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Smoking Vegetables on a Pellet smoker

Smoking Vegetables on a Pellet smoker

Most people picture sizzling steaks, juicy burgers, or nicely browned poultry when they think of grilling. While these main dishes are unquestionably wonderful, smoked veggies and sides provide a whole other universe of culinary possibilities. And utilizing a pellet grill is the best method to give your vegetables and sides a mouthwateringly smokey taste. The art of smoking veggies and sides on your pellet barbecue will be covered in this article, from the fundamentals to more complex methods. We'll also look at some innovative recipes to up your outdoor cooking game.

The Allure of Smoking Sides and Vegetables

Smoking vegetables and side dishes has become quite popular, and for good cause. Smoking vegetables and sides may add a whole new level to your culinary explorations, whether you're a vegetarian seeking for novel ways to enjoy your favorite vegetables or a carnivore seeking to enhance your meat-centric recipes.

vegetables being seasoned

Enhanced Taste and Flavor Infusion

Smoking is a traditional cooking method that gives vegetables and side dishes a delicious, distinctive, and smokey taste, turning them from simple accompaniments to the main course of your dinner. A culinary masterpiece appears on your plate thanks to the lengthy, smoldering process, which imparts an alluring depth of flavor.

Health-Conscious and Incredibly Versatile

Vegetables that have been smoked not only have a delicious taste addition, but also claim advantages for your health. Smoking is a healthier cooking method that maintains the natural quality of the food with little to no need for extra fats or oils. In addition, it is very versatile since practically any vegetable or side dish may be expertly changed using the magic of smoke.

Smoked Vegetables: A Culinary Revelation

Smoked veggies and sides provide a sharp, palate-cleansing contrast to those wanting a mellow counterbalance to richer, heavier meat-centered dishes, enriching the whole eating experience. These smoked treats are a gourmet wonder that elevates your meal and encourages a healthy, well-balanced diet.


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Impressive Presentation and Sensory Delight

Smoked vegetables and sides are appealing for reasons more than just their delicious flavor. They are a feast for the eyes, and their eye-catching appeal improves the whole eating experience. Every meal becomes a special event because to the enticing scent of the smoking process and the colorful plating.

How to Begin with Pellet Grilling

It's crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of pellet grilling before delving into the realm of smoking veggies and sides. The fuel source for pellet grills, which are adaptable outdoor cooking devices, is a supply of hardwood pellets. These grills are renowned for their dependability and simplicity of use, making them the perfect option for both novices and seasoned grillmasters.

Choosing the Right Pellet Grill

Take into account aspects like size, cooking capacity, temperature range, and price when choosing a pellet grill. Think about things like size, cooking capacity, temperature range, and price when choosing a pellet grill. There are several choices available from reputable companies like Traeger, Green Mountain Grills, and Camp Chef. Make sure the grill fits your demands and tastes for cooking, and don't forget to take into account the availability of various wood pellets for flavor variation.

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Getting to Know Pellets

Pellets are available in a variety of wood tastes, including hickory, apple, cherry, and mesquite. Your foods will have a distinct taste from each variety. Try out several woods to determine which taste profile you like. Small, compressed bits of wood or biomass known as pellets are used as fuel in pellet grills and stoves. They come in a variety of tastes, such as hickory, cherry, and mesquite, and each one gives food a distinct smokey flavor. They are a popular option for outdoor cooking and house heating since they are effective, clean-burning, and practical.

Temperature Control on your smoker 

Digital controls on pellet grills often enable you choose the ideal cooking temperature. This makes it simple to maintain the right temperature for smoking. Controlling the temperature is essential for good grilling. Maintaining a constant cooking temperature on your pellet grill is crucial for getting the results you want. Uneven cooking, overcooking, and undercooking may result from fluctuations, which can alter the flavor and texture of your meal. Maintaining the ideal temperature for your culinary masterpieces may be made easier by using the grill's digital controls and monitoring tools.

camp chef temperature panel


Like any barbecue, your pellet grill has to be preheated before use. This offers a clean, smokey taste for your food and helps burn out any leftover contaminants. A vital part of setting up your pellet grill for cooking is preheating. During this procedure, the grill must first be warmed to the appropriate temperature before you can begin cooking your meal. Preheating ensures that the grill is clean and ready to provide that delightful smokey taste to your food by helping to burn off any remaining impurities.

Use of Smoking Accessories

To improve the smoky taste of your food, think about purchasing smoking accessories like a smoker tube or a smoke box. When utilizing a pellet grill, smoking accessories are essential tools for improving the smokey taste of your food. Wood pellets or wood chips may be held in special containers like smoker tubes and smoke boxes. By adding these extras to your grill, you may gradually emit aromatic smoke, which gives your meal a distinctive smokey flavor without being overpowering. These devices are necessary for smoking your preferred meats, veggies, and sides to get the ideal taste balance.

Basics of smoking veggies

It's time to start your voyage of smoking veggies now that you have the foundational knowledge of pellet grilling. Here's a how-to manual to get you going:

Pick Your Veggies 

Pick a variety of veggies to smoke. Bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, and corn on the cob are a few common choices. Don't forget to wash and prep them as necessary.


Add salt, pepper, and any other herbs or spices to the veggies after tossing in a thin layer of olive oil. For smokey foods, thyme, rosemary, and garlic work nicely.

Temperature and Smoke Level

Set your pellet grill to a preheated temperature of around 225–250°F (107–121°C). Pick the taste of wood pellets that goes best with your veggies. The majority of veggies do well with mesquite or hickory, but feel free to explore.


Use a grilling basket or place the seasoned veggies straight on the grill grates. In order to allow for uniform smoking, make sure they are distributed equally.

