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Australian Barbecue Reviews - Top 5 Best Gas BBQ Australia 2024

Australian Barbecue Reviews - Top 5 Best Gas BBQ Australia 2024

What's are the best gas barbecues in Australia?

Are you lost in the BBQ maze? Choosing between the best gas barbecue in Australia seems overwhelming. Well. fret not! Let the experts guide you into the path of grilling greatness. In this article, we have curated the list of the best 5 handpicked gas BBQs available in Australia. Let’s dive into our expert analysis, where we have compared the top models, and listed the top 7 factors to consider while purchasing the best option, and what types of gas grills are there. 


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1. Best for Versatile Cooking: CROSSRAY Gas BBQ  

2. Best Overall: Beefeater Discovery Clubman 4 

3. Best for Heat Control: Beefeater Bigg Bugg 

4. Best for Restaurant Style Experience: Napoleon Rogue 

5. Best Space-Saving Option: Napoleon Freestyle


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Unveiling the Top 5 best barbecues Taking Australia by Storm

It’s time to see the ultimate list of the best barbecues that you have been waiting for that is setting the grilling landscape on fire! 

Let’s explore each one of them in great detail:


1. Best Choice for Versatile Cooking: CROSSRAY Gas BBQ 

crossray 4 burner bbq front view

crossray price check button


For anyone looking for the best of both worlds, the flavor from charcoal grilling, and the convenience provided by gas grilling, then this product is a match made in heaven for you. The infra-red ceramic burners perfectly sear the meat while locking in the juices making it tender. From burgers to steaks to pizza, the plethora of accessories allows you to enjoy multiple cooking experiences and gives the level of versatility we all deserve on our grilling journey. 

Now let’s check out the pros and cons of this grilling system:


  • Provides you with the best heat control from 110°C to 350°C+ while using less gas to save you the bucks
  • From its hotplate to the rotisserie kit and the in-built rear kit, the ample accessories allow for multiple functions.
  • It offers flexibility by letting you cook both indoors and outdoors as it can converted to natural gas. 


  • Instant Heat:

Heating your hotplate/grill before cooking is essential in traditional BBQs and can take significant time. The Crossray 4-Burner reduces this time as the infrared burner causes instant heating and you can get started with the cooking right away.

The infrared technology also considerably reduces the problem of evenly heating your food as the infrared burners directly target heat at your meat which penetrates through it and cooks each muscle fiber evenly. 


  • No Flare-Ups:

Flare-ups are primarily caused when drippings from your BBQ fall onto an open flame, resulting in charring of meat at the surface while the inside remains raw. The Crossray 4-Burner efficiently addresses this problem by eliminating an open flame. With no open flame, the drippings don’t flare up and your meat gets cooked to perfection.

It also comes with an easy-access drain tray so you can get rid of the drippings conveniently.


  • Multipurpose

The Crossray 4-Burner lets you do more than just BBQ as it provides complete control over temperatures from 110C to 380C. It also enables it to be used as a pizza oven, outdoor oven, low 'n' slow and smoker.

The multipurpose design of this BBQ lets you cook a variety of food and satisfy different types of cravings while still catering to your hobby.


  • Energy-Efficient:

Lastly, infrared technology helps you save a lot of energy as the heating time is low, the food is cooked evenly and because of the absence of open flames. Some claim that it is up to 50% more energy efficient than its traditional counterparts.

With less time and superior performance, the energy efficiency of the Crossray 2-Burner has made it an inevitable pick among the best barbecues


  • Other Specifications:


  • Make: The body is made up of high-quality rust-resistant 304 stainless steel for extra durability.
  • Self-Cleaning: The BBQ comes with cast iron cooking grates that are designed to be self-cleaning. It further reduces the time spent while barbecuing.
  • Ignition: The Crossray 4-Burner features an electronic ignition that instantly and conveniently fires up.
  • Cooking Area:  The Crossray has an impressive cooking area of 5382cmthat lets you do most things you would desire in a standard BBQ session.


2. Best Overall: Beefeater Discovery Clubman 4 

clubman bbq front view

price check button


With its large cooking area, high-output burners, and front grease cup, this unit is perfect for BBQ lovers with big families. You can control it precisely and you will be able to cook other things such as eggs for breakfast or do a Teppanyaki-style lunch for your next big gathering. We highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality durable piece that will last you a lifetime with the best performance. 

