior and Minimax to the huge Classic Big Joe and Big Joe or Large Big Green Egg.
  • Versatility: Find the variety of cooking techniques you want to experiment with. Kamado grills are known for their versatility that allows grilling smoking, baking as well as roasting.
  • New Features: Explore the distinct offerings of each brand like Kamado Joe's Divide and Conquer cooking system and Big Green Egg's strong accessory line.
  • Budget: Be sure to consider your initial expenditure versus the value over time. Although some grills may have a higher price cost, make sure to check the features to determine the their overall value.
  • Service and Warranty: A solid warranty can give security. Both companies offer strong warranties, however the details may differ.

Kamado Joe: A Smart Choice for Modern Grillers

If you are looking for innovation in addition to the traditional kamado cooking techniques, Kamado Joe stands out. Its dedication to improving the experience of grilling through innovative design and cutting-edge technology offers tangible advantages:

  • Divide and Conquer system: This adaptable cooking system revolutionizes how you make use of the grill by allowing various foods to cook in a variety of temperatures and in different styles at the same time.
  • The Air Lift Hingle as well as Advanced Gasket: The two features provide durability and user-friendliness improving your overall experience.
  • Complete accessories: Kamado Joe grills usually come with necessary accessories, which eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories.

The choice of Kamado Joe doesn't just mean picking the right grill choosing an extensive cooking system that caters to the griller's needs in modern times.

The decision to choose the right grill between Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg -- or any other Kamado grill, ultimately comes down to the individual's preferences and preferences. If you're attracted by Kamado Joe's unique capabilities or to the Big Egg's long-standing reputation, the most important thing is to pick the grill that will meet your expectations in the kitchen and improves your outdoor cooking experiences.

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