Watch and Flip

To ensure consistent smoking, keep an eye on the veggies and flip them periodically. Depending on the kind of veggies and the level of doneness that is wanted, this procedure might take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. When your veggies are soft and the proper amount of smokiness has been achieved, take them from the grill and serve them hot. They are excellent as a side dish and may also be used in spaghetti, salads, and sandwiches.

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Fresh Ideas for Smoking Vegetables

If you want to up your smoked veggie game, consider experimenting with these innovative suggestions:

Smoked Stuffed Bell Peppers

Hollow out bell peppers and fill them with a cheddar, black bean, and smoked quinoa combination. Smoke until the stuffing is hot and bubbling and the peppers are soft.

Smoked Vegetarian Tacos

For a delicious vegetarian taco night, smoke a mixture of bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms before serving them in warm tortillas with your preferred toppings.

Smoked Vegetable Skewers

For a distinctive appearance, thread marinated veggies onto skewers and smoke them. Serve as a side dish or with a dipping sauce with grilled meats.

Smoked Veggie Pizza

Prepare a handmade pizza with smoked bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms as the toppings. Your pizza will be elevated by the smokey taste.

Guidelines for Smoking Sides

To get the greatest results while smoking sides, take into account the following advice:

Prepare as Needed

Before smoking, certain side dishes may need to be partially prepared. For instance, partly bake cornbread before smoking it or parboil potatoes for smoked potato salad.

Use a smoke box

To trap and confine smoke and increase smokiness, put your side dishes in a smoke box or an aluminum foil pan. Maintain a steady temperature since sides are sometimes more delicate than meat and may dry out if overdone.

Try different wood flavors

They may improve or alter the taste profile of your side dishes. For a m, try fruit woods. For a more potent, robust taste, use hickory or older smoke.

camp chef smoker cooking sides

6 Tips for Smoking and Grilling Veggies on a Pellet Smoker

Many outdoor cookout enthusiasts are confident with their grilling abilities when smoking traditional foods such as meat. But when it comes to non-traditional foods such as veggies, the results are mostly uninspiring; not bad, but just meh.

And this is true, especially when compared to what they get from other people or restaurants.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a Chef de Cuisine to smoke your veggies to your delight. In this section, I'll share tips for smoking and grilling your veggies to perfection on a pellet smoker.

1)  Don’t Smoke for Too Long

The first mistake many outdoor cookout enthusiasts make is overcooking their veggies. Unlike meat, the key to smoking your veggies is to smoke them in high heat for a shorter time.

This way, your veggies won’t get too soft or limp. Overcooking them also leads to bland flavor and not enough moisture retention.

Instead, grill them on direct, medium heat, flat, and pull them off while they have a little crunch.

The only exception is carrots. Carrots grilled to softness are fantastic. Everything else shouldn’t be allowed to soften.

2)  Add Enough  Salt

The second mistake is not adding enough salt. Many outdoor cookouts usually under-salt their veggies, compared to restaurants.

If you're not a fan of salt, substitute it with spices you enjoy. Many restaurants also add sugar, butter, and oil and finish their smoked veggies with lemon or sharp parmesan reggiano.

3)  Add Some Seasoning

Another trick you shouldn't forget is seasoning your veggies. Often, too many people season their meat but forget their vegetables. Not seasoning your vegetables will leave them with a bland taste.

4)  The Cut Matters

The cut of your veggies also impacts their flavor. The generally accepted form of veggie cuts is slices instead of spears. Spear cuts can be kind of bland.

Instead, cut your veggies into slices, leave in the "soft" part like Hasselback potatoes, and then skewer them. Thin slices provide more surface area for seasoning.

5)      Consider Dressing your Veggies

You should also consider making dressings for your veggies and then tossing them in after to bump the flavors.

Dressing can be a mix of olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, mustard, honey and pepper. Dipping your smoked veggies to some sort of seasoning dramatically improves their flavor.

6)  Quality of Veggies Matters

Finally, consider the quality of your veggies. Grilling won't magically transform your poor-quality veggies into something palatable. Instead, it gives out what you give it, and the quality of veggies can greatly impact the flavor and taste of your product.

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Smoking Veggies on a Pellet Smoker

Before diving headfirst into the world of smoking veggies, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Don’t Rely Solely on Cook Times

In my experience, the cooking times for most, if not all, smokers are like a wistful dream, than reality. In fact, I suggest you consider the cook times as a ballpark figure or loose guideline. Smoking is an art; therefore, you better rely on your food's temperature rather than time.

Don’t Rush

Generally, grilling veggies on a smoker pellet grill takes longer than on a traditional grill. There's a reason for the phrase "low and slow" in the BBQ space.

Don't get antsy when preparing your veggies; allow them to grill enough.

Wood Pellets are Different

A rookie mistake is to think all wood pellets are similar. And in the real sense, wood pellets are available in different smoke flavors, and they should be used to accent and complement your veggies and not deluge the original taste profile.

 Don’t Over smoke

Rookies tend to over-smoke their veggies. While you still want to infuse your vegetables with smoky flavors, you don't want to overwhelm the vegetables so that you can't taste anything else. The smoke flavor should simply enhance the vegetable taste profile.



Final Thoughts

On your pellet grill, smoking veggies and sides offers you a world of culinary experimentation. Experimenting with smoked sides may be a pleasant adventure, regardless of your level of experience with grilling or if you're just beginning your outdoor cooking trip. There is no end to the mouthwatering foods you can make with the addition of smokey flavor, from inventive vegetable smoking ideas to improving traditional sides. Your taste buds will appreciate it, so fire up your pellet grill, get those vegetables and sides smoking, and enjoy the delicious results. Enjoy your grill!

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