Let’s break down the pros and cons of this exceptional BBQ:


  • It is a high-performing unit that comes with 4 cast iron burners.
  • Along with a built-in warming rack, it has a large cooking area to host larger gatherings.
  • Equipped with a weatherproof lid to withstand every atmosphere thrown it’s way and provide durability. 


  • Can be a bit expensive compared to other models. 


Main Features:

  • Size 

The size of the Beefeater Discovery Clubman 4 is one of its biggest advantages and probably the top reason for it to make it into our best gas grills Australia list.

The gas BBQ has an impressive cooking area that can easily cook for a large gathering. Beefeater has paid due attention to the needs of the enthusiasts while putting together this freestyle BBQ as the cooking area allows different food items to be cooked separately unless you want to do otherwise.

Similarly, the independently controlled burners also give a high output to make sure the heat is evenly distributed among all the pieces.


  • Maintenance:

Parties are great, but do Aussies also like cleaning after the parties? Definitely not, especially when they had a large gathering at your place.

Keeping in view the needs of the enthusiasts, the Beefeater Discovery Clubman 4 has a removable grease collection cup to automatically catch all your drippings and throw them out when done. The removable cooking plate is also easily accessible to let you clean to perfection in a hassle-free manner.


  • Durability:

Let’s agree that buying the best gas BBQ Australia is a significant investment and you should get to BBQ on it for years before thinking of replacing it.

If durability is one of your preferences, the Beefeater Discovery Clubman 4 is made of stainless steel that also comes with a black enamel finish to provide you with extra resistance. The burners are also made of cast iron, rust-resistant material to make you carefree for a long time.

Plus, you can’t ignore the benefits of easy maintenance here as timely maintenance can add years to the life of any BBQ.


  • Convenience:

Now comes the big questions for the enthusiasts: “The Beefeater Discovery Clubman 4 has everything I need, but how do I carry this giant for an outdoor party?” Problem solved!

Moving around this bad boy is just as easy as cooking on it. It comes with a trolley that has heavy-duty castor wheels that can rotate in any direction and let you seamlessly push your BBQ wherever you like. On smooth surfaces, the wheels can be locked, and you can get a steady grill for all the experiments you desire.

The quartz ignition also adds to the convenience.


Other Specifications:

  • Material:

The Beefeater Discover Clubman 4 is designed to stand the test of time with its BBQ made with painted steel, castor wheels, a porcelain-coated BBQ grill, and cast-iron burners.

  • Warranty:

The Beefeater Discover Clubman 4 comes with a limited warranty of 1 year so you can shop carefree.

  • Finish:

The quality finish of the product adds to the aesthetics of your Australian backyard as it looks really tasteful and classy.

    clubman bbq in use


    clubman specs

    3. Best for Heat Control: Beefeater Bigg Bugg 

    beefeater bugg front view

    beefeater bugg price check

     We recommend this to both novice and skilled grillers alike, with this user-friendly design it is very easy to use and can be cleaned without any hassle. We also noticed that it roasts the meat well, making the taste even better. For people looking for better heat control, easy clean-up, and a large cooking space, this one is perfect for you.

    It is time to take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages to see why this game-changing BBQ made it to the list:


    • The independent stainless steel burners provide superior performance.
    • It is both ergonomic and durable with a sturdy steel metal handle and easy-to-clean hood. 
    • The smart wheel balance mechanism, not only gives you stability but also provides seamless movability to wheel it from anywhere from your balcony to your patio.


    • While its portability is an advantage, it's best suited for smaller groups, ideally up to 4 people, due to its size


    • Portability:

    The portability of the Bigg Bugg is its greatest strength. The compact design can fit in most vehicles and the removability/foldability of most of its parts also lets you save more space. The sturdy wheels on the stand make it suitable for dragging across various surfaces while the wheel locking mechanism keeps it from slipping away.

    Despite being compact, it comes with two independently controlled burners and enough cooking area to prepare full meals for a small group of 3-4.


    • Storage:

    If you are wondering what impressed us so much that we added Bigg Bugg to our best gas BBQ Australia list, you are about to find out!

    Despite being compact, the Bigg Bugg has great storage space, so much so that it might put most bigger BBQs to shame.

    The trolley comes with storage racks as well as shelves for plates. You can carry anything you would need to barbecue on your trip without needing extra space for it. You can also put things on the shelves in the outdoor setting, which will save you a lot of hassle.


    • Accessories:

    Another reason to put the Bigg Bugg in our list of best gas BBQ grills Australia is its dual functionality, i.e., it can also be used as a full-fledged grilling setup to cater to small gatherings. The reason is the range of accessories you can buy for it, including pizza stones, roast holders, baking dishes, etc.

    These accessories will allow you to add a lot of variety to the food that you can cook on the Bigg Bugg.


    • High Performance:

    When people see a BBQ as compact as the Bigg Bugg, they are quick to assume a bad performance and low output. The Bigg Bugg defies all these assumptions as it gives a surprisingly high performance for its size.

    It comes with two independently controlled burners, each having an output of 9500 BTU, so you can expect it to match your spirit of adventure while keeping the flare-ups under control with its solid over-the-burner cast iron grills.


    Other Specifications:

    • Lid: The Bigg Bugg has a spring-assisted lid that allows a soft and controlled close-up.
    • Colours: While many BBQs come with options in their finish, the Bigg Bugg also comes in different colours, such as golden yellow, sour orange and black.
    • Ignition: The Bigg Bugg also comes with Beefeater's quartz ignition which adds to its suitability for outdoor usage.



    big bugg top angle


    big bugg specs


    4. Best for Restaurant Style Experience: Napoleon Rogue 


    Napoleon rogue front view bbq


    Napoleon check price button

    For those searing enthusiasts out there, I highly recommend this grill that comes with the searing station to give your food that outside crisp we all love. It is durable and made of thick material which makes it long-lasting and perfect for better heat retention (plus the matte black finish is to die for). It is perfect for people who want a restaurant-level steak with its heavy-duty cast iron grates. This one is a definite buy for meat lovers experimenting with grills.


    Let’s break down the pros and cons of this particular BBQ option:


    • Allows to experiment with different techniques and can cater to bigger items on the grill. 
    • The sizzle zone replicates a professional cooking experience and enhances the overall taste of grilled dishes.
    • Helps you streamline cooking leaving you more organized with the side shelves. 


    • Some people found it hard to assemble.


    • Sizzle Zone Side Burner:

    The Napolean Rogue 4-Burner features a dedicated sizzle zone that lets you add more crust to your perfectly cooked meat. It also lets you pre-heat several things so you can prepare your next serving while finalizing the previous one.

    The sizzle zone can also serve as the perfect place to prepare some of your sides while you focus on the main cooking area.


    • Easy to Clean:

    The Rogue 4-burner features a cooking area of 805 square inches so you can imagine the size of the meals it can prepare and the amount of drippings it is bound to have. Now imagine having to clean all of it up.

    Imagined? Here is the good news: The BBQ comes with a built-in removable tray underneath the main cooking area that seamlessly collects all the drippings. Once done, you can just throw the tray away and put in a new one. Magical, right?


    • Space Saving:

    Romance is seldom practical, but with Napolean Rogue 4-Burner, it is. Despite its huge size and the ability to cater to a large gathering, Napolean has paid considerable attention to the storage space it requires.

    Smartly enough, the BBQ has foldable shelves that make it comparatively compact when stored.


    • Affordable:

    With its features and size, the Napolean Rogue 4-Burner could easily have been the most-priced product on our best gas BBQ grills Australia list. But surprisingly, Napolean's Rogue series is comparatively more affordable than its competitors thanks to the cost-saving measures Napolean takes.

    For example, the Rogue series has the option of a powder-coated finish, which has its pros and cons as compared to a stainless-steel finish, but it lets Napolean keep the costs under control


    Other Specifications:

    • Storage Compartment:

    Besides the side shelves, the Napolean Rogue 4-Burner also comes with a built-in storage compartment in its trolley where you can mount your gas cylinder and still have space left for other things.

    • Jetfire Ignition:

    The Rogue features a failsafe Jetfire ignition for battery-free ignition.

    • Porcelainized Cooking Grates:

    Napolean’s signature wavy porcelainized cooking grates are perfect for searing and cooking with even heat distribution.


    rogue bbq specs




        5. Best Space-Saving Option: Napoleon Freestyle

        freestyle bbq front view

        check price Napoleon bbq


        If you want to take your grilling game to the next level but need a compact grill to do so? Then the Napolean Freestyle series is the perfect choice for you. It boasts a warranty of 10 years for domestic use that stands as a guarantee for quality products. Whether you want to grill burgers, steaks, veggies, pancakes, or chicken, this will do the job with its porcelain griddle. It is also great for extra space needed for prep and features a bottle opener. 

        Now let’s explore the good and bad of this BBQ unit:


        • Comfortable to use and enhances the ergonomic experience with its soft touch handle grip.
        • It is both versatile and mobile and can fit into any space with its rugged wheels and easily foldable shelves.
        • Provides a balance of size and capacity which makes it perfect for intimate social gatherings while saving you space. 


        • At the front of the grill, there might be a few cold spots
        Napoleon bbq with chopping board

        • Main Features:
        • More Flavour:

        We know that BBQ often means losing a little flavour or having it replaced with smokiness. But what if you had a gas grill that could enhance the flavour rather than taking it away?

        The Napolean Freestyle 425 has tent-shaped sear plates that keep the drippings from directly falling on the open flames and flaring up. Instead, the drippings heat up and turn into a flavorful smoke that adds the BBQ's signature smokiness to the meat but with added flavour.


        • Do More in Less Time:

        As you would expect from any gas grill of its size and performance, the Napolean Freestyle 425 comes with a warming rack that can let you cook various items simultaneously. While the main cooking area hosts tough items like meat, the warming rack provides an excellent spot to roast your sides.

        You can also use the warming rack for pre-heating while your main cooking area is fully occupied, which will probably never happen for most people.


        • Hooks on the Shelves:

        The hooks on the shelves of a Napolean Freestyle 425 are a big reason we have chosen it among the best gas grills Australia for the pros. As a pro, you need complete control over your BBQ while preparing a massive feast. An important element of that control is having your tools accessible.

        The Naopelan Freestyle 425 lets you do that with the hooks it features on its shelves that can hold a variety of tools and keep them easily accessible whenever needed.


        • Independent Burners:

        The Napolean Freestyle 425 has four independent burners that allow the pros to cook a variety of food items, ranging from delicate to tough. The burners let you control the heat at each division of the cooking area so you can sear at high heat when required and slow cook on the other when needed.


        • Other Specifications:

        Cooking Area: The cooking area of the Napolean Freestyle 425 is really impressive as some people claimed to have simultaneously cooked 27 burger patties on it.

        Looks: The BBQ is made to look really classy as it has a grey graphite livery.

        Spacious Shelves: Just like the cooking area, the shelves of the Napolean Freestyle 425 are fairly spacious and allow seamless food prep.

        Quick Heat Up:

        Bigger gas grills usually take more time to heat up than small ones, but the Napolean Freestyle 425 is just as efficient because of the 38,000 BTU output.



        Napoleon freestyle specs


        If you want to know how to smoke your veggies to perfectly pair them as a side or even as a main hero dish, have a look at my detailed guide here. 



        Top 3 Reasons Why gas bbqs are a better choice

        Before you buy a Gas BBQ, here are the surprising reasons why we think best gas barbecues are a must-have in every Aussie’s backyard this summer.

        • Convenience:  With a simple push of a knob, you can fire up your grill and take control of the precise temperature you want your meat to cook. Days of having to deal with messy ashy charcoal and smoke are long behind you. 
        • Versatile: One thing we love about these units is the fast operation and versatility they come with. You get to the desired temperature almost instantly and pre-heat the cooking grates quickly. You are also able to make different zones for cooking a variety of food with multiple burners. 
        • Customizable: They are not only stylish but also customizable. You can choose from the different configurations, burners, and accessories they come with to optimize your grilling experience. You can even go beyond and add sear grates, smoker boxes, or flavourizer bars to elevate your food to the next level!

        Napoleon bbq outside

        The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gas for Your BBQ

        Let's explore each of the options to find which one is best aligned with your grilling needs: 

        1. LPG (Propane): LPG or as propane most people call it, is one of the most popular choices among grilling enthusiasts. It is convenient to use but be careful while refilling the gas bottle. 
        2. Natural Gas: If you have a natural gas connection, then it is one of the most cost-effective solutions for turning up your grilling babies. However, we recommend getting professional assistance for installing and connecting with your BBQ grill.
        3. Charcoal: While no one can deny the hot-coal roasting experience that charcoal provides, the aftermath is no joke! Cleaning up the ashes just adds one additional step to the post-cooking cleanup process we all dread!
        4. Electric: If you love cooking up some barbequed snags or lamp chops while outdoors, these electric units are the perfect way to go. Without any gas connection, they can heat up within 10 minutes leaving you and your family full in a matter of minutes. 


        A Deep Dive to Choosing Your Ideal Grill Type

        Whether you are a backyard BBQ enthusiast or an avid camper, there is a perfect type of gas BBQ that you need. Let's delve into the specifics and see which one meets your needs perfectly:

        1. Portable Gas BBQs: For those grill lovers who love on-the-go grilling, these BBQs provide the perfect convenience. They are 
        • Compact
        • Easily lifted
        • Light weighted
        • Require little storage

        You can just pack them up in your car and enjoy a hassle-free barbeque on camping or a beach trip grilling some salmon and prawns!

        1. Freestanding BBQs: Without compromising on cooking power, these are designed for those looking for flexibility. From traditional kettle BBQs to heavy-duty grills, they come in all sizes and shapes. They are equipped with
        • 2/4 wheels for portability
        • Easy to set up
        • Can be used with various fuels of choice
        1. Built-in BBQs: For those grill-masters out there this is the way to go. These are meant to be installed within your entertaining area if you are regularly barbequing every other weekend and enjoy hosting. They have
        • Durable and designed to withstand hard conditions
        • Come with powerful cooking temperatures (for searing, roasting, or smoking)
        • Extra features (such as infrared burners rotisserie kits, smoker boxes, and lighted knobs)

        For more info on built-in BBQs, and what are the Best Built-in BBQs in Australia in 2024, check out this article here. 


        Napoleon bbq on grass

        The Complete 7-Factor Guide to Selecting a good Gas BBQ

        Whether you're a seasoned grillmaster or a novice looking to embark on a flavorful journey, this comprehensive guide navigates the intricacies of selecting the ideal gas BBQ to elevate your grilling experience.

        1. Portability: If you are one of those people who are always on the go and prioritize mobility, then look for compact lightweight, and portable gas BBQs where you can take them on your outdoor adventures.
        2. Versatility: For BBQ enthusiasts who want a versatile experience and flexibility, the freestanding BBQs provide the best blend for stability and versatility. Models with castor wheels will also provide you with essential mobility.
        3. Aesthetics and Longevity: For a longer investment, the built-in BBQs need to be durable and aesthetics to create a perfect serene outdoor kitchen that catches the eye while maintaining the flavor of the food. These are also built to last so you can enjoy them for years to come as you and your family grow.
        4. Size Matters: If you have an average family size, then a 1000-1200 cm griddle will do the job, but for people looking to host large gatherings we suggest going for at least 1500-1700 cm size. You should look for a size of 100 square inches per person.
        5. Construction: Grates made with stainless steel work best for both rust resistance and durability. Cast iron on the other hand is better for heat transfer and searing food evenly. If you want something that can be cleaned and maintained easily then porcelain-coated grates are the one to go. 
        6. Heat Output: A higher BTU does not mean a better grill, it might indicate unit requires more fuel to heat and maintain temperature. Generally speaking, a good range of BTU is anywhere from 75-100 per square inch.
        7. Features: You also need to look at the extra features your grill comes with. This can make or break your culinary experience. Having rotisserie kits, ignition systems, thermometers, illuminated knobs, and wifi compatibility may not be necessary. Still, it will transform your overall grilling experience if you want to splurge a bit based on your preferences. 

        Best bbq in review. Our Verdict

        To sum it up, there are many factors to consider while choosing the top 5 gas BBQs in Australia. You need to look at the size of the griddle, the kinds of foods it can handle, what features (grease trays, tool hooks, igniters) it comes with, and the quality of the material it is made from.

        From these most popular choices, the Beefeater Clubman is one of the best options out there. It has a large cooking area of 920 x 520 mm which can easily grill 40 burgers at once! It is ideal for large parties and hostings and provides the perfect sear with its rust-free cast iron cooktops. It is a versatile option having a front grease cup for easy clean-up and maintenance.

        It comes equipped with 4 burners, a black enamel finish, and a folding trolley giving it a modern and sleek look that doesn't just cook - it makes a statement. All in all this 4-burner portable BBQ is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more making you the envy of every grilling aficionado!


        gas burners

        Best gas barbecue FAQS

        How much should I spend on a good gas grill? 

        How much should you spend on a good gas grill depends on your budget. The price will vary on the type of material (cast iron, porcelain, or steel) used, accessories, no. of burners, and the size. 

        What is the most popular gas grill size? 

        The most popular gas grill size is around 1000 -1200 cm. Generally, you should have around 72-100 square inches of space per person. 

        Do higher BTUs mean a hotter grill? 

        Higher BTUs do not mean a hotter grill. BTUs (British Thermal Units) refer to the amount of gas a certain grill will use. Depending on the material, size, and shape, the higher BTU will not lead to a hotter grill.

        How can you convert a propane grill to natural gas? 

        To convert a propane grill to natural gas, you need to replace the regulator with that of natural gas and change the orifices for the gas to flow. It is always better to consult the manual and get it done professionally. 

        More reviews 

        Check out some more reviews 